Lifestyle photography is all about telling a story and capturing portraits of everyday situations in an artistic way. It sets itself apart from traditional portraiture by placing people in real-life scenarios, with the environment contributing as much to the message that’s being conveyed as the individual does.

With its enviable coastal setting and creative energy, Los Angeles is home to some of the United States’ best lifestyle photographers. In this guide, we’ll introduce 10 of the best, many of whom were born out-of-state or overseas and selected Southern California as their canvas.

Kaysha Weiner Photography

A family walks their dog through an LA park [Kaysha Weiner]

Kaysha Weiner creates vibrant lifestyle and brand photography throughout the Los Angeles area. She says photography is a means for her to connect with the world around her and the incredible people she gets to work with on a daily basis. She strives to capture subjects at their purest and document the most sincere interactions with those around them. At the end of the day, Kaysha Weiner is a storyteller, with a style that’s bright and refreshing.

Kathryn McCrary

A farmer taking a cutting [Kathryn McCrary]

Specializing in food, still, and lifestyle photography, Kathryn McCrary is a freelancer who has worked with a variety of creatives, small businesses, and global brands. Her previous clients include Edible Arrangements, Mama Bath & Baby, and Honeycomb Studio while her work has featured in “The Wall Street Journal”, “DONNA Magazine”, and “Atlanta Magazine”. Her approach to lifestyle photography is relaxed and she is talented at capturing the essence of a story while taking advantage of the natural light, textures, and tones.

Love Ala

A maternity shoot captured by Ala Cortez [Love Ala]

Ala Cortez is the photographer behind the LA-based lifestyle photography brand Love Ala. With a degree in graphic design, she’s a creative at heart and loves capturing all of those in-between moments that often get overlooked. Aside from her lifestyle work, she also does portraits, couple, and maternity shoots, with a style that can be described as light and timeless. Ala is based out of Ventura (although she dreams of living in Italy).

Nicole Fong Photography

A woman relaxes in a park with her two dogs [Nicole Fong Photography]

Dedicated to travel, lifestyle, and portrait photography, Nicole Fong is passionate about telling stories and helping to bring artistic visions to life. She loves meeting new people and learning about other cultures, whether it’s on the road traveling or at home in Southern California. Aside from her lifestyle and travel shoots, Nicole is also a talented maternity and newborn photographer, with a knack for documenting those special moments as you welcome a new human into the world.

Little LA Photography

A black and white photo of a newborn baby [Little LA Photography]

Based in Miracle Mile, Little LA Photo is the name of Christina Hulquist’s photography business focused on newborns, maternity, and family photos. As a parent herself, she loves to connect with other families trying to figure out how to live and work in Los Angeles and is passionate about capturing those everyday moments. She offers a variety of different packages to suit all needs and delivers high-quality images that are often bathed in gorgeous light.

Grant Puckett

One of Grant Puckett’s youthful lifestyle portraits [Grant Puckett]

With dramatic lighting and dynamic movement, Grant Puckett is known for his lifestyle images that capture the freedom and adventure of youth. His photos document life on the sun-drenched beaches of Southern California and in the rugged mountains, with subjects who are often seeking to break free from the norm. Grant’s impressive portfolio also includes classic portraits and product shots for everything from aromatherapy candles to leather shoes and designer watches.

Rocco Ceselin

A group of men push start a classic car [Rocco Ceselin]

Originally from Italy, Rocco Ceselin now calls Los Angeles home and draws on his background as a graphic and web designer in his lifestyle photography. He’s inspired by the vibrant lifestyle and multicultural environment of Southern California and has had his work featured in “Emmy Magazine”, “GQ” and “Marie Claire”. Rocco’s style ranges from editorial to relaxed, with an ability to effectively convey human emotions through still imagery. In addition to his lifestyle works, he’s also a skilled portrait artist and travel photographer.

Jenna Alcala

Two girls in a cafe [Jenna Alcala]

Jenna Alcala is an extremely talented visual storyteller whose whimsical photographic style lends itself perfectly to influencers or brands trying to convey their story and build a growing client base. Her images are the epitome of “Insta-worthy”, with the photographer having a knack for communicating messages and creating a feeling of recognition with today’s social media-savvy youth. Not only does Jenna work as a lifestyle photographer but she also lends her skills to child portraits and regularly documents the beauty and fashion worlds.

Mary Costa Photography

Mary Costa is renowned for her bright and vibrant images [Mary Costa Photography]

With her bright and vibrant style, Mary Costa is a Los Angeles-based photographer who captures creative portraits, fashion brands, and styled table-scapes. She studied photography at Boston’s Emerson College and moved to Southern California in search of warmer temperatures. She has since had her work featured at Martha Stewart, Sunkist Growers, and Target. She’s incredibly skilled at styling images while being able to tell compelling visual stories through multi-layered photographs that will have you wanting to see more.

Todd Tyler

A young couple in the back of a pickup truck [Todd Tyler]

As a commercial lifestyle photographer, Todd Tyler is dedicated to capturing the energy, life, and emotion of the moment and everything it inspires. He’s all about beautiful lighting and a vibrant color palette and says that his refined post-production helps him to create images that stand out from the rest. There’s a certain glamor and youthfulness to his photography, with plenty of classic Americana thrown in. Originally hailing from Seattle, he spent more than a year living and working in Milan, Italy before returning to the United States where he pursued a lifestyle photography career in Los Angeles.

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