Modern Rustic Wedding

You’ll love the images presented here. Looking for a modern rustic wedding vibe? The image of the bride on a ladder with an exceptionally pretty bouquet is a good place to start for inspiration.

What to Look for in a Venue for a Modern Rustic Wedding

Rustic weddings have their own unique style with a touch of modernity, slight boho shades, and decor that is rough around the edges. Rustic does not mean run down – think more organic, natural, open, and airy. When considering wedding venue options for rustic themes, you should look for outdoor areas like barns, forest glades, valleys, vineyards, farms, nature sanctuaries, and more.

Barns have a rustic charm and are usually updated with all modern amenities for you to have a wonderful wedding and reception ceremony. Mountain view weddings with the ceremony in the splendor of Mother Nature and awe-inspiring natural vistas will also take your rustic wedding theme to a whole new level.

Color Palettes for a Modern Rustic Wedding

When planning a rustic wedding with a modern touch, you should aim for elegance. Earthy-toned wedding colors paired with tastefully placed decor will look gorgeous and fit well with the theme. Shades like brown, tan, and sandy colors, with white, green, and bright tints in florals, will harmonize the wedding while making the event look rustic yet beautiful.

Some colors to consider with earthy tones like brown and beige are sage and rust, or burgundy, plush, and olive green. You could also consider a deep rose, blush, and sage color scheme to bring out the natural beauty of your surroundings.

Details for a Modern Rustic Wedding

Rustic weddings should feel intimate and comfortable, whether your celebration is an indoor or outdoor party. Soothing neutral tones, a relaxed environment, lots of fresh air, natural light, and pleasant weather can add to the overall peace and tranquility of your big day without chaos, running around, or stress. The beauty about rustic weddings is that they can instantly calm the senses, look beautiful, yet convey a hundred different messages to guests.

The most important aspects of a modern rustic wedding are the wedding colors and the wedding venue. Once you have these locked down, you can start planning the intimate aesthetic you have in mind. It is essential to remember that for a rustic wedding, less is always more. So you should allow the natural beauty and your decor to speak for themselves without going over the top.

Food for a Modern Rustic Wedding

The wedding food and beverages should fit the rustic theme, which means they should be organic, authentic, hearty, and delicious. For the drinks bar, think beverages served in mason jars placed on oak barrels, a counter of freshly baked loaves of bread with handcrafted gourmet butter, a rack of delicious spreads, and an assortment of cookies, jams, and marmalades.

You should include seasonal fruits, vegetables, and meats to make the feast impressive and wow your guests with your attention to detail. Smoked meats, cured hams, pickled veggies, healthy salads, hearty soups, and more should feature center stage. You could also have a platter of cheeses and fruits at each table for guests to nibble while they mingle.

Table Setting Style for a Modern Rustic Wedding

There are numerous ways that you can plan an exquisite table setting. Start by thinking about your favorite aspects of the rustic wedding. For some, it's the elegance and timelessness that comes from mixing vintage and modern elements. For others, it's having the surroundings incorporated into the table decor. Before you plan the table setting style, you should list things you would like to include.

You can add plenty of modernity with a vintage whimsical style, like a weathered wooden rectangular table with draped lace and floral arrangements interspersed with native greens. You can opt for vintage china with hand-painted intricate flowers and a rim of gold for the dishes. Golden cutlery, glass flutes, tall white candles, and rustic seating will help bring the table together.

Portrait Props for a Modern Rustic Wedding

There are several gorgeous portrait props you could think of for a rustic wedding. It is essential to not go overboard and keep everything natural, simplistic, and elegant when considering props. A DIY flower wall instead of a bridal arch while exchanging your vows with Spanish moss, camellias, azaleas, white, yellow, blush roses, and native greens will bring breathtaking beauty to the ceremony.

Other portrait props you could add are old-fashioned step ladders (used to pick fruits from trees). These are rustic and earthy, and for brides wishing to climb a step or two, this is a terrific chance to show off your bridal gown to its fullest. You could also add the veil for this portrait photo and hold your wedding bouquet in your hand as you gaze into your partner's eyes.

Wedding Dresses & Accessories for a Modern Rustic Wedding

You can capture the timeless romance of a rustic, vintage look with a gorgeous wedding dress in white or ivory. Brides do not have to compromise on their wedding dress. Instead, an alluring silhouette of pearls, bugle beads, and sleeveless gown with embellishments, a fancy neckpiece, and a floral crown with mini ferns, ribbons, and white scabiosa will add grace, beauty, and fit with the wedding theme perfectly.

If sleeveless is not something you prefer, you can go for half-sleeves, cap-sleeves, or full sleeves, with an open geometric back, lacy arms, plunging neckline, and a sheer train. Your accessories should fit the rustic theme and be rose or vintage gold. You could also ask elderly female relatives if they have any family heirloom jewelry that you can borrow for the wedding.

