Best Lifestyle Photographers in New York City

Life in New York City can be a little crowded. For families and individuals who crave to capture each moment in their hectic lives, lifestyle photography is a special art form.

The Big Apple provides a unique setting for urban living, filled to the brim with dreamers, achievers, and creators. NYC is full of a wide variety of lifestyle photographers too, including ones who have worked for some of the biggest names in the nation.

If you are looking for the best lifestyle photographers in New York City, look no further. Whatever style you may be looking for, we have compiled a list of the best photo artists in the big city.

Guillaume Gaudet

Having grown up in France and traveled around the world, Guillaume is a highly experienced lifestyle photographer. He's worked and studied in places like Spain, Germany, and Argentina.

After living and working in Paris for a while, Guillaume moved to New York City, at which time they fell in love photographing life on the streets of NYC. He attempts to tell a professional story with photography, using the contrast of light and shadows to create movement. Guillaume has worked with clients such as PUMA, Sephora, and Citizen Watches.

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Laura Barisonzi Photography

Laura Barisonzi is a New York based lifestyle photographer and director. She works with her team to produce images that capture real life instead of rigid frames. Obsessed with knowing and implementing the latest in camera and lighting technology in order to create beautiful images, she works hard to make her technical precision stand out from the rest.

Laura’s extensive client list includes companies like Adidas, Bud Light, Reebok, and Hulu. She has been published in Rolling Stone, Running World, and Yoga Journal.

Michael Weschler Photography

Boasting over 20 years of experience in lifestyle photography, Michael Weschler has quite the impressive resume. Michael claims to have had a camera in his hands since age three, and his work definitely shows the extent of his expertise.

After working for The New York Times, Michael moved to freelance lifestyle photography and has worked with a wide variety of clients. His goal is to bring out the humanity in each individual. On top of photography, Michael also directs and shoots commercials and short films.

Michael’s massive client list includes celebrities like Liam Neeson, Don Cheadle, and Richard Gere. He has done work for several nationally renowned companies such as Nestle, Ralph Lauren, and Folgers.

Dracinc Don Thompson

If you are hoping for lifestyle photographs that exude sophistication, Don Thompson is the man with the experience. Don has been perfecting his craft for over thirty years, and has extensive experience in both on-set and on-location photo shoots. Whether you are wanting an event captured, a commercial filmed, or just some images of your family together, Don Thompson can take your dreams and capture them in his images.

Don Thompson has a significant amount of work published in The Network Magazine, along with an extensive portfolio that encompasses his 30+ years working as a professional photographer.

Staci Brennan Photography

Working as a premier newborn photographer, Staci Brennan has over seven years of professional experience. Staci trained with some of the top photographers in NYC, and has worked hard alongside these professionals to build her skills and perfect her technique.

While working as a lifestyle photographer, Staci discovered her passion for newborn photography. Her portfolio centers around families, from newborn to toddlers, and beyond, capturing each life stage journey. Staci has been working primarily with families over the years, so she is an expert at corralling even the most rambunctious of children to produce quality, heartfelt images.

Not only does Staci offer photo shoots around iconic NYC hotspots, she also offers at home shoots so that families can be seen in their most comfortable and cherished environment.

Gruber Photographers

Gruber is said to feature New York's finest working photographers. From 1989 onwards, this studio has helped pioneer a photojournalistic style in both wedding and event photography. They also cover portraits and lifestyle shots; their portfolio is immense in its subjects and diversity of genre.

What we love most about their portfolio is its dynamic range. The studio's work has been featured in media ranging from Vogue and Vanity Fair to American Photo and the Travel Channel.

Julien McRoberts Photography

"In beauty I may walk." Julien emblazons her about page with this Navajo prayer. First and foremost, Julien's photography is marked by a sense of thrilling exploration. Her favorite part of the job is navigating her client's stories through her lense. Julien's portfolio is distinctive and colorful, full of interesting images.

12 years into her career, Julien is a sought after photographer and has now worked with notable clients such as Jeff Bezos, The Georgia O’Keefe Museum, Marie Claire Magazine, and Calvin Klein Home.

Karen Obrist Photography

Karen shoots weddings and family sessions with her camera and a well-trained eye. Originally from Nebraska, she now works out of New York City and seeks out connection with each of her clientele. She loves to travel and appreciates the tactile nature of a good photograph.

Karen's portfolio features lively, candid images of families living together in the moment. Her own travel photos showcase her personality and zest for life.

Kimberly Mufferi Photography

Kimberly and her mother share a love of photography; she's had a camera in her hands for most of her life at this point. Born and raised on the Jersey Shore, she went to NYU to study culture and media. Working for years as a photo editor, she started her own studio business to give clients a diligent boutique experience.  

Her portfolio is extensive and compelling, with lifestyle and portraiture work alongside brand, couple, and "The Goddess Shoots" as well. Working since 2006, Kimberly provides her services to the northeast region including New York, Pennsylvania, and the Hudson Valley.

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