Are you looking for the best lifestyle photographers in Simi Valley? You've come to the right place - here's a list of some of the city's most talented professionals who work with clients in the area (and beyond).

Each photographer has a specialty that fits all kinds of clients. So whether you’re looking for family lifestyle, adventure lifestyle, or shots for your dating profile, you’ll get the best value and experience with these Simi Valley photographers.

Jenny Starkey Photo

Candid family lifestyle portrait shot by Jenny Starkey.

Jenny Starkey Photo is a professional family lifestyle photographer based in Simi Valley – she also services the surrounding areas. She’s a passionate photographer who enjoys documenting the precious moments in a family’s life.

Skip the traditional family portraits of the past and give your family a modern look with a lifestyle photoshoot. Starkey brings her camera into your family’s life to spotlight the fun and playful dynamics between one another.

Candid moments work best in family lifestyle photos to bring out genuine emotions and personalities. Each picture that you receive will be full of color and emotion.

Starkey enjoys photographing in outdoor settings. She can work at your home or in a designed location. Every photo shoot is different so that the photos are tailored to the family that she’s working with.

Julie Campbell Photography

Kids running on the beach photographed by Julie Campbell.

The award-winning talent of Julie Campbell will shoot fantastic lifestyle photos of your family. She’s one of the top lifestyle photographers in Simi Valley who enjoys working with all families and children.

Campbell’s contemporary lifestyle portraits are less about posing and more about showing who you are. Feel free to be your natural self because those always result in the best images. Once you get comfortable with being in front of the camera, your authentic personality will surely emerge.

Client satisfaction is the main driver for Julie Campbell. She creates custom pho packages so that you can personalize the session to your liking. Discuss the different locations, types of shots, and even outfit changes, and she’ll be more than accommodating to your requests. The aim is to deliver photos that will make you recall the special moments.

Toki Lee

Sibling lifestyle photo shoot with Toki Lee.

A photo shoot with Toki Lee is more than just taking photos, but creating an entire experience that you’ll love. Clients can always tell the passion behind Toki’s pictures by making the sessions an enjoyable experience for everyone.

Toki Lee is a Simi Valley lifestyle photographer specializing in portraits. You’ll have the perfect images that best capture your lifestyle, and you’re welcome to create the visuals that you want. Choose a location that you feel most comfortable around and dress as you please. Toki has done photoshoots with families, friends, or individuals.

Photography is a way for Toki to connect with others and tell their life story. The vibrant colors make the photos feel like reality as it brings out your true essence. Her photography is art, and you’re the subject.

Amanda Jon Photography

Senior lifestyle portrait shot by Amanda Jon.

Amanda Jon Photography is a full-service studio that provides lifestyle photo sessions. Her amazing photos are perfect for displaying in your home that captures a moment in time of your life.

Clients get world-class treatment when working with Amanda Jon. She has a studio near Simi Valley, where she holds all of her consultations and sessions. She’s also available to shoot on location. She offers lots of guidance for clients to get you ready for your shoot.

Amanda Jon has a unique fine art photography style. It transforms a regular photo into a work of art. She creates a timeless lifestyle photo gallery for her clients.

Many of Amanda Jon’s clients are seniors and families that are seeking lifestyle photos for keepsake memories. After the session, clients can order high-quality prints of their photos.

Dan Smarg Photography

Action lifestyle photoshoot with Dan Smarg.

Dan Smarg found his true passion with photography after an initial career in the TV and Film industry. The good news is that many of the skills translated into photography that has allowed him to stand apart from other lifestyle photographers in Simi Valley.

Smarg is known for capturing lifestyle photos of families and individuals. Clients hire him to shoot a gallery for personal use and also to spice up a dating profile – lifestyle photos work well in either scenario.

Families can document unforgettable moments as they invite Smarg into their homes or along their travels to shoot images that best capture their everyday life. His lifestyle images also create a visual representation of your dating profile that showcases who you are as a person.

Jessica Woodard Photography

Girl in the desert photoshoot with Jessica Woodard.

Everyone wishes that they had a personal photographer to come along on their life journey, and Jessica Woodard is happy to be that person. She shoots lifestyle photos to tell stories of her clients.

Photography is a way for Jessica Woodard to connect with people. Many of her clients have worked with her on several shoots. It’s like having a friend that’s always available to take photos of you.

Woodard’s passion for photography led it from being a hobby into a full-time career. Aside from the incredible pictures, what clients enjoy most is the photo shoot experience. She has a fun personality that will bring out the same for your photographs. You’ll get a mix of staged and candid photos that highlight all of your best attributes while accurately showcasing your lifestyle.

Nicole Henshaw

Couple riding horses photographed by Nicole Henshaw.

If you’re someone who loves the outdoors, Nicole Henshaw is the perfect person for your lifestyle photo shoot. She’s a native of Southern California that frequently travels back to service loyal clients and take on new projects.

Nicole’s favorite location to shoot is the outdoors. She has a unique talent to capture the perfect lighting for a dynamic glimpse into your lifestyle. So whether you enjoy hiking, horseback riding, kayaking, and more, Nicole is always up for the adventure with you and will have her camera handy.

Outdoor lifestyle shots not only spotlight you but the overall setting that tells a story about your adventures. Pick a place that you enjoy exploring, or hire her along a new adventure to show how you adapt to new places. Each photo will be a unique perspective into your life’s experiences.

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