Modern Elegant Farm Wedding

What can be more beautiful than a wedding with horses involved? This wedding is described as natural and free form, which is exactly what you’d expect at a modern elegant farm wedding.

A country setting is an ideal locale for a wedding with shades of gold, white and silver. Clear glass chairs complete the look at the wedding reception. Outside, a swing with greenery intertwined and even an adorable Yorkie add to the absolute charm of this pretty event.

What to Look for in a Venue for a Modern Elegant Farm Wedding

Farms are excellent for weddings. They are large, open, rustic, rugged, and offer natural beauty and grace absent from many modern wedding venues. Farm weddings can be exquisite, large enough to house several guests, and warm enough that everyone feels connected with nature.

When considering a modern elegant farm wedding venue, you should ensure enough rooms for guest accommodations (if needed), plenty of restrooms, separate areas for the bride and groom, and the wedding party. You should also consider an outdoor wedding and an indoor reception. Doing this will allow a reprieve from excessive heat and allow your guests to stretch their legs, sit down for a while, and take a break from the celebration.

Colour Palettes for a Modern Elegant Farm Wedding

For rustic farm weddings, wedding colour palettes should be contemporary yet define the main event and reception. Selecting shades like sage green and rust or gold and beige will help keep the theme in line with the venue. Another trending colour palette is purple and gold. Everything from the flowers to the bridesmaid's dresses can be shades of purple with gold accents all throughout.

If you want something bright and festive, the ideal hues (without going over the top) are orange and burgundy. While these may seem too bright, they compliment the other beautifully and help make all the wedding photographs stunning when used correctly.

Details for a Modern Elegant Farm Wedding

Contemporary yet elegant weddings are the latest trend, with countless couples opting for an eclectic mix between natural settings and a modern twist. Modern elegant farm weddings can be incredibly stylish, with natural accents lending a gorgeous romantic touch. Pairing the natural beauty of rugged farmlands with a whimsical wedding setup helps bring out the best in people.

When considering an elegant farm wedding, it is necessary to ensure you have a place to continue the festivities if the weather turns foul. The wedding ceremony can take place outside or in a barn or rented tent. All options make for a lovely occasion.

Table Setting Style for a Modern Elegant Farm Wedding

Depending on the wedding colours, the table setting can be modified to reflect the overall theme. Many couples prefer traditional table settings, while some prefer an elegant yet contemporary touch. Things like floral centrepieces with fresh blooms, gold-coloured vases, cut fruits, candles, and golden candelabras add grace and beauty to each table.

Silver table clothes with golden accents, tall glasses, gold cutlery, and white and gold dishes can also aesthetically bring the entire table together. Small vases with white and yellow flowers and green leaves will also add to the grace of the overall table. Ghost chairs to avoid a clash with the table and couture linens also add a rustic touch to the setup.

Wedding Dresses & Accessories for a Modern Elegant Farm Wedding

Brides should opt for elegant styles with a modern twist. A two-piece wedding dress can add beauty and comfort to the entire day. Modern brides with rustic wedding themes prefer traditional white, with a curved deep V illusion neckline, sleeves or sleeveless, and a skirt of layered tulle, pretty horsehair edging around the ends, and lace. The train can also be a chapel style to add to the overall look.

Accessories should be minimalistic with gold (preferably) or pearls. Teardrop earrings, a vintage comb, blue hairpins, and bracelets with comfortable flat footwear should be part of the accessories. If you prefer, you could opt for beach waves for an elegant, relaxed hair look or an updo with flowers woven through.

Groom Style for a Modern Elegant Farm Wedding

Grooms can also style the entire look to fit a contemporary yet rustic theme. Modern elegant farm weddings need not mean overalls or denim. Instead, grooms could consider the James Bond look with a black tuxedo and black bowtie. Many grooms prefer traditional ties. If this is the case, ties in a single tone of the wedding colour palette will also add to the overall look.

Shoes should be comfortable (but not sneakers), with socks of the same colour (to avoid sneak peeks in photographs). A boutonnière in white flowers like daisies can add a softness to the overall debonair look while maintaining an air of sophistication.

Wedding Invitations for a Modern Elegant Farm Wedding

Farm wedding invitations should be designed according to the wedding colour palettes. The invitations can reflect the couples' journey and convey all the meaningful information to guests. Many couples prefer opting for elegant cursive scripts in flowy fonts, with the text colour in black with light or beige background colour. This colour can also be a lighter shade in the wedding colour palette.

Always ensure that the save the date cards, RSVPs, and wedding invitations are part of the same designs. If you wish to opt for paperless invites, these additions and details can be modified to suit electronic invitations.

Wedding Cake Ideas for a Modern Elegant Farm Wedding

Since the wedding is a part of the farm setup, it would be wise to select a cake that reflects the artistic side of your relationship. Some couples prefer the timeless Victorian sponge, while many prefer a flavored wedding cake with white icing. This icing can be in ruffles, layered, thick, or thin, and in unique patterns according to specification.

Another good idea is to include local farm produce. If the venue is part of a region known for its berries, you should consider some local produce in the wedding food and cake as a tribute to the area that produces the local fruits and veggies.

Wedding Photo Shoot Ideas for a Modern Elegant Farm Wedding

An excellent photo shoot idea is to include as many natural elements as possible. Since it is a modern elegant farm wedding, you could always enquire if other parts of the farm (apart from the area for the wedding and reception) can be used. If you can use different parts of the venue, you should look around and note all the excellent photo shoot spots.