Bouquets & Boutonnieres for a Modern Rustic Wedding

The wedding bouquet need not be wholly traditional. You could opt for a vintage floral look with a 60-inch or 70-inch burlap thread tying it together. You could also add thick ribbons in your wedding colors to let them gently flutter in the wind. The bouquet can be white, blush, and yellow flowers with native greens to add to your overall look. Instead of burlap thread, you could also experiment with tulle and lace.

Gentlemen do not need to feel left out. There are some gorgeous rustic boutonnieres that men can choose from. Boutonnieres made from flower buds, white baby's breath, and small ivory flowers with a scattering of greens tied together with jute strings or burlap can perfectly blend the groom's style with the bridal fashion.

Wedding Invitations for a Modern Rustic Wedding

Rustic wedding invitations need not look gauche or old-fashioned. They can be on exquisite stationery with a beige background, a gorgeous native greens border, and florals to depict your rustic theme. You can also have a string of market lights or fairy lights surrounding a ranch or barn as part of the invite. Motifs of the countryside, birds, pictures of a hamlet, and more can also add credence to the overall theme.

If you're going for paper-based invitations, you can opt for stationery made from handmade paper. This paper is rough, rustic, and looks absolutely stunning. The script can be cursive or calligraphy in elegant gold or deep blue, and the invites can be tied together loosely with jute thread.

Ceremony Decor for a Modern Rustic Wedding

The ceremony decor should be as natural as possible, with plenty of flowers. Instead of a carpeted aisle runner, you could opt for a grass bed as the bridal aisle, lined with refreshing earthy blooms, foraged botanicals, some succulents, and wildflowers to add to the rustic element of the wedding.

You can select an open-air ceremony with structured beams amid sweeping, expansive pastoral views. It won't be too challenging to drape vines, baby's breath, and wild greenery from the beams to create an intimate look resplendent in beauty and grace. You could also have the wooden pews or chairs decorated with vines to add to the overall theme.

Modernly Rustic Inspiration Shoot With a DIY Flower Wall

With plenty of rustic details today’s gorgeous wedding inspiration shoot from Diana Daley Photography and Colonial House of Flowers brings a modern twist by incorporating a fabulous DIY flower wall!

DIY flower wall backdrop | Diana Daley Photography | see more on:
Rustic picnic table with lace table runner | Diana Daley Photography | see more on:
Rustic bride | Diana Daley Photography | see more on:
Cheese and fruit plate | Diana Daley Photography | see more on:
Chocolate cake with chalkboard sign cake topper | Diana Daley Photography | see more on:
Centerpiece with artichoke | Diana Daley Photography | see more on:
DIY flower wall backdrop | Diana Daley Photography | see more on:
Rustic place setting with vintage china | Diana Daley Photography | see more on:
Rustic tablescape with vegetables and flowers | Diana Daley Photography | see more on:
Strawberry cocktail | Diana Daley Photography | see more on:
Rustic place setting with vintage china | Diana Daley Photography | see more on:

From Diana of Diana Daley Photography “This styled shoot came about from a creative brainstorming session between myself and Christy of Colonial House of Flowers. Using the inspiration of a flower wall for a portrait prop, we began working over what a Savannah, Georgia themed flower wall would look like.

We knew it would need a Spanish Moss feel with pops of color that are similar to the palette of colors that camellias and azaleas bloom in throughout the spring and early summer months.”

Rustic bridal bouquet | Diana Daley Photography | see more on:
Colorful centerpiece | Diana Daley Photography | see more on:
Rustic bride | Diana Daley Photography | see more on:
Rustic place setting with vintage plates | Diana Daley Photography | see more on:
Rustic wedding inspiration | Diana Daley Photography | see more on:
Orange poppy centerpiece | Diana Daley Photography | see more on:
Veil and fresh flower | Diana Daley Photography | see more on:
Lace table runner | Diana Daley Photography | see more on:
Vintage tea cups | Diana Daley Photography | see more on:
DIY flower wall backdrop | Diana Daley Photography | see more on:

“As Christy came up with the logistics of the flower wall (DIY feature coming soon – be sure to check back for it in a few weeks!), I began the art direction and knew the most perfect and secluded location along the marshes of Skidaway Island. Skidaway lies just on the edges of Savannah and is well-known for its affluent homes, ecology, and cultural heritage. It’s breathtaking.

We draped lace along an old, weathered picnic table, styled the table, and Christy added loose floral arrangements with native greenery picked from her own yard and locally sourced flowers.

The whole thing pulled together beautifully!”

Credits: Photography: Diana Daley Photography // Floral Design: Colonial House of Flowers // Tabletop Details: Fancy Plates // Invitation & Paper Goods: FLYoung Studio // Cake: Lulu’s Chocolate Bar // Makeup: Lindsey Wirht Makeup Artist // Wedding Dress: Love The Dress // Venue: Skidaway Island, Georgia