Maroon and Champagne Wedding

Woun and Samuel are heading to Spain to get married. Maroon and champagne are colours that will follow them nicely! Gold and beige are accompanying colours. Elegance is easy to accomplish with these hues!

What to Look for in a Venue for a Maroon and Champagne Wedding

A special wedding day encapsulates those beautiful moments when two souls join for life and promise each other companionship till death do them part. The ceremony represents bliss, happiness, and new beginnings. Such is its significance and getting it perfect is the dream of every couple.

Selecting the venue is the biggest dilemma of all. It needs to tick all the boxes and meet each demand.
A maroon and champagne wedding goes perfectly with autumn, open spaces, and canopied banquets. Look for a natural theme and old-vintage charm. Keep it minimalistic and chic through and through and let the bold theme do the talking!

Colour Palette for a Maroon and Champagne Wedding

Maroon and champagne pair amazingly well together but the art of finding other tones that complement these colours can be tricky. Do not worry, we’ve figured out all the hues that harmonise with maroon and champagne weddings.

White and granite grey directly offset the wine tones in maroon. Pearlescent white acts as the perfect contrasting background to make the maroon, champagne theme strike the eyes of your guests.
Pair it all with gold detailing, such as gold draperies, tassels, and lightning to get the mood going for your perfect maroon-themed vintage wedding.

Little touches of baby pink or pastel pink, here and there add more definition and bring the overall scheme together effortlessly. Carnations and dahlias do just the trick!

Details for a Maroon and Champagne Wedding

Nothing screams more passion and beauty than a maroon-themed wedding for a magical day, and Woun and Samuel wanted just that. Big, bold, and vintage chic is what they had in mind. They wanted to celebrate their joyful occasion with their loved ones by opting for this berry-hued, wine-inspired tone that not only stands out but adds a certain joie de vivre!

We say add your own little flair to the conventional all-white-themed wedding by shaking it up a bit. Pair the burgundy champagne theme with open spaces such as gardens or lakeside views to enhance the ambiance.

We can’t emphasise enough how stunning the maroon shade looks against a backdrop of moss greens, sky blue, and dusky gold.

Table Setting Style for a Maroon and Champagne Wedding

Food and décor are the highlights of any wedding and you never want to go wrong with them. Ask your decorator to match the decor with the burgundy, champagne theme. Since maroon is the perfect representation of unconditional love, incorporate it with raw oak for tables and chairs. The wood gives a vintage touch to the overall look.

Add blooming floral arrangements with blood-red table runners or for that extra luxurious feel, use burgundy silk as table mats and covers.  Pair it all with gold/silver cutlery to complete the aesthetic vibe. Use luxurious champagne flutes, obviously topped with bubbly champagne, to pull off that chic factor!

Wedding Invitations for a Maroon and Champagne Wedding

We believe the best part of any wedding is designing invitation cards. The butterflies you get when you open your sample card and the dawning of the fact that you are finally getting hitched and can’t wait to share your happiness with the world is just pure wonderment.

To keep with the maroon-champagne theme, use flowers as a background and engrave dates and names with gold calligraphy. Keep it elegant by adding a burgundy silk bow tie. It will be like opening a gift. You can even go for the abstract aesthetics by asking for bold strokes of maroon on a white background. You can colour-coordinate your invites with the cake as well.

Wedding Cake Ideas for a Maroon and Champagne Wedding

Cake…. the blank canvas ready to be painted on by endless possibilities! Go crazy and add your own personal touch to the cake. The best part? The maroon-themed cake looks stunning and makes for a gorgeous centrepiece.

If you want a classic, white-tiered cake, add edible maroon and baby pink flowers, with gold embellishments. Simple, elegant, and minimalistic. For that extra bold and whimsical flair, we suggest going for the ombre effect. The way burgundy moves around the tiers of the cake and gradually turns into lighter shades of pink and then white is stunning.

Still, want something different? Coat the top tier of the cake with edible champagne-coloured glitter. Top it all off with white, burgundy touches of fondant.

Ceremony Decor for a Maroon and Champagne Wedding

Our lovely couple wanted something highlighting their trip to Spain. All its vintage charm, past glory, and liveliness swathed into something precious. Something that could act as memorabilia for their future together.

