The Definition of Bohemian Glam

The Lilly Pulitzer bridal looks are boho-chic, and that should guide your styling choices. No two nuptials unfold the same way, and the same applies to brides who settle for bohemian-inspired wedding dresses. However, there are universally acceptable elements that describe bohemian glam.

The bohemian trend is responsible for convincing us to embrace nature-inspired elements. In terms of wedding glam, it's highlighted by mix-and-match bridal party looks, floral crowns, feathers, and leafy motifs. The overall aesthetic is eclectic, sometimes whimsical, but overall, dreamy.

Boho-chic glam also features earthy tones juxtaposed with rich color palettes and lots of texture. It's far from what you'd consider a matchy and coordinated theme but rather, it's all about the overall vibe. As for the boho-chic aesthetic, it focuses on merging rustic and elegance.

Boho-chic Wedding Style

In general, bohemian bridal looks are loose-fitting but some brides prefer to go with slightly fitted styles. Boho-chic wedding dresses also typically sport features like sheer panels, fringe details, bell sleeves, and off-the-shoulder necklines. Bohemian wedding dresses are usually tailored using lace fabric with intricate patterns as well as stylish overlays.

Bohemian bridesmaids’ dresses are usually vibrantly colorful. Patterned gowns or mix-and-match styles suit members of the bridal party. As for the specific colors, floral print dresses much like the Pulitzer looks, orange, hot pink, and yellow are ideal for bohemian weddings.

Muted tribal patterns are equally lovely choices for bohemian weddings. You can also consider experimenting with varying fabrics like velvet and silk for the bridal party looks. Also, choose different necklines as well as silhouettes for the bridesmaids' outfits.

Bohemian-approved wedding accessories and shoes

Besides beach weddings, you are likely to see brides going barefoot at bohemian nuptials. However, if you prefer to wear a pair of shoes, keep it casual and go for a comfortable choice. For instance, team up a pair of crochet sandals with a loose-fitting, flowy gown, much like the first Lily Pulitzer bridal look.

As for the accessories, you can ditch the veil and wear a floral crown instead. However, most brides still prefer to maintain semblances of tradition and in this case, vintage birdcage veils or fingertip veils are ideas. Several brides prefer to wear bridal hats instead because it's a fun and practical choice for outdoor weddings. A wide-brim rancher-style hat is a befitting choice.

Complete the look by wearing statement earrings or a bold-colored necklace, much like the bride's look in the editorial. The same applies to the bridesmaids, and the colorful floral-themed necklaces complement the colorful dresses.

Boho-chic Bridal Makeup & Hairstyles

Keep it natural if you want to fully embrace the bohemian look, but a great compromise is wearing a "no makeup" makeup look. For outdoor nuptials, aim for a sun-kissed glow and keep your makeup dewy as well as simple.

Braided half-up and half-down looks are wonderful choices for boho brides. Updos, ranging from low messy buns to side-positioned buns, are also great choices, particularly for outdoor nuptials. The crown braid is an equally befitting hairstyle choice for bohemian weddings.

Other Ways To Capture The Boho-Chic Glam

Thanks to the editorial compiled from Honeybee Events, Jo Photo, and LB Floral shows, there are plenty of other boho-chic glam ideas that you should borrow for your bohemian nuptials.

Bohemian Wedding Flowers

Unlike other traditional nuptials, boho weddings leave plenty of room to experiment with bold styles. With that said, use an oversized flower as the base of the boutonnieres, and in the case of the editorial, a pink rose did the trick. Protea is an equally great option for the buttonholes.

For the wedding bouquets, use selections of wildflowers and lots of greenery. Use patterned ribbons to secure the bouquets and further highlight the mismatched look. A cascading floral centerpiece made up of gorgeous selections of wildflowers as well as lots of greenery is also a lovely choice.

Bohemian weddings heavily feature feather accents and you'll often sport them on the boutonnieres as well as the centerpieces. Working with in-season blooms will be kinder on your wedding budget. However, you should definitely introduce clusters of wildflowers in muted colors all around the wedding venue to truly capture the boho spirit.

Boho-chic Tablescapes

Make a further statement on the tablescapes with jaw-dropping floral arrangements and mismatched elements. The editorial showcases two different looks, and the first features a grand gold-toned candelabra which also doubles up as the centerpiece vase. Tapered candles in varying shades of green further highlight the boho theme.

The second tablescape uses a predominantly dark color palette with pops of color introduced by the vibrant linens, floral plate, and patterned ribbons. The colorful cookies used as placeholders and the cupcakes with patterned covers are other charming touches.

Texture and Patterns

There are several ways to introduce texture and patterns into a bohemian wedding. For starters, you could adorn the aisle with a beautiful Persian rug. It's even more impactful when you lay down the rug at an outdoor wedding venue.

