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A Giggster roundup of the top
Instagram photographers in Los Angeles

The latest generation of creatives is making a mark on the photography industry, with a new method of sourcing photoshoot locations in Los Angeles.

Instagram creators are offering up fresh takes on LA’s best-known landmarks, but are also bringing us incredible views from previously undiscovered locations. With Giggster’s peer-to-peer marketplace of production sites, smaller-scale pros are enjoying easier access to unique, privately-owned spaces.

While property owners on Giggster’s platform can accommodate crews large and small, it may be the independent creators who stand to gain the most. With an overwhelming supply of sites at the ready, it’s almost certain they’ll find the right location to bring their concepts to life.

We’ve found the top creators in LA, and where they’re going for unforgettable shots.

Top Instagram Creators in Los Angeles
The best of the best in LA cover all the artistic bases. Our top three Instagram photographers show us what we really need to see, from fashion and still life to nature and lifestyle.

Los Angeles    |    New York    |    Atlanta


Top 25 Photoshoot Locations in Los Angeles
The top three spots in LA to stage a shoot are no surprise. Sun, sand, and stars always rate.

Instagram creators are making the most of everything LA has to offer, from the architecture to the great outdoors. While the appeal and legend of the top photo shoot locations in LA will never fade, photographers are finding more and more unique options with the help of Giggster.

Data Source: Top locations based on total tags containing the locations’ common names in an X-day period. Top creators located in Los Angeles, based on one-month engagement and total followers.