Minimalist Winter Wedding

The decor, the wedding dress, the bride’s sweet look, the exquisite cake – we cannot say more other than you have to browse these images!

Color Palette for a Minimalist Winter Wedding

Whenever we think of a winter wedding, the most common colors that pop in our heads, almost instantly, are white and blue as these shades are a perfect representation of this flaky and frosty season. And of course, blend in some light, pastel tones of lilac, and pink, and you will have the most exotic and graceful wedding of the season!

This couple opted for a white wedding theme with an homage to the ocean. The coolest and most calming shade of blue was naturally incorporated into the decor of this wedding along with another neutral color: storm gray. The color palette of this winter wedding is cool and deep just like the sea!

Details for a Minimalist Winter Wedding

Fishnets, candles, sea rocks, pressed and dried flowers, garden-fresh bouquets, and silk are all the fancy details for a winter wedding. No matter what the theme and style are, these details are a must-have to create a unique winter wedding experience for yourself as well as your guests.

An intimate wedding ceremony equals personalization in almost every element of the wedding and this bride also left pieces of her in the decor, setting, and outfit. If you pay attention to the inspiration board, you will see how beautiful even the minor details look. See the lilac, blue, and pink flowers scattered on the cake table or the sea rocks decorating the space to bring the seaside experience indoors. Truly remarkable!

Bouquets and Boutonnieres for a Minimalist Winter Wedding

For a frosty season, you always want to go for a graceful white bouquet to complement the minimalist theme of your winter affair. There is no better way to represent a season than using the right kind of flowers. Mix and match with some greenery and frosty-looking branches and you will create the most elegant bridal bouquet.

Other color options are tones of pastels combined with an earthy touch and some berries for an exhilarating effect. Our winter bride carried an extremely gorgeous assortment of flowers, having fresh tulips, green foliage, and frosted pine tree branches. Simply exotic is the look she was going for and she succeeded.

Wedding Cake Ideas for a Minimalist Winter Wedding

Wedding cakes, of any season, are a show-stealer. They are the ultimate form of attraction for all the guests. But these sweet treats look even better if they are in sync with the theme and decor of the wedding.

For this frosty affair, a cake straight out of heaven was elegantly presented on a marble gray cake platter with a thin layer of fresh green vines wrapped around it. It was a two-tiered treat covered in snow-white buttercream frosting with a pale blue 'waves' effect on it. To make the cake look more appetizing, gold flakes were used as the perfect cake toppers. This is a gorgeous inspiration.

Ceremony Decor for a Minimalist Winter Wedding

Since this is a minimalist winter wedding, the organizers made sure to stay true to its vibe. A gorgeous indoor wedding was set up to create a perfectly cozy and intimate environment. The right amount of daylight seeped in through the windows of the room. Following the color palette, gray plushie armchairs, floor cushions, and tables were set up.

A few decorative items can add to your elegant decor and also keep it as minimally aesthetic as possible. For instance, in this wedding inspiration, candles were a lovely addition as they made the atmosphere warm and welcoming. You can get these gorgeous hand-crafted candles from anywhere or can have them customized according to your wedding theme.

A combination of fresh and dried flowers can also be seen in the indoor ceremony decor. A piece of black fishing net was hung from the wall alongside some vines to serve as a minimal photo shoot backdrop.

Table Setting Style for a Minimal Winter Wedding

Food is the highlight of every event, but what makes it even more tempting and appealing is how it's served. Other than plating decor, the table setting style can be made extremely attractive if it's done the right way. You can use various ornaments and table runners, keeping your wedding color palette and theme in mind, and keep it as grand or minimal as you wish.

Using candlesticks, glass vessels, flowers, table tags, and antique pieces can beautify your table decor. You can add pieces for personalization like photo frames, favors for the guests, and more.

The wedding planner used a silk gray tablescape for this theme and topped it with gorgeous powder blue table runners, placed vertically on both ends. To light up the mood, tall, white candlesticks were perched above it along with some copper-black antiques, and fresh flowers and vines.

Wedding Dresses and Accessories for a Minimalist Winter Wedding

Because it's a winter wedding ceremony, choosing a white dress is a great choice! The bride in this inspiration left us awestruck with her choice of attire. The bodice is gracefully embellished with embroidered lace and pearl-hanging sleeves with a v-neckline, creating a cape-like look.

