Maine Lobster Wedding

We love the sweet and casual vibe of this Maine Lobster Wedding. Navy anemone flowers stand out beautifully with their navy centers, adding the nautical look to the white floral selection.

What to Look for in a Venue for a Maine Lobster Wedding

Maine is home to several excellent water bodies, and with nearly 3478 miles of coastline and over 6000 lakes and ponds, it is known for some spectacular waterside venues. When searching for wedding venues in Maine, you should consider one of the many waterside resorts, hotels, chalets, and luxury restaurants available to host the ceremony and reception.

When selecting the wedding venue, there are a few things to consider. Primarily the area available for the ceremony and reception and accommodation for the guests. Many wedding guests may travel from out of town and might need accommodation. You should select the wedding venue only once you have confirmation of the approximate number of guests. And of course, its proximity to a good lobster supply!

Colour Palettes for a Maine Lobster Wedding

Since Maine is known for its sensational coastal vibes, you should select white and navy blue as the theme. However, when you think of the fabulous lobsters in Maine (that you may add as your 'main' dish – pun intended!), you could also add red, making the wedding colours red and blue.

Red and nautical blue are incredibly versatile and can work to bring out some of the most beautiful decor, props, and table details. These colours also go well with white, which adds a much-needed base to the colour scheme. A beautiful aesthetic blend of red, nautical blue, and white will bring out the beauty of your Maine Lobster Wedding and make it highly memorable.

Food for a Maine Lobster Wedding

Since Maine is known for its seafood and lobsters, you should include plenty of shellfish on the menu. You can have oyster tables with lobster portions, mussels, and shrimp cocktail.

Marinated steaks cooked on the spot, tacos with fish, seafood pizzas with three kinds of cheese, and some fruit-based desserts with locally grown and harvested produce are the types of hearty, wholesome foods you should think of serving at the wedding.

Since you can guarantee some of the best blueberries in the country, you could also have blueberry pie as part of the dessert table. For wine, if you want to give your guests an authentic Maine experience, you could offer blueberry wine, but have the regular reds and whites on hand (just in case).

Budget for a Maine Lobster Wedding

The budget for the wedding should be well thought out in advance for at least six to eight months. Planning a themed wedding takes time and money. Your nautical blue and red Maine Lobster Wedding will also take plenty of planning. The most significant piece of the financial pie will have to get allocated towards the venue rental and the caterers. Seafood is expensive in most places, and Maine is known for its premium lobsters and shellfish.

After the venue and caterers will come the accommodation for all guests. If Maine is a destination of choice, you may also have to organise additional meals and entertainment for all your wedding guests.

Details for a Maine Lobster Wedding

When considering all the minor details of the wedding, you should incorporate a pleasing aesthetic of nautical themes through small sailboats. Perhaps instead of a getaway car, you could consider a small boat! For fun, add nautical rope bracelets with a beautiful gold anchor as part of the bridesmaid gifts.

Couples could also include a lobster bib as an extra at each table. This will bring a smile to the faces of your guests and anticipation for the lobsters you serve for dinner. Another unique wedding detail you could think of is to have a paddle, or an oar painted white, which could serve as a guest book.

Wedding Dresses and Accessories for a Maine Lobster Wedding

Brides have plenty of leeway when it comes to Maine Lobster Weddings. You can select a floor-length wedding dress or a short lace wedding dress in white or powder blue to fit your wedding colours and theme. There are plenty of sensuous fabrics used in short wedding dresses like satin, chiffon, silk, lace, and tulle. You can opt for a short white wedding dress with slender sleeves and a sweetheart neckline for a pretty yet graceful look.

For shoes, peep toes with kitten heels or peep-toe ballerina flats with white embroidery will go well with the dress. You could also wear white and blue striped heels on a short wedding dress to make your legs look a mile long. The red from the wedding colours can come from a deep red lipstick with all other makeup simplistic yet classy.

Bouquets and Boutonnieres for a Maine Lobster Wedding

Choosing the florals can be slightly tricky when you think of a nautical blue, white, and red Maine Lobster Wedding. Most brides think of pastels like peach, blush, and so on. If you want to do something unique with the wedding bouquet and consider using out-of-the-box flowers, you could plan for navy anemone flowers. Not only are these gorgeous, but they fit perfectly with the wedding theme! The graphic visual of the anemone flowers is stunning, and with its dewy white petals give off a romantic charm to the bouquet.

You could consider nautical boutonnieres for the groom and best men in a silver or white satin rope with a white flower on a few leaves. You could tie the rope ends with twine and add a small brass anchor.

Wedding Invitations for a Maine Lobster Wedding

White, blue, and red should feature prominently in the wedding invitations. Since most couples pick Maine for its specialty lobsters, you could also include the silhouettes of lobsters (in red) on the invite. The wedding cards can be standard rectangular shaped with a white background, lobsters in red, and a nautical script in navy blue. This invitation will include your wedding colours and your lobster Maine theme.

If you want to make it even crisper, you could have light red stationery with the script in white in a navy blue envelope. However, you would need to state the wedding theme on the invitation cards to ensure there is no confusion.

Portrait Props for a Maine Lobster Wedding

While couple photo shoots are necessary for all weddings, you could also include friends and family members in the portrait shots. If you add a dinghy or a small boat, paint it red, nautical blue, and white, and place it against a backdrop with an anchor on the wall, you could have some fun, quirky photographs with your family members that you will cherish for a lifetime.

Other excellent portrait props that you could consider are life preserves or floats in white and red with 'Mr' and 'Mrs' inscribed on them. Some beautiful wedding photo shoots can be with the bride and groom holding each life preserve up with the lake or the sea in the background.

Favours and Gifts for a Maine Lobster Wedding

The Wild Maine Blueberry is famous across the state. While Maine also produces the largest number of lobsters, they are not too far behind with their blueberry supply. You can consider these local delights when planning the wedding favours and welcome gifts for guests.

As a welcome gift, you could consider chocolates and candy made on Orr's Island, famous for its old-fashioned candy shops. The favours can be a personalised jar of blueberry jam sourced from one of the organic vendors in the state. You could also add a small bottle of the famous Maine maple syrup as part of the favours. These delicious treats will bring an instant smile to your guests' faces.

Maine Lobsters

maine lobster wedding in blue and red

If you’re on the east coast and planning a late summer or fall wedding you can’t go wrong with a Maine lobster and nautical themed wedding. Aside from all the details in the Maine lobster inspiration board, you’ll also want to think about incorporating some of the following ideas into your wedding:

short, lacy dress…

short and lacy wedding dress

unique paddle guest book…

paddle guest book for nautical wedding

nautical boutonniere…

nautical rope boutonniere

include a lobster bib with your menu…

lobster wedding bib and menu for wedding

use a boat as a ‘getaway car’…

nautical wedding boat

navy anemone flowers…

navy anemone flowers

bracelet gifts for your bridesmaids…

nautical rope bracelet

be his ‘life preserver‘…

nautical wedding chairs

and top off your Maine lobster wedding with a boat themed photo booth…

nautical photo booth

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