The go-to flowers of choice were classic red roses, dainty orchids, and peonies. Make sure that the florists use all these in a bouquet.

For the sitting area, use deep shades of gauzy maroon. Fabric chair decor is simple but hugely effective.
Add vanilla-scented red candles all over the place, they not only add to the recurring theme but keep the venue scented. Add mahogany signage at the entrance to welcome guests and pair it all with a blooming floral arrangement.

Bridesmaid Dresses for a Maroon and Champagne Wedding

Bridesmaids are a lovely addition to the marriage ceremony and so are their gorgeous dresses. To make sure that the burgundy wedding spirit remains high, we can incorporate the colour into the dresses.

A strappy maxi dress paired with gold gladiator heels will look stunning. Or if you want to keep it classy chic, opt for classic Manolo Blahnik nude champagne stilettos. You can never go wrong with a Manolo!

To add more flamboyance, pair the whole outfit with a textured bouquet of peonies, ferns, and ranunculus. For something contemporary, channel a boho vibe with a mixture of red roses, and pampas grass.

Wedding Dresses and Accessories for a Maroon and Champagne Wedding

Maroon and champagne are the perfect shades that inspire a romantic spirit and grandeur in the eyes of guests.

We all know that accessories make the entire silhouette, no matter how exquisite the wedding dress is. Wearing a simple, white gown just won’t do for your union. Show colour and personality by going for a bold choice. Think all-the-rage illusion neckline, graphic lace, and symmetrical pieces that flaunt and look sexy on the bride.

For a final bridal touch, pair the dress with jaw-dropping red shoes just as Woun may on her special day. Add a tulle veil to complete the look and make your walk down the aisle unforgettable.

Food for a Maroon and Champagne Weddings

In the smallest details lies the beauty of it all. For food and menu, relate the maroon and champagne theme by adding red juicy fruits and roasted treats for desserts.

For goodie bags, add delicious Ferrero Rocher nestled in gold foils and pair them with tantalising caramelised apples. Who knew they would fit the bill for the perfect maroon and champagne-themed wedding!

Go a little step further by adding shades of maroon in the cocktail section as well. Think raspberry, red wine (Sauvignon, Pinot Noir, or Merlot perhaps?). Another huge trend these days is grazing tables and smorgasbords that constitute a variety of fruits and sandwiches. For dessert, add a chocolate fountain and strawberries.

Woun and Samuel are heading to Spain to get married. Maroon and champagne are colours that will follow them nicely! Gold and beige are accompanying colours. Elegance is easy to accomplish with these hues!

Maroon and champagne (reader request)

Maroon wedding inspiration

And Samuel is getting married in Santiago de Compostela, Spain, in the gorgeously rustic Aldea de Sestelo restaurant. One wrote to me and asked for something in maroon, champagne, gold, and beige with a definite vintage chic vibe and hopefully I’ve done just that with this wedding inspiration board!

For a vintage chic wedding with this colour palette look towards pomegranate reds for your main ‘pop’ colour. I love the idea of wearing dark red shoes, using antique maroon books for a cake stand and as centrepiece decor, and using a vintage suitcase to display desserts and treats. Mix those vintage touches with a clean white cake and upscale glassware (filled with Champagne of course!) to pull in some of the chic-factor.For your bridal bouquet keeps it simple and elegant with nice beige coloured flowers and you can even spray paint some of the leaves and other foliage (both on your bouquet and floral centrepieces) with gold. Calligraphy on a flower themed wedding invitation suite will give your guests a heads up that they are in for a stylish and lovely vintage wedding day!

wedding colors: maroon and champagne

Congratulations to Woun and Samuel on your engagement and hopefully this inspiration board helps you both to envision your wedding. Wondering what other brides are requesting this season?

Credits: photo credits: Stuart Weitzman shoes from Style Me Pretty, photographed by Stephanie Williams Photography // vintage books from Beach Baby Blues on Etsy // cake from Snippet & Ink, created by Carlucci’s Bakery, photographed by Leo Patrone // vintage suitcase dessert display & invitations from Society Bride, photographed by Landon Jacob, desserts from M Sweet Desserts, invitations designed by Emma J Design // bouquet via 100 Layer Cake, designed by Jessica Sloane, photographed by Austin Gros.

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