The rest of the wedding gown is plain, flowing down in pleats and pooling around the feet, making the overall look more sophisticated. Other than the diamond engagement ring, a piece of gray fishing net, similar to the one used in decor, was used as a headpiece for the bride. Oh, to be a bride in winter!

Wedding Invitations for a Minimalist Winter Wedding

Since this couple decided to bring the ocean indoors, every detail of the wedding ceremony was one of a kind and unforgettable. The wedding invites were also customized for the snow-season affair.

An aesthetically pleasing package was sent to the guests which contained the most beautiful and artistic wedding invite. The 'Save the Date' card was a mixture of white paper and blue paint. Ocean waves were painted in powder blue at the bottom of the white card encased in the powder blue envelope. Stamps, watercolors, florals, and pastels are all you need for a minimalist winter wedding invite.

Wedding Photo Shoot Ideas for a Minimalist Winter Wedding

Have you ever dreamed of doing a vintage-inspired, winter wedding photo shoot? With beautiful aesthetics, minimalistic decor, and white background, this wedding's photographs have to be the most stunning display of wholesomeness.

Plain photo shoot spaces require some form of vibrancy, in the form of florals or ornaments, and these candles and glass bottles have done the job just fine. Vines and salt rocks served as a great prop for this photo shoot. And the pictures, in an all-white theme, turned out like a winter fairytale.

Groom Style for a Minimal Winter Wedding

The trend of matching or complementing couple attires is in full swing, nowadays. Romance oozes when the bride and the groom carry a little piece of each other on their big day.

For a winter affair, a groom usually opts for a darker, deeper, color to contrast with the bride's wedding gown yet other elements of his dressing, such as bowties, ties, pocket squares, and boutonnieres, match the bride's.

A jet-black suit with black leather shoes and white boutonniere and pocket square looks effortlessly stylish. Pair it with a black bowtie and a nice watch to complete your look.

song to the siren

With a modern and minimalist look, this wedding inspiration shoot brings the ocean indoors. Conceptualized and styled by Amber Reverie Floral and Event Design & photographed beautifully by JessKae Photography, the look was inspired by a folk ballad titled Song To The Siren.

White bridal bouquet with aqua ribbons | JessaKae Photography | see more on:
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From Amber Reverie Floral and Event Design – “In winter, the sea transforms. Icy mists and cloud enveloped the skies create a raw landscape full of stark contrasts. Dark waves crash against the rocks and the air is white and still. That dramatic atmosphere became the inspiration for this shoot as I envisioned a beautiful siren rising from the chilly depths.

As the first snow flurries fell outside, we transported the seaside inside. This minimalist all-white studio was the perfect space to set up an organic, sea inspired setting. Our bride, a beautiful blue-haired siren, wandered barefoot through the scene, clutching white winter flowers wrapped in layers of hand dyed silk, as she waited for her seafaring love.”

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Minimalist winter wedding ideas | JessaKae Photography | see more on:

From Amber Reverie Floral and Event Design – “Natural vines adorned the space and caught in a large fishing net, like seaweed, creating a unique backdrop. Rocks, wind-blown grasses and bits of sea glass collected from the shore were illuminated in the warmth of soft candlelight. The intimate table setting, atop wood crates, was created to convey the beauty of simplicity. Barnacles used as taper candle holders, mineral elements, candles and vines gave a sense of effortless romance.

Mimicking the movement of the water, we incorporated fluid calligraphy and subtle watercolor painting on the invitations and lyrics from the yearning 1970 folk ballad, ‘Song To The Siren. The delicious two tier masterpiece of chocolate truffle cake with honey sea salt buttercream, was also brushed with watery hues and flecked in gold leaf, making it seem nearly oceanic.”

Credits: Photography: JessaKae Photography // Event Styling & Floral Design: Amber Reverie Floral and Event Design // Cake: Pippa Cakery // Calligraphy: You Doll Design // Hair: Emma’s Parlour // Makeup: Vivian Makeup Artist // Dress: Salt On The Rocks // Model: Alexis Jade Kaiser.