Lifestyle photography has become incredibly popular in recent years, filling up families’ albums and keepsakes with beautiful, candid professional photos. Lifestyle photography, in contrast to traditional portrait photography, veers away from too-choreographed poses or dramatic studio lighting, often taking place in more relaxed environments and flooded with natural light.

Lifestyle photographers know how to capture the authentic beauty of a moment, and how to highlight the magic in the mundane. To find a talented pro experienced in this style, check out this list of some of the best lifestyle photographers in Charleston, SC.

Seagle Photography

A black and white photo of a young couple standing under the twilight sky; the man gently kisses the woman’s left cheek as she smiles with her eyes closed [Seagle Photography]

Ashley is the head photographer and owner of Seagle Photography. As a photographer, Ashley takes pride in tapping into her own emotions in order to capture the best possible photograph. Her photography style is best described as free-flowing, even a little abstract.

Ashley’s services include wedding coverage, photo sessions with couples (she even recommends it for a special kind of date night!), and sessions with families. Since her focus is on bringing out your most authentic selves, Ashley prefers to shoot on-location in Charleston and surrounding areas.

Taylor Jordan Photography

A couple enjoying a “champagne shower”, laughing heartily; the man is in a snazzy black suit and bow tie, and the woman holding the champagne bottle is wearing a glittery silver dress and matching silver high heels [Taylor Jordan Photography]

Taylor runs Taylor Jordan Photography. Her work has been published in numerous local magazines, including Charleston Magazine and Charleston Weddings Magazine. Taylor’s shooting style centers the candid and authentic moments of her clients, and she always strives to capture these in her photos.

Taylor offers a range of services to fit the event and needs of the clients. She can be booked for weddings, elopements, engagements, and family and lifestyle sessions. Custom packages are also available; Taylor prides herself on flexibility and truly listening to what you need, for a successful shoot.

Olga Chagarov Photography

A mother in a pink dress carries her daughter high above in the air, their hair both swept away by the wind [Olga Chagarov Photography]

Olga is the photographer behind Olga Chagarov Photography. As a mother herself, Olga loves working on families and newborn shoots, but also loves to shoot weddings and engagements. Olga takes a clean and simple approach to her photos, preferring always to highlight her clients through the use of complementary lighting and perfect composition.

For Olga, one of the most important things during a photoshoot is to ensure you feel at ease. If you feel comfortable and natural during a shoot, it truly allows her to capture the essence of your personality, and meld it with the beauty of the moment. No matter the occasion, Olga will help you create life long memories you can always go back to through photos.

Blanchard Photography

A wide shot of a couple walking through a beautiful park with billowing willow trees; the man wears a white linen shirt and pants, while the woman is in a colorful floral skirt and a denim jacket [Blanchard Photography]

Jaèl and Harold Blanchard are the couple behind Blanchard Photography. Jaèl is passionate about photography and the way it can capture moments that can be relived years down the road. Harold is a full-time active duty marine, but also enjoys taking up a camera when he can, believing that every photograph has a story that deserves to be told.

Jaèl and Harold are available to shoot weddings, parties and other events, as well as casual shoots for couples and families. They are committed to capturing every beautiful moment between you and your loved ones, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

EVO Photography

A newly-engaged couple sit on a blue beach blanket, with the woman ecstatically looking down at her new engagement ring, and her fiancé laughing along with her [EVO Photography]

Matthew Evans is the owner and photographer of EVO Photography. An Army veteran with a love for photography, Matthew has turned his long-time hobby into a colorful commitment to capture his clients’ once-in-a-lifetime moments. Matthew is passionate about making quality photography accessible to everyone, and offers flexible packages according to your needs.

EVO Photography offers a wide range of photography services including engagements, weddings, family, and even travel photography. Regardless of the event or location, one thing is certain: each photo will be captured with the utmost care, highlighting your emotions and the authenticity of every special moment.

Ramsey Yanney Photography

A girl runs barefoot along the beach, towards the camera, wearing a baby blue dress; her two brothers are laughing and running behind her, one in a white polo, the other in blue, and both in khaki shorts [Ramsey Yanney Photography]

Ramsey is the artist behind the lens at Ramsey Yanney photography. Ramsey is a professional wedding and portrait photographer with three years of experience. Her specializations include real estate and food photography, but her ultimate passion is working with people for events, weddings, and portraits.

For Ramsey, the authenticity is always key to in every shot she takes. You can expect her to bring her high energy laughter to make every photo shoot fun and enjoyable, allowing your sunniest self to shine through in every photograph!

DW Image

A little boy in a cherry-red sweater vest crunches through autumn leaves, looking up at the sky with childlike wonder in his bright blue eyes [DW Image]

Daniel Wang is the owner and photographer of DW Image. With almost a decade of experience, Daniel is committed to a style of photography that creates a story with every photo. Storytelling is the most important part of his work!

Daniel offers a wide range of photography services such as family photography, wedding photography, and other kinds of portrait photography. His end goal is to capture your memories in the most timeless medium possible, with beautifully-shot photographs!

Matt Parker Photography

A black and white photo of a newly-married couple smiling at each other as their family and friends shower them with heart-shaped paper confetti [Matt Parker Photography]

Matt Parker is a professional photographer with over eight years of experience, and is a member of the British Professional Photographers Association. Born and raised in England, Matt developed his love and skills for photography along the Cornish coastline.

While Matt specializes in wedding photography, he notes his photography style as something close to photojournalism; capturing moments in real time, as discreetly as possible, in order to preserve the genuine interaction of every scene. You can expect to receive incredible photos of your special day with Matt.

MP Photography

A large family walk hand in hand towards the camera, barefoot and laughing on the beach shore [MP Photography]

Melanie is the head photographer of MP Photography. Melanie started out with nature photography when she first discovered her love for the art, then expanded her skills to portrait and family photography. Melanie loves to create memories with her clients, capturing them in beautifully-lit, on-location shoots around Charleston and in nearby areas.

If you’re a little camera-shy, there’s no need to worry as Melanie will do her best to make you feel at ease and fun in order to capture your best self in every photo. Melanie offers a range of packages to help you choose the best session for your event, and you’re free to choose your preferred location to really help you feel the most comfortable.

Lindsay Weber Photography

Two little girls in matching pink floral swimsuits and pink headbands share a laugh together, with their toes nestled in the sandy shore of the beach [Lindsay Weber Photography]

Lindsay is a portrait and lifestyle photographer who has been shooting for as long as she can remember. Originally from New York City, she fell in love with Charleston and has since moved and established her photography business in the area. Lindsay continues to fall in love with the city every day, which shines through the breathtaking on-location photographs she takes of her clients.

Lindsay wants every photo to reflect the beauty of your family’s connection, so that you can preserve the all-too-fleeting memories for years to come. Lindsay’s portrait sessions focus on capturing the little genuine details of your love: side glances and giggles, dancing, hugs, and everything in between.

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