People are sometimes put off by professional photos because they dislike the stuffy, overly-posed photography style associated with traditional portraiture. Unnatural, awkward scenes can make for unflattering or even embarrassing photos. Instead, people like this might be looking for a more relaxed or candid style of photography; that's where lifestyle photography comes in.

Lifestyle photography is a style that captures life "as it is," doing away with all of the awkward gesturing. Lifestyle specialists in Edmonton, Canada let their clients interact naturally as they snap away to capture genuine smiles, laughter, and hidden moments where you shine best. As you can guess, it takes a keen eye to strike a balance between candid and gently directed—"plandid," if you will.

We're here to help. Ready to start your search for lifestyle photographers in Edmonton? Check out this list of some of the city's top talent to find the best match for your own life.

Kelsy Nielson Photography

Kelsy Nielson considers herself fulfilling two roles: a storyteller and a photographer. She founded Kelsy Nielson Photography to become a keeper of memories and now helps clients freeze precious moments into everlasting keepsakes that they'll return to again and again. As a mother, Kelsy understands just how fleeting the days with your little ones are. One day they're no taller than your knee and the next, they're towering over you.

Kelsy wants to help you document the life of your growing family year after year. One of her most-booked sessions are family lifestyle portraits. Over her years of experience, Kelsy has learned many tips and tricks to help families let loose in front of the camera. More than anything, she enjoys snapping away your uniquely lovely family portrait.

Billie Lang Photography

Billie Lang is the nature lover and seeker of beauty behind the lens at Billie Lang Photography. Billie calls Edmonton her home base, but is willing to travel anywhere a love story takes her; whether that's the love story of you and your beloved, or the boisterous love story of you and your children, you can count on Billie to be there with her camera.

One of the most essential things for Billie is the relationship that unfolds in front of her camera. She does not focus much on poses, but more on how she can help you enjoy the moment and reflect that in each photo. Billie hopes that your lifestyle portrait session with her will gift you with memories you can treasure forever.

Dragonfly Photography

Rebecca Lippiatt is the vivacious adventurer behind the lens of Dragonfly Photography. Rebecca considers founding and operating Dragonfly Photography as one of the most rewarding things she's done in her life—and it shows, because all of her photos are captured and taken with such excitement and passion.

As a mother to boisterous children herself, Rebecca understands how some families can be frustrated about never being able to get "the perfect shot." The good news is, lifestyle photography exists precisely for families like yours—instead of a perfectly-posed photo, Rebecca will work her magic to capture your family just as you are.

Karly Ford Photo

Karly Ford considers herself an "emotive photojournalist," combining her deep passion for photography and love of relationships into an enchanting lifestyle photography style. Look at her portfolio and see why she is clearly one of the most sought-after wedding and lifestyle photographers in Edmonton. Karly has always used photography as an expressive medium, letting her tap into the experience in front of her to capture stunning photos of her clients.

When scheduling a session with Karly, you can be sure that you will be getting an experience uniquely tailored to who you are as an individual, a couple, or a family. She hones in on the emotion of the experience and distills it into a photograph that tells your story in the most authentic way.

Carissa Marie Photography

Carissa is many things all at once—a mom of young boys, your advocate and cheerleader, a comforting chatterbox and friend, an expert photographer. All of that combined is what makes Carissa the outstanding professional that she is. Carissa approaches every photography session with a genuine want to get to know her client, a relaxed vibe, and a mission to help you shine.

Carissa offers a wide range of photography services: from weddings, elopements, and engagements, to birth and maternity photography. She applies her laidback shooting style of lifestyle photography to each of these sessions, ensuring beautiful photos at the end of your time together – and a wonderful new memory to come back to.

Everlast Photography

Karena is the owner and head photographer of Everlast Photography. Karena has always been passionate about two things: the exhilarating craft of photography, and the joy of being with babies and children. Karena has turned these two things into her founding principles for Everlast Photography. Through it, she delivers beautiful, meaningful artwork in the form of photos, to highlight the love and laughter your children and babies bring into your life.

While Karena is available for traditional and posed newborn or children photography, some of her favorite shoots to do are lifestyle sessions with children and families. Karena has found that this is where the personalities of your little ones truly shine, making each photo a timeless keepsake she hopes you will treasure forever.

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