One excellent idea is to use horses (if available) as part of the wedding shoot. Doing this will add authenticity to the farm themed wedding. Another good idea is to inquire if the farm owners have any pets like cats or dogs. Animals can also be part of the photo shoot and add a modern twist in a rustic venue.

Outdoor Wedding Ideas for a Modern Elegant Farm Wedding

Outdoor weddings on a farm should ideally be in a shaded location. Most farms are strategically located in areas with plenty of natural beauty. Ensuring the wedding ceremony is in a shady spot (below a canopy of green trees) or a trellis of roses and thick vines can add beauty to the ceremony and protect guests from the weather.

The chairs should be decorated with covers and thick ribbons in the wedding colours, with flowers on each back. Doing this will add overall grace to the ceremony without going overboard with unnecessary decorations. You could also add a floral arch for the vows.  

Modern Elegance at Wildberry Farms

From the designer, Smells Like Peony Events – “For this shoot, we were inspired by the nature that surrounded us at the romantic country venue, Wildberry Farm, which rests quietly in the country in between Charleston & Wilmington in South Carolina. We appreciated that Wildberry Farm was effortlessly elegant and maintained a sense of clean untouched space so we felt compelled to merge modern contemporary details with the romance of this country setting!”

Grey calligraphy wedding invitation suite | Ava Moore Photography
Yorkshire Terrier | Ava Moore Photography
Modern Elegant wedding at Wildberry Farm in South Carolina | Ava Moore Photography
South Carolina farm wedding venue | Ava Moore Photography
Calligraphy wedding menu | Ava Moore Photography
Hayley Paige wedding dress | Ava Moore Photography
Couture grey linen | Ava Moore Photography
Watercolor and calligraphy table number | Ava Moore Photography
Green and white textural bridal bouquet | Ava Moore Photography
Modern elegant farm wedding | Ava Moore Photography
Grey wedding invitation and ring box | Ava Moore Photography

“To create a contemporary feel, we showcased modern shaped cookies from the Cookie Creative, ghost chairs, and couture linens by Nuage Designs. At the same time, we stayed true to the natural surroundings with free-form, wild, and lush flower arrangements. We are absolutely obsessed with the floral designs from Beth at Wildflowers, Inc. Every floral arrangement she creates is a true piece of art with carefully selected sprays of florals and Specialty ribbons incorporated into each bouquet.

We also maintained the natural free form look by showcasing calligraphy by Overdressed Paperie. Lauren Cirincione was the perfect one to communicate elegance and sophistication to our project.”

Flower adorned swing | Ava Moore Photography
Elegatn farm wedding cake display | Ava Moore Photography
Yorkshire terrier in wedding | Ava Moore Photography
Wildberry Farm wedding | Ava Moore Photography
Hayley Paige wedding dress | Ava Moore Photography
Grey wedding invitations | Ava Moore Photography
Cake display with donuts | Ava Moore Photography
South Carolina farm wedding | Ava Moore Photography

“The dessert table was a banquet of treats starting with this elegant yet simple design by DeClare Cakes. The modern shaped cookies by the Cookie Creative were custom handmade and decorated in royal icing specifically for our inspiration shoot. We paired these cookies with simple and amazing doughnuts from the local donut maker, Diggity Donuts.

Ava Moore photographs in such an elegant and romantic style, we just love the dreamy feeling that her photographs evoke in us! Crystal Rogers finessed our model, Brenae, into a stunning bride who wore a two-piece, Hayley Paige gown and we adored the modern touch of a two piece dress with a curved V Illusion neckline, but the handkerchief overskirt of layered tulle and lace with thin horsehair edging and chapel train gave us that romantic feeling that we also wanted to blend.”

White and green floral centerpiece | Ava Moore Photography
Throw pillow with lettering | Ava Moore Photography
Elegant green and cream floral centerpiece | Ava Moore Photography
Outdoor lounge area | Ava Moore Photography

“Of course we cannot leave out Bella, the most adorable Yorkshire Terrier, who wore her wreath necklace designed by Beth LeonGuerrero. The grand finale of our creative inspiration was to set up a sweetheart table in a nearby field. Our horse whisper, Beth, was able to endear the horses to our project by feeding them treats.

We came away with the most elegant and romantic sunset images of the day! Each talented artist who collaborated with us was very enthusiastic about making it look unique and different in order inspire future brides to approach country weddings in a contemporary style.”

Wedding with horses | Ava Moore Photography
Outdoor elegant ranch sweetheart table | Ava Moore Photography
Mercury glass and votives elegant tablescape | Ava Moore Photography
Sweetheart table | Ava Moore Photography
South Carolina farm wedding | Ava Moore Photography
Unique centerpiece | Ava Moore Photography
Elegant outdoor sweetheart table | Ava Moore Photography
Farm wedding with horses | Ava Moore Photography

Credits: Photography: Ava Moore Photography // Event Planner: Smells Like Peonies Events // Floral Design: WildFlowers Inc // Makeup Artist: Bonnie Jean Beauty // Tux: Charleston Formal Wear // Cake: DeClare Cakes // Specialty Foods: Diggity Donuts // Rentals: Event Works // Dress Designer: Hayley Paige via Paris Chic Bridal Boutique // Hair: Rachel Davis Artistry // Bakery: The Cookie Creative // Linens & Coverings: Nuage Designs, Inc. // Invitations: Overdressed Paper // Model: Brenae Reeves // Venue: Wildberry Farm in South Carolina.