Wooden accents and signages also add some texture all around the wedding location. Velvet linen is also worth considering for the reception tables as well as bamboo or rattan-style chairs.  

Rustic Bohemian Wedding Decor Ideas

Whether an indoor gathering or an outdoor event, it's a fun process putting together wedding decorations for a rustic bohemian fete. Wooden crates always have a place on such occasions and you can fill them with blooms or selections of seasonal fruits. Bistro-style string lights, lanterns, and hanging up a chandelier at a barn location are some of the ways to illuminate the reception space.

Adorn the reception chairs with varying lengths or hessian, and add wooden slices to the tablescapes. Introduce vintage bikes as decorative props or to create focal points. Step Ladders are equally lovely props to include in your bohemian rustic wedding scheme.

Macramé backdrops and dream catchers also fit right into the theme. Pampas grass installations create stunning aisle side decor pieces.

3 Ways to Style a Lilly Pulitzer Wedding

Lilly Pulitzer dresses make adorable bridesmaids gowns and today’s editorial shoot from JoPhoto, Honeybee Events, and LB Floral shows 3 different ways to style your wedding around them. With iconic Lilly Pulitzer prints, bohemian gowns in different shades of blue, and preppy seersucker options – there is plenty here to inspire!


With your bridesmaids in fun and colorful Lilly Pulitzer prints it’s really hard to go wrong. Keep the bridal look clean and white to stand out against all the color and I love the way that this creative team pulled the lime green from the dresses out and used it in the reception design.

Lilly Pulitzer bridesmaids dresses | JoPhoto | see more on:
Lilly Pulitzer bridesmaid dress | JoPhoto | see more on:
Lilly Pulitzer themed wedding reception | JoPhoto | see more on:
Pink and green bridal bouquet | JoPhoto | see more on:
Lime and lemon cookies | JoPhoto | see more on:
Lily Pulitzer themed wedding | JoPhoto | see more on:
Lilly Pulitzer-inspired wedding invitations | JoPhoto | see more on:
Rose boutonierre | JoPhoto | see more on:
Green and pink bridal bouquet with lime and white ribbon | JoPhoto | see more on:
Tall floral centerpiece | JoPhoto | see more on:
Green and pink bridal bouquet | JoPhoto | see more on:
Lilly Pulitzer cookie | JoPhoto | see more on:
Lilly Pulitzer bridesmaid dress | JoPhoto | see more on:
Lilly Pulitzer bridesmaids dresses | JoPhoto | see more on:


It’s a little prep, mixed with a little bohemian and it’s a whole lot of gorgeous. While the look says free-spirited the monochromatic color palette brings a certain type of elegance to this entire set up.

Blue, yellow, and green bridal bouquet with ferns | JoPhoto | see more on:
Blue maxi bridesmaids dresses | JoPhoto | see more on:
Lilly Pulitzer blue dress | JoPhoto | see more on:
Lilly Pulitzer maxi dress | JoPhoto | see more on:
Groom in grey and blue | JoPhoto | see more on:
Blue wedding reception | JoPhoto | see more on:
Classic wedding dress | JoPhoto | see more on:
Blue maxi dress from Lilly Pulitzer | JoPhoto | see more on:
Lilly Pulitzer bridesmaids dresses | JoPhoto | see more on:


Lilly Pulitzer is a long-time favorite of Southern brides and so when this fabulous brand pulls out their seersucker collection it’s simply heavenly. The feeling evoked is light and summery with a definite preppy, Southern essence.

Bow napkin | JoPhoto | see more on:
Preppy pink and green bridesmaid bouquet | JoPhoto | see more on:
Lilly Pulitzer inspired wedding reception | JoPhoto | see more on:
Bridesmaids in Lilly Pulitzer seersucker bridesmaids dresses | JoPhoto | see more on:
Lilly Pulitzer table number | JoPhoto | see more on:
Seersucker Lilly Pulitzer bridesmaids dresses | JoPhoto | see more on:
Lilly Pulitzer cookies | JoPhoto | see more on:
Lilly Pulitzer themed wedding reception | JoPhoto | see more on:
Seersucker bridesmaid dress | JoPhoto | see more on:
Bridesmaid bouquet | JoPhoto | see more on:
Lilly Pulitzer wedding party | JoPhoto | see more on:

From JoPhoto – “This Lilly Pulitzer wedding inspiration shoot includes three different Lilly Pulitzer styles and color schemes. For each collection of dresses we designed a unique tablescape for them. With seersucker dresses, bright colors, bridesmaids and a complete wedding party, this southern-inspired shoot is perfect for brides looking for colorful inspiration!”