Lifestyle photography is born from the mixing of traditional portrait photography and natural, candid snaps. It aims to capture the authenticity of a moment with the artistic lens of portraiture, whether it’s a wedding, maternity, newborn, or family shoot. Lifestyle photography is all about telling a story—your story!—in a single shot.

The greatest lifestyle photographers know how to capture this delicate balance of story and art in their photos. To help you find your perfect storyteller, we’ve rounded up the best lifestyle photographers in Tampa in the list below.

Roohi Photography by Rana

A father and mother gaze lovingly at their young daughter as she smiles at the waves lapping at their feet; the family is barefoot on the shore, dressed in white, with mother and daughter wearing flower crowns [Roohi Photography]

Rana Tierney is the bubbly photographer behind Roohi Photography. Family is foremost in Rana’s life, and this shines through not only in the photos she takes of her clients but even in the name she’s chosen for her studio. “Roohi” is her mother’s maiden name, which means “soul” in Farsi.

In every event or session, Rana aims to shoot from her soul. As she looks through the lens, she captures the moments of love alive in each of her clients. For Rana, each photo is a tangible memory, something you and your family can look back on for many years to come.

Jennifer Kielich Photography

A family of four lounges on a sandy shore; the parents sit behind their adolescent daughter and son, with the girls wearing matching pink floral dresses and the boys in soft blue polo shirts

Jen is an award-winning photographer that specializes in family and newborn portraits. She loves to maximize the use of natural light in her photographs. In fact, it’s won her the “Best Natural Light Family Photographer (USA)” award from Lux Life Magazine Travel and Tourism!

Jen also loves shooting in beautiful outdoor locations that inspire her and evoke movement in her clients. Every shoot is fun and full of laughter, which shines through the photos she takes. Jen offers both full photography sessions either on-location or in a natural light studio, and “petite” (shorter) sessions at outdoor locations.

Marina’s Photography

A husband laughs as he carries his wife in his arms on the shore of a beach [Marina’s Photography]

Marina has been a professional photographer for over 15 years. She grew up in Ukraine and took after her father, a hobbyist photographer. A published photographer, Marina’s work has been featured in several magazines such as Florida Parent Magazine and Dreamy Fashion Magazine.

Marina is passionate about bringing out your personality in both fun candid shots and thoughtful posed shots. She encourages you to let loose and live each moment authentically as she takes you through an inspired, energetic photo session. Trust Marina to capture every smile, laugh, jump, and splash in her incredible photos!

Jessica Cruz Photography

A young boy wearing a black cowboy hat sits atop a brown, saddled horse, while the boy’s mom stands beside the horse; the boy is grinning at his mom while she smiles up at him [Jessica Cruz Photography]

Jessica is a full-time adventurer and photographer. She pulls from the rich experiences of her travels to inspire every photo she takes. Jessica believes that the key to a successful photo session is not just the person behind the camera, but also the one in front of it! She will do her best to put you at ease so that every photo reflects you—your uniqueness, dreams, quirks, and more.

Not a natural in front of the camera? No problem! Through the decade that Jessica has been a photographer, she’s come up with tricks and tips to make each session fun and stress-free for you. Be prepared for a session filled with tunes, helpful direction, and corny jokes!

Sweet Plum Photography

An expectant mom and her partner gaze sit together and gaze at each other, smiling; the photo is shot from afar, through some foliage, heightening the sense of intimacy between the couple [Sweet Plum Photography]

Patty Cannon—unfortunately, not a namesake of the camera brand—is the head photographer behind Sweet Plum Photography. She specializes in maternity, birthday, and family shoots, and even encourages you to bring the family pet along during the sessions (for free!).

Patty likes to keep it natural: no big sets or complicated props, just the genuine connection between you, your family, and the camera. She’ll do her best to match your energy and capture the action, even if that means rolling around the grass or diving into the bushes to get the perfect shot!

Darin Crofton Photography

Two young children are sitting on a kid-sized couch in a grassy park, reading a big blue book; the older boy child holds the book while his younger sister points to a picture on the page [Darin Crofton Photography]

Darin and Stephanie are the husband-wife tandem behind Darin Crofton Photography. Between the two of them, their photos have been published in more than a dozen magazines and blogs. Their photography style is characterized by warm, natural light, making each shot look like a perfectly captured still of everyday life.

Darin and Stephanie’s main goal is to instill emotion into every photo. With their incredible attention to detail, they ensure that nothing comes out too stuffy or over-posed, but instead highlights you in the most relaxed and approachable way. They also pride themselves on film-quality post-processing to get all of your precious mementos picture frame-ready.

Bianca Merrell Photography

A couple is seated on a cream couch in a living room, gazing down at their sleeping baby in the father’s arms, with the mother also hugging the family dog who has joined the photo [Bianca Merrell Photography]

Bianca, the owner of Bianca Merrell Photography, developed her love for photography as early as college. As a mom herself, Bianca believes that photography is one of the best ways to preserve and document some of her best memories with her daughter, Emme.

She describes her photography style as light, airy, and natural. For Bianca, the best photos come from the authentic interactions between you and your family. It’s these glimpses of your life together that Bianca tries to capture through sweet snaps!

Samantha Hayn Photography

A family of four (mother, father, and two daughters) skips rocks on a lake at sunset, and watches a flock of birds in the distance [Samantha Hayn Photography]

Sam is the photographer of Samantha Hayn Photography. She describes herself as a “free spirit with a hippie soul,” something that resonates in the natural, relaxed, and candid photos she takes of families and new mothers.

To Sam, there is nothing more beautiful than motherhood, which is all the more reason to take as many photographs and document as many moments as possible! Her main goal is to highlight the beauty in every mother, and the love shared in every family, to create incredible photos that will stand the test of time.

Studio Magnolia

A father and mother swing their young son in between them; the family is in a grassy field near a lake [Studio Magnolia[

Sara Magnolia, owner and photographer of Studio Magnolia, has years of experience in the lifestyle niche, encompassing areas like blogging, marketing, and photography. Sara’s background comes out in the breezy-but-editorial flavor of her photos, elevating your everyday family moments into something magical.

Sara believes that every photo should tell a story, and that the best way to tell your story is to get to know you! She prides herself on making lasting connections with all her clients to create timeless and beautiful photos they can cherish for years to come.

Brittany Elise Photography

A family of four runs through a field during a slight drizzle; from left to right, a young son, the mother, their youngest daughter, and the father are holding hands, looking at each other as they laugh [Brittany Elise Photography]

Brittany is the mom behind the lens of Brittany Elise Photography. Her photography journey started when she was just a teen and stayed with her throughout her career as a registered NICU nurse.

Brittany is passionate about caring for babies and their mothers, and marries this with her love for photography to create stunning photos. Brittany always strives to create a space where families can feel cared for and loved as she captures the fleeting, precious moments each parent wishes they can hold on to forever.

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