DC is a diverse city with a unique, vibrant atmosphere. That makes it a hotspot for lifestyle photography where photographers capture authentic personalities in natural settings.

Whether you’re looking for a shoot in your home to capture memories with family or want an outdoor shoot to show your time around the city, these are the best lifestyle photographers in Washington DC that will capture your most memorable moments.

Cerissa Photography

Father and daughter holding hands captured by Cerissa.

Cerissa is a DC lifestyle photographer who can turn your ordinary moments into special memories. Invite her into your life to capture you in your natural element.

Photography started as just a creative outlet for Cerissa, but her passion has propelled her to be a client favorite photographer in the DC area. She specializes in photographing special moments that highlight family lifestyles. Set up a session for photos of your family interacting or going through your everyday routine.

Cerissa has one of the essential characteristics of a lifestyle photographer. During the session, she makes you feel comfortable, and you can be yourself to get an authentic glimpse into your lifestyle.

Erin Tetterton Photography

Silhouette of a child playing in the yard shot by Erin Tetterton.

Erin Tetterton takes a moment in time and captures it so that it lives on forever. You’ll never miss a special moment when working with her on a lifestyle photoshoot session.

Tetterton uses her fine art style of shooting to tell the story of your life through photos. The goal is to get a snapshot of who you are in the moment simply by looking at the pictures. If there’s a period in your life that you want to remember, she’s the best at documenting it.

Photos by Tetterton help you to celebrate life. She shoots a range of photos, from individuals to families, to showcase the lifestyle of each of her subjects.

Yasmina Cowan

Family playing on the bed shot by Yasmina Cowan.

Specializing in family lifestyle photography, Yasmina Cowan is a go-to photographer in DC for personalized sessions. She’s exceptional at snapping photos of the natural family dynamics that you can have for keepsake memories.

Cowan’s interest in lifestyle photography comes from growing up in a large family. It made her realize that everyone has a unique story and wants to bring that passion to her photography work. She spotlights your family to see each personality emerge within the images.

All sessions are conducted in your home to give a real-life view of your lifestyle. The session works best with candid moments, so be yourself and feel free to let the kids run around as usual.

Barbara O Photography

Couple standing on a balcony overlooking the city shot by Barbara O.

Barbara O has lived and worked around the world. Her global perspective allows her to connect with people from all walks of life for an authentic lifestyle photoshoot.

Lifestyle photography is more than just working behind the camera – Barbara is a friendly photographer who makes you feel comfortable enough in front of the lens. It’s her mission to photograph who you are to spotlight your natural personality.

Barbara O has been featured in major publications like Huffington Post and Dear Photographer Magazine. Whether you’re a couple looking for lifestyle photos or want to capture memories of your family, Barbara O is one of DC’s best lifestyle photographers for the job.

Jof Foto

Family hanging out in Washington DC captured by Jof.

All lifestyle photographers are different, and Jof is one photographer who knows his talent. He specializes in outdoor photoshoots where he uses the natural light and setting to bring out your true essence.

Jof is one of the best lifestyle photographers in DC because of his dedication to his work. He spends time getting to know each client before the shoot to know precisely how to approach the session. Everyone is different, so you’ll have a unique shoot when working with him. It’s the perfect way to capture your special milestones and moments with family.

Jof prefers outdoor settings because the natural light makes for more authentic pictures. His signature style has landed him features in the local news and published in local magazines.

Danielle Hobbs Photography

Family welcoming home a newborn baby shot by Danielle Hobbs.

Bringing home your newborn baby is a life-changing moment where you’ll introduce a new lifestyle into your daily routine. Danielle Hobbs is a top lifestyle photographer specializing in newborns.

Hobbs is recognized as a top photographer by publications like Bored Panda and The Motherhood Anthology. Her niche in newborn lifestyle photographer is a passion that she takes very delicately. It’s always special for families to have her part of such a special moment.

Lifestyle photo sessions with Hobbs are always laid back and relaxed. She captures the joy of having a newborn at home. There is no staging, just the habitual reactions to seeing the smiles appear on your face every time you look at your new baby.

A+M Photography

Daughters playing in a field photographed by A+M Photography.

Bettina is the owner of A+M Photography, and uses photos to tell a story. Her documentary-style of shooting is an excellent way to capture the lifestyles of families and couples.

Pictures are worth a thousand words, and every image in your collection will tell its own story. Bettina’s work speaks for itself in bringing out your best self during the photo session.

When working with couples, Bettina creates a story of love through her pictures. When working with families, you’ll get to experience the joy between each member. The rich colors and warm tones make her work stand out from other DC lifestyle photographers.

Chester Simpson Photography

Fort Frederick landmark reenactor shot by Chester Simpson.

Throughout his career, Chester Simpson has photographed people from lots of different industries - from music to politics. People are his favorite subjects to take photos of, making him one of the best DC lifestyle photographers you’ll find.

Simpson has worked with numerous celebrities and political figures. He’s a true professional who knows how to capture genuine lifestyle photos. His extensive portfolio highlights people during events or portrait style to capture your hobbies, career, etc. His work is featured in public and private collections globally.

It’s always a pleasure working with someone creative like Simpson. Not only will you feel comfortable during the shoot, but he also has plenty of ideas for the perfect angles and poses.

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