Smack-dab in the middle of The City That Never Sleeps, Brooklyn is a place that never ceases to surprise you. Venture across the Brooklyn Bridge, a masterpiece of architecture connecting it with Manhattan, to find hidden gems such as coffee shops, small galleries, and stores full of unique things. In one day, you can go from feasting your eyes on the artwork at the Brooklyn Museum to relaxing at Coney Island, splashing in the ocean waves.

This vibrant city is home to so many cultures, it is only natural that there is a multitude of top-tier professional photographers set to capture all its variety.

Ready to start your search for lifestyle photographers in Brooklyn? Check out this list of some of the city's top talent to find the best match for your shoot.

Amelie Belanger Photography

Two children in front of a colorful wall [Amelie Belanger Photography]

Living in a city of busy lives and limitless character such as Brooklyn, Amelie happily works as a lifestyle photographer. She aims to encompass the city's unique energy through photographing its many peoples and places.

Amelie's passion stems from street photography because it focuses on setting rather than a moment in time. From there, her career gradually transformed into family photography. With it, she focuses on showcasing each family’s unique voice, from all behaviors and situations.

Shaw Photography Co

Mother and daughter laughing [Shaw Photography Co]

Shaw Photography Co is a husband and wife duo of photographers who believe that telling people’s stories through photography is one of the most important things in the world. Brian and Christina rely on an authentic, timeless photography style for each of their family portraits.

They also shoot weddings and are active along the entire East Coast. Among their photographs, you can find colorful scenes and black and white portraits showing families in intimate and fun-loving scenes.

Hannah Cohen Photography

A couple with their cat [Hannah Cohen Photography]

Hannah is a Brooklyn-based commercial photographer who specializes in lifestyle, portrait, and fashion photography. She collaborates both with individuals and brands to create unique photos to leave a lasting impression. Her images focus on people in everyday situations doing things they enjoy, laughing and smiling.

An adaptively creative person, she works both in the studio and on outdoor locations. Couples or individuals can enjoy working with her in picturesque locations all around New York.

Gabriela Herman

Party on a boat [Gabriela Herman]

Gabriela’s client list is long and it includes names such as Google, Nikon, and Airbnb, and her work has been published in The New York Times and The Guardian. She is an editorial and commercial photographer who focuses on lifestyle, portrait, travel, and food photography.

Gabriela’s photos are full of vibrant colors and are often shot in natural light. Check out her portfolio and see subjects caught smiling, spending time with their friends and family, or wandering around the city, the beach, the forest.

Daniel Marino Studio

A couple on the stairs in Brooklyn [Daniel Marino Studio]

Daniel is a native New Yorker and he has been documenting the lifestyle of fellow New Yorkers for more than twenty-five years. He describes his images as a documentary-styled storytelling adventure. They are a result of his journey through the city’s boroughs that hide ever-changing stories – but not to him.

Daniel's mission is to find  the personality traits, quirks, and storylines of his subjects without them ever having to pose. Daniel and his team work on projects of all sizes. In addition to lifestyle photography, they shoot weddings, engagements, and family photography.  

Biz Jones

A girl with a cup of coffee in the sunlight [Biz Jones]

Biz’s mission comes through with modern life galleries full of joyful details. She describes herself as an observant storyteller armed with a camera, seeking the moments of authentic joy to preserve on film. Her work portrays a fun dedication to the craft, with the final goal of achieving a relaxed vibe in the images.

Biz focuses on lifestyle and food photography, as well as on the intersection of these two subjects. You can often see people enjoying delicious food in a relaxed atmosphere in her photographs.

NYC Photography by Jinnifer Douglas

Three people with Tibetan singing bowls by NYC Photography [Jinnifer Douglas]

With degrees in both cinematography and visual communications and an extensive experience in photography, Jinnifer describes photography as her life, rather than just a hobby. Her portfolio is quite diverse and contains portrait, lifestyle, event, and couples’ photography, brand photography and fashion photography, among even more fields of work.

Jinnifer's packages are divided between on-site and studio sessions, and her studio features all the equipment and props for a successful photoshoot. Jinnifer is available throughout the shooting process, from discussing the details and setting the date to the photoshoot itself and the photo delivery.

Lucille Khornak Photography

Three girls in pink at the swimming pool [Lucille Khornak Photography]

Lucille Khornak has more than three decades of experience photographing celebrities and working with commercial clients, but her portfolio contains much more. She also shoots lifestyle photography, children, families, portraits, weddings, and pets.

In her long career, she photographed Andy Warhol, Giorgio Armani, and Bill Clinton, and has worked with brands such as Givenchy and YSL. She describes herself as a daring and spontaneous creative, specializing in the spectacular – which can be seen in her photographs of prestigious families and celebrities.

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