Miami is famous for the opulent lifestyle of the locals and visitors. Beach vibes, luxurious lodging, and a diverse dining scene are just a few reasons people love South Florida. Hire a lifestyle photographer in Miami to capture your best moments in the seaside setting.

There are many photographers ready to shoot, so it can be hard to narrow down who to hire. We’ve compiled a list of Miami lifestyle photographers that you’ll love working with.

George Kamper

Couple glamping photoshoot shot by George Kamper.

Collaborate with George Kamper on arranging a photo session that can capture your entire lifestyle with just one image or gallery. Whether you have your own ideas or need input, he can help make your dream session a reality.

Kamper works great with natural lighting in outdoor shoots to deliver an authentic glimpse into your lifestyle. He helps bring a creative touch by acting as a creative director when needed while allowing you to be your authentic self.

With decades of experience, Kamper treats each project differently to give you a unique set of photos.

Andrea Harborne Photography

Family walking on a beach shot by Andrea Harborne.

If you want to do a lifestyle photo session with your family, Andrea Harborne is one of the best photographers you’ll find. She specializes in family lifestyle and works with many clients across many important life milestones.

A family lifestyle photo session is the perfect way to capture memories that last a lifetime. She’ll be there to shoot your special moments while enjoying yourself with your family.

Harborne is an award-winning photographer published in several magazines and blogs. She has a contemporary style of shooting. You’ll have a fun photoshoot that even the kids can enjoy.

Christine Michelle Photography

Woman shopping in clothing boutique captured by Christine Michelle.

Christine Michelle is a Miami lifestyle photographer who was born and raised locally. She’s an excellent resource for finding the best onsite locations for your upcoming shoot.

Michelle works with brands, models, or clients looking for personal use photos. She delivers lifestyle photos ideal for social media, branding, and more. The quality visuals accurately showcase you in your natural element while providing an appealing image for sharing.

You won’t find many local photographers like Michelle that excel in bringing your ideas to life.

Amanda Julca

Man mowing the lawn in backyard shot by Amanda Julca.

It’s hard to overlook the vibrant pictures that Amanda Julca showcases in her gallery. Every image is full of color and natural lighting that invites the viewer into the experience. You can achieve the same results with a photo session with her.

For over a decade, Julca has honed her skills internationally with major brands and publications before basing herself in Miami. Her art background gives her a great eye at capturing fine art details in a modern style.

Julca is great for solo sessions or multiple people to capture candid and staged moments that tell the story of your lifestyle.

Alison Frank Photography

Mother, daughter, and newborn on a couch photographed by Alison Frank.

Invite Alison Frank into your home to document special events and moments with your family. For more than 20 years, she’s specialized in family lifestyle photography that captures the joy of your family’s interaction.

Candid moments work best to give an accurate view of your family. She makes you feel comfortable in front of the camera so that you can be yourself during the shoot.

Frank is a full-time photographer based in Miami. She’s dedicated to her craft and treats each moment with your family as a personal and special gift. Her incredible images are a gift right back to you.

Frank Castillo

Woman laying by pool shot by Frank Castillo.

Create a visual persona of your brand with a lifestyle photography shoot with Frank Castillo. He specializes in commercial lifestyle photography to bring brands to life.

Castillo crafts images that tell a brand story. Showcase your products in use and attract your ideal clientele with images that showcase the lifestyle. The photos are excellent for use in marketing campaigns and social media.

For nearly a decade, Castillo is a sought-after photographer for brands. He’s worked with corporate clients, including Neiman Marcus and Timex Group, on lifestyle photo sessions, and yours can be next.

Femke Tewari

Woman in a garden setting by Femke Tewari.

Femke Tewari ranks among the best lifestyle photographers in Miami with experience shooting around the world of related sessions. She’s skilled at luxury travel lifestyle that has garnered widespread recognition for her work.

Tewari has worked with major clients, including Hilton and The Lennox Hotel. Her photos are also published in The Miami Herald.

The globe-trotting lifestyle photographer is based in Miami, where she helps highlight the luxurious lifestyle. It’s great for a market built upon luxury, so she’s able to capture photos that make you fit in.

Sonya Revell

Men playing dominoes in the park shot by Sonya Revell.

Working with Sonya Revell will be one of the most fun photoshoots you’ve ever had. Her high-quality pictures match her personality – fun and playful. She has a creative touch to deliver images you’ll enjoy looking at.

Revell has an extensive client list, including Four Seasons, Cosmopolitan, Forbes, and Adweek. She’s able to capture images that tell brand stories or highlight personal lifestyles.

Regardless of the lifestyle image you want to create, Revell can make it happen. She’s photographed travel, luxury, and everyday lifestyle visuals. She works in a studio or on location.

Under The Sun

Restaurant lifestyle photoshoot by Under The Sun Production.

Under The Sun is a full-service production team that delivers an entire experience for your lifestyle photo shoot in Miami. The company offers service from start to finish to ease the planning hassle on your next campaign.

The company has a dedicated lifestyle photographer who’s skilled in working with corporate clients and brands. Many clients use the images for digital assets, marketing campaigns, social media, and more.

The full-service offerings include consultation, fining locations, hair and make-up, and postproduction. It’s the ideal package when working on your next lifestyle shoot.

Debra Somerville

Elders enjoying a meal photographed by Debra Somerville.

Debra Somerville brings decades of experience to each project. She’s one of the best lifestyle photographers in Miami and has had lots of success in commercial shooting.

Somerville is a model-turned-photographer. Her experience on both sides of the camera is valuable in making clients comfortable while capturing the best angles to highlight her subjects.

Whether you’re a business looking for branding or images for personal use, Somerville can work with you. She’s worked with magazines, fashion, and beauty brands.

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