Lifestyle photography works to capture precious real-life moments between families. This form of photography creates natural results that showcase your story. Families and companies use lifestyle photography throughout various stages of their lives, capturing the moments which can pass by in the blink of an eye.

Our team has gathered together a selection of the best lifestyle photographers in Houston, TX. All of these photo artists are qualified in this niche and will work with your family to create images you can look back on for years to come.

Terry Vine Photography

Terry is a lifestyle photographer based in Houston. He’s been named one of the Best Advertising Photographers Worldwide by Luerzer's Archive and offers his services to families and companies in Texas and beyond.

Clients Terry has recently worked with include Hyatt, Ritz-Carlton, Shell, and Marriott Hotels. His work is featured in both advertising campaigns, museums, and private collections across the US.

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Black Smith Photo

Black Smith Photo works to create impactful images for brands and families. They offer their lifestyle photography services to showcase your company’s products or to celebrate your family’s relationship.

The company offers both photography and videography services and is used to taking photos for online marketplaces. With such a wide range of services on offer, they are experienced working to create attractive imagery clients of all kinds.

Todd Spoth

Todd works with companies and individuals throughout Houston to capture the perfect lifestyle photos for their needs. He has experience working with animals and is able to document client stories in an authentic, bold manner.

Review his portfolio and you’ll notice his work often includes bold colors. Extensive technical skills as a photographer mark his galleries as cinematic. Previous clients praise his professionalism and his ability to make subjects feel relaxed throughout each and every session.

Al Torres Photography

A colorful family portrait [Al Torres Photography].

For over 30 years, the veteran and professional photographer Al Torres has shot hundreds of events in Houston and beyond. Al is considered one of the best photographers in the city because of his unique artistic style, known for its mix of glamour and authenticity.

Whether he is shooting in the studio or on location, Al maintains the highest level of professionalism and works to make every photo op a mutual success.

Tarick Foteh

Studying Together Captured in Houston by Tarick [Tarick Foteh]

Tarick is originally from Houston and now works from here and throughout the country as a lifestyle photographer. His work has previously been featured on campaigns for large corporations, including Ikea, Hilton, and Marriott.

Clear in every image he takes, Tarick is praised for his exceptional attention to detail. Whether you are looking to book a lifestyle photography session for personal or business use, you’ll find Tarick offers all of the services and packages you might need to get started.

Terry Halsey Photography

Terry is based in Houston and works as a lifestyle, commercial, and advertising photographer. He has been operating successfully in the industry professionally since 1989 and works primarily with advertising and corporate clients.

Terry is happy to capture people, architecture, and products within his frames. Thanks to his educational background in fine arts, advertising, and finance, he has the experience and knowledge to take on any challenge that is presented to him.

Felix Sanchez

Felix began his career by photographing musicians and other creative individuals. He loves to tell an interesting story through each photo, which is why he enjoys meeting people through his work.

Today, Felix offers advertising and editorial photography for clients in Houston. He works to capture scenes and people in a contemporary yet natural way. Felix aims for his subjects to be prominently displayed in advertising campaigns throughout the country.

Kim Schaffer Photography

A Water-Based Lifestyle Photography Session [Kim Schaffer Photography]

Kim knows that lifestyle photography sessions are a fun way to capture real moments in your life. She works with families, friends and at events throughout Houston. Kim is happy to travel to meet you for the session; whether that’s in an indoor or outdoor location, she carries the equipment to get the job done.  

For the best light, Kim always recommends holding your session a couple of hours before sunset. She’ll happily accommodate up to five people in one session, so you can enjoy making memories with your family this year.

Nathan Lindstrom Photography

A unique vehicle with a pair of side doors [Nathan Lindstrom Photography]

The team at Nathan Lindstrom Photography works with clients and families to create their desired photo results each and every time. Nathan and his business partners will take the time to plan your session to ensure they understand your requirements before getting started.

To help make the photography session more relaxing for everyone, the team will set the scene during a pre-production process. By setting the stage, Nathan can make the session easier, resulting in genuine storytelling through the images that are captured.

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