Top Makeup Artists in Cincinnati, OH

Top Makeup Artists in Cincinnati, OH

Getting a professional and talented makeup artist close to your location is key to preparing for many events. Many of us know the pain of a bad face beat, so choosing the best option is always important.

An excellent makeup artist can unleash the glamorous look you never knew you had. With a few strokes of their brush in the right places, these artists can change your life. We're quite pleased to announce that your search for talented makeup artists in Cincinnati, OH, ends here as we have compiled the list you need.

Ready to start your search for makeup artists in Cincinnati? Check out this list of some of the city's top talent to find the best match for your big day.


The name "BRIDEface" implies that this makeup studio specializes mostly in bridal makeup. However, Bridal Face isn't all about makeup for weddings. They also specialize in makeup for photoshoots, headshots, galas, and other events.

BRIDEface was founded by Nancy Dawson in 2005 and is owned by Julie Niesen. They have a team of makeup artists qualified to work on any skin tone using the best products. You may also like their FACEing by BRIDEface lipsticks, lip glosses, and other products. The makeup studio also offers men's grooming and tattoo coverage. Do not hesitate to contact BRIDEface if you want to look the best any day.

Chenese Bean Makeup Artistry

Chenese Bean is a full-time makeup artist who has worked with various celebrities, magazines, makeup lines, TV shows, and other high-end events. Since 1997, she has shown her flair for makeup through the quality services offered to her clients.

Earlier in her career, Chenese took a step to expand her makeup business by advertising her brand to brides, and this brought forth good results as her clientele increased by 40 percent. She has enjoyed various opportunities such as collaborations with TLC's Randy To The Rescue, Dateline NBC, Black Enterprise, 5/3 Bank, and ESPN. These collaborations enabled her to work with celebrities like Mike Wilbon, Nate Parker, Kelly Price, Jagged Edge, Emmit Smith, and others.

Ashley Olivia Artistry

Some people love makeup designs that give a natural look, and others love radiant and glamorous ones that give them the "I am famous and classy" look. If you need the latter, Ashley Olivia is the artist to call.

Ashley is a celebrity makeup artist and stylist with up to 22 years of educational practice and hard work. She's focused on turning her clients into walking forms of art. Her journey in the makeup world is quite eventful, and has navigated her through several major cities throughout the world. Olivia specializes in luxurious makeup designs and uses top-notch makeup products to achieve the desired outcome.

Omega Beauty

For Omega Beauty, the deal is beauty and luxury. It is where you can enjoy the ambiance, meet beauty experts, and get top-notch beauty and spa services with other extravagances. Asides from luxury, Omega Beauty is known for its friendly customer service.

Omega Beauty was launched in 2018 by Michele Silvers, the sole owner of the beauty studio. Michele is a graduate of business and marketing. She also qualifies for microblading and provides travel services for clients who don't live around her makeup studio.  

At Omega Beauty, the best technologies and experts are always available to give her clients a wonderful experience. Michele's goals are to expand her reach and continue to upgrade the services she offers to her star-studded clientele.

Gabby Williams Makeup Artistry

As an award-winning makeup artist, Gabrielle (Gabby) Williams prides herself on quality customer service. Gabby has worked in the makeup industry since 2006 and has left a trail of several satisfied clients ever since. She also doubles as a professional stylist, in addition to makeup artistry.

Gabby studied hairstyling, esthetics, makeup application, and product knowledge at a cosmetology school before graduating and getting her certificate in professional makeup artistry in 2006. Gabby owns the Glam studio in Cincinnati, where she provides makeup services for her clients whenever she is not at the glam studio.

Meg Valentine Professional Artistry

Meg Valentine is another award-winning makeup artist with incredible makeup skills. For the past 22 years, Meg has shown her love and passion for fashion and beauty by giving her clients the beautiful memories they desire with her great artistic skills. She's also worked with diverse cosmetic brands over the years.

Meg has also had the opportunity to explore her skills by applying makeup on women of different colors, facial structures, and ages during her years of traveling in the US and Canada. She's adept at using the best tools and products to create a unique look for every client, ranging from the simplest of designs to the most luxurious and editorial. Meg's available to work on events like fashion shows, photoshoots, film shoots, and weddings.

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