Top 7 Lifestyle Photographers in Tucson, AZ

Searching for the best lifestyle photographers in Tucson, AZ? These select photographers specialize in unique lifestyle photography niches. So, whether you’re a business looking for a lifestyle branding photographer or you want to treat yourself to a fun photoshoot, there is the perfect photographer to fit your needs.

In Tucson, a thriving, multicultural visual and performing arts scene full of respected museums and art galleries aids the development of these photo artists. Ready to start your search for lifestyle photographers in Tucson? Check out this list of some of the city's top talent to find the best match for your next project.

Meredith Amadee Photography

Upgrade your traditional headshots with lifestyle headshots by Meredith Amadee. It’s an excellent way to showcase the personality behind the face. A real pro, Meredith has an artsy eye to get unique shots, working best in outdoor scenes.

Meredith's portfolio encompasses almost everything, from graduating seniors to fun personal sessions. Each photoshoot is tailored to the client to best showcase their personality, favorite hobbies, places to go, and more. Her pictures tell stories about the person just by looking at them.

You’ll feel comfortable in your familiar setting. Even with Meredith snapping photos, you’re encouraged to be yourself and act natural. She conducts each session with one-on-one attention to ensure that the client enjoys the photoshoot.

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Audria Abney

The best photoshoots happen right before sunset when Audria Abney captures vibrant lifestyle photos. She works in all settings, from the deserts outside of Tucson to the urban areas around town.

As a professional photographer for more than 10 years, Audria Abney has perfected the art of photographing in natural lighting. Her sessions are strategically timed to last for two hours and scheduled during golden hour for the best lighting. Quite literally, these photos can create a "golden" effect that illuminates the images.

Audria Abney talks with each client during a consultation to discuss locations and photoshoot specifics so that all logistics are ready by your shoot day. She shoots lifestyle portraits and lifestyle family sessions (including pets), and gives clients photo galleries with upwards of 80-100 different pictures.

Kristin Anderson

Manipulating natural light is something that Kristin Anderson specializes in. Her craft creates special effects in the lifestyle photos she captures of her clients.

Everybody has something that makes them happy. This simple fact is what Kristin enjoys most about taking lifestyle photos. She gets to take dynamic pictures that capture the client’s joy while enjoying their favorite things.

Kristin’s lifestyle photoshoots document a moment in your life. It provides a glimpse into your life at this time and the things you enjoy most. Her secret to getting such great shots? Focusing on your authenticity.

Douglass Simon Photography and Video

Add some character to your brand with branding lifestyle photography by Douglass Simon. He’s one of the best photographers in Tucson who works with businesses of all sizes and industries.

Regardless of if you’re in the medical field or a retail business, lifestyle photography is an excellent way to show your products and services in action. These images work great for use on your website, social media, and marketing materials to provide on-brand imagery for your audience.

Douglass has a creative eye for great shots that also stay on message to a company’s brand. He works with businesses on-site for an authentic look at your facilities and the people who make your business successful.

Josh Sailor

Although based in Tucson, you can find lifestyle pictures shot by Josh Sailor published around the world. He’s an accomplished photographer who specializes in editorial-style photography.

Working with publications has led to idyllic editorial images. But the good news is that Josh is happy to work with everyone, including corporate or personal use. He’s photographed lifestyle portraits for many celebrities and famous figures. But that means even individuals can make their everyday lifestyle look magazine-worthy.

Josh has been a professional photographer for over 15 years, where he’s developed a uniquely creative style evident in his portfolio. His expertise in shooting lifestyle portraits makes him one of the best in Arizona to work with.

Hailey King

Ever since 2009, Hailey King has used photography to tell the stories of the people in them. Her focus on creating an authentic look into who you are makes her one of the best lifestyle photographers in Tucson to work with.

People are Hailey’s favorite subject to photograph. She enjoys capturing people in natural settings during candid moments. Even during a scheduled photoshoot, she does an excellent job making clients feel comfortable in front of the camera. You’ll get to be your best self in the pictures that provide a reflection of you.

Hailey King does several lifestyle photoshoots for magazines and galleries. She also does lifestyle branding for local businesses in Tucson.

Cameron Clark

Tucson is the perfect location for outdoor adventure, and Cameron Clark will gladly be along for the journey. She specializes in photographing the adventure lifestyle.

Cameron is an outdoor enthusiast and ready to accompany her clients on all adventures, regardless of how remote the area is. She works with corporate clients seeking lifestyle branding photoshoots for their products. She also works with individuals and tours who want pictures of their experience enjoying the great outdoors.

Tucson’s diverse landscapes of desert, mountains, valleys, and canyons have provided backdrops for Cameron’s photoshoots. She’s had numerous photos published in magazines and also donates a percentage of all her sales to nonprofits protecting the environment.

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