Best Lifestyle Photographers in Atlanta

Lifestyle photography aims to capture people in real-life situations and during events. It captures photos in an everyday manner and hopes to share the story of someone’s life during different times. Many families look for a lifestyle photographer in Atlanta, GA, to help preserve memories and moments that pass far too quickly.

Lifestyle photographers will work with you to capture natural and candid shots. You’ll want to feel relaxed throughout your time together so that your images don’t look staged.

Here's a list of some of the top lifestyle photographers in Atlanta. All of these photographers are experienced in this niche and will work with you to create the images you desire.

Kelli Price Photography

Kelli grew up in Atlanta, GA, and became a photographer about five years ago. After spending most of her career working for USMotivation in Atlanta, she realized her passion lies in photography.

Kelli is passionate about traveling and will happily work anywhere throughout the country. You’ll see she creates natural and relaxed images with all of her subjects, making her one of the top lifestyle photographers in the area.

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Katya Vilchyk

Katya is a lifestyle and brand photographer who is based in Atlanta. She is passionate about her clients having a fun and relaxed time during shoots with her. As a mom of two kids, she is comfortable working with adults and children of all ages.

Katya is a self-taught photographer who formed her own business in Atlanta to share her passion. She loves capturing families and special moments, as well as helping brands with their marketing.

Moreland Photography

Mike Moreland is the owner and photographer of Moreland Photography. He is passionate about creating dramatic lifestyle photos and has a creative and unique style. Mike is able to capture moments that other people often overlook, which is why he’s a great option for a lifestyle photographer in Atlanta.

Mike was born and raised in Atlanta and has won many awards in the city for his work during his career. His work has been published in hundreds of magazines and books throughout the years.

Hales Photo

Hales Photo was established by Jason and Natalia ten years ago. Jason is the director and photographer running the business today, while Natalie operates their production company, Wild Dingo.

Hales Photo offers lifestyle photography throughout the city, and they constantly push themselves to create impactful photographs. Over the years, they’ve captured celebrity portraits, ad campaigns, and short films for brands across the country.

Maegan Hall Photography

Maegan Hall is an Atlanta based photographer who offers a whole range of services. She particularly loves working with babies and young children and enjoys caring for women during this special time in their lives.

Her lifestyle photography focuses on the joy and fun that families have together, which you can see captured in every shot she takes. She’s happy to work in any location in the Atlanta area during your session to capture the images of your dreams.

Jett Photography

Juliette is the chief photographer at Jett Photography and offers family, lifestyle, and wedding photography services in Atlanta. She works to showcase every client she works with in the best light, regardless of what stage of their life they are currently in.

Her images are all joyful and warm to look at, and you can see the love and happiness in each photo she takes. Juliette is also passionate about traveling and exploring new areas, so she will happily head out on a location shoot with you.

Simply Corey Photography

Corey has been passionate about photography since she was a young girl. Since then, her interest in photography has only increased, and she opened her Atlanta business in 2004. During her many years working as a photographer, she has enjoyed capturing families across the city during her lifestyle photography shoots.

In all of Corey’s shoots, she works to capture the true emotions behind her subjects. She looks to create moments of joy, laughter, and fun with everyone so that the photography session itself is also something they’ll look back on fondly.

The Studio B Photography

Husband and wife team, Becca and Matthew, are the owners of The Studio B Photography. They offer lifestyle, wedding, and family photography in Atlanta. As parents themselves, they love capturing those precious moments between kids and their parents.

During every shoot they are part of, they aim to capture stunning, natural photos. They want you to have fun along with them, so their shoots will be relaxed, and you’ll be laughing all day long.

Mike Glatzer Photography

Mike is a fun and passionate photographer who has been excited about the medium since a young age. He uses photography as a creative outlet, and with a combination of creativity and technology, creates incredible images for individuals and businesses in the Atlanta area.

He loves capturing the moments between people that pass in the blink of an eye. Celebrating life and the relationships we share with our family are what drive him to capture the stunning images in his portfolio.

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