Whimsical And Ethereal Wedding Style

Nature is the perfect setting to celebrate love. Lists of couples choose to recite their vows against the backdrop of beach locations, vineyards, and gardens simply because they want to commune with Mother Nature. It's only befitting to wear a soft, romantic, and delicately flowy ensemble for the occasion.

If you thought that shopping for a wedding dress is stressful enough then you haven't gotten down to business and started looking for a whimsical and ethereal gown. For starters, most of these gowns fall under the bespoke category. It means that you'll work with a designer to come up with a unique wedding ensemble that's specially made for you.

Selections of bridal boutiques also stock made-to-order ethereal wedding gowns. What it means is that you'll pick out a style from the samples available at a bridal store and then have it tailored based on a standard size chart. That scratches the surface of what you should have in mind when shopping for a whimsical or ethereal wedding ensemble.

What You Should Know About Ethereal Wedding Dresses

Are you looking for traditional digs, say, in Leeds wedding venues? Or are spaces in San Diego on your list? No matter where you marry, looking your most beautiful is the idea, right? The best aspect of ethereal and whimsical wedding dresses is the fact that they suit both traditional and contemporary-themed nuptials. It's also a style that both the young and older brides call pull off. The captivating designs also work well for diverse body types.

As seen from the selection of dreamy wedding dresses from Leila Hafzi, you'll encounter ethereal and whimsical bridal ensembles in various silhouettes.  The features that make the outfits so dreamy include:

Their uniqueness

Even if you buy a made-to-order ethereal or whimsical wedding dress, each outfit has a way of looking unique. It starts with the thought that went into the design process followed by skillful tailoring.

Their fluidity

The ethereal wedding look evokes a sense of lightness and fluidity hence the reason why they work for outdoor nuptials. In essence, they merge the best of both worlds in terms of functionality and fantasy.

They feature well-crafted details

The bridal ensembles are much like artistic masterpieces with well-crafted dainty details that exude a feminine and delicate touch. Dainty embellishments like fabric-covered buttons, floral appliques, long sleeves, and dramatic trains make the outfits even more special.

They have special touches that make them extra special

The details are truly what separate regular wedding dresses from your ultimate perfect gown. Elements like ruffled necklines, poet sleeves, full lace sleeves, and floral appliques truly take the ensembles to the next level. A décolleté highlighted by a lace edge, a see-through lace back, and lace cap sleeves are other details that bring out the romantic nature of ethereal wedding looks.

The gowns have a soft fullness

The skirts are often tailored using selections of elegant, flowy fabrics like chiffon, tulle, and silk fabrics. To create the soft fullness, most of the ensembles are layered but the drapey element they feature still makes them come off as heavenly creations.

They are sophisticatedly elegant

You won't need to look further than the Leila Hafzi creations to agree that the ethereal/ whimsical bridal style is sophisticatedly elegant. Each gown elicits this feeling in its own way but it's best captured by the final look featuring a chapel length train.

Their diversity

The ethereal gowns also appeal to diverse bridal styles ranging from modern to laidback with playful and unique accents. The romantic wedding look was long associated with the bohemian theme, but once again, the Hafzi creations prove that the aesthetic can work for contemporary weddings.

A "Say Yes To The Dress" Guide

With a better understanding of whimsical and ethereal wedding gowns, the next step is setting your eyes on a befitting one and saying yes to the dress. Here are a few tips that might help with your shopping process.

Go Into It With A Yes Mindset

You'll likely come across a gown that absolutely steals your heart during your bridal appointment. Don't be afraid to say yes to the dress, and it doesn't mean fishing for your credit card at that instance. Keep your other bridal appointments but don't forget about your first love.

Don't Try On Expensive Gowns

Wedding professionals keep reminding brides that it isn't a great idea to try on gowns out of their price range. The worst-case scenario is buying a costlier dress and putting a strain on your wedding budget. You might also fall in love with a pricier dress and end up feeling like the more affordable options don't fit the bill.

Keep In Mind That Ethereal/Whimsical Gowns Might Be More Expensive

Tied to budgeting, ethereal and whimsical gowns might be a bit more expensive. It relates to the made-to-order or bespoke aspect, as well as the time factor. Keep in mind that you'll also need to order your wedding dress several months in advance because it takes time to truly create a masterpiece.  

Don't Be Fixated On The Sizing

The last thing any bride wants is to realize that they are trying on a wedding gown that's at least one or two sizes bigger than their regular dress size. Bridal sizing is vastly different and more than often, you'll be trying on sample gowns at the bridal store. The samples are not exactly tailored for a perfect fit but you'll get a better-fitting dress once you place an order for the gown.

Wear Proper Undergarments

You should also turn up to your bridal appointments wearing proper undergarments. Bridal experts recommend nude-colored underwear, and if you don't need much support it's even better to go braless. In general, plunging and strapless gowns offer more support, and given that each gown requires alterations, you'll figure out in the end if you need a fancy bra or not.

Get a Bundle Deal

Once you've fallen in love with a particular dress, consider the veil and other bridal accessories. Typically, you'll get a great deal on an entire look purchased from one bridal salon/ designer. Most importantly, always ask if there are any discounts available as well as after-sales services.

Whimsical Dresses From Leila Hafzi

romantic wedding dress from Leila Hafzi
romantic wedding dress from Leila Hafzi
whimsical wedding dress from Leila Hafzi
bohemian wedding dress from Leila Hafzi
whimsical wedding dress from Leila Hafzi
wedding dress from Leila Hafzi
wedding dress from Leila Hafzi
wedding dress from Leila Hafzi
wedding dress from Leila Hafzi
whimsical wedding dress from Leila Hafzi
beach wedding dress from Leila Hafzi
beach wedding dress from Leila Hafzi
beach wedding dress from Leila Hafzi

Each of these marvellous bridal gowns from Norwegian designer Leila Hafzi are works of art. Leila Hafzi gowns are renowned for mixing romanticism and femininity with a bohemian edge while using sustainable and globally conscious production methods – brides, it doesn’t get much better than that!

Maria Skappel – a fashion blogger, designer, and daughter of one of Norway’s most famous TV-hostesses got married in a stunning creation from Leila Hafzi in 2011 (check out an action shot of her in it here!). The dress was a collaboration between Maria and Hafzi and each of the flowers was hand stitched in different silks. Leila Hafzi explains that “as this ‘one-of-a-kind’ dress required a lot of flowers we got help from women of different backgrounds, both in Norway and Nepal, where we have our main production.” Leila Hafzi has won numerous awards and recognitions for being a company that recognizes the responsibility towards human rights, labour rights, and the empowerment of women.

wedding dress from Leila Hafzi
wedding dress from Leila Hafzi
wedding dress from Leila Hafzi

So, which of these gowns is your favourite? I’m having a hard time deciding but I think the one with the asymmetrical hemline might eek out the win for me!