Landscape photography is not just about capturing a nice scene and showing it off for the world to see. It’s about encapsulating raw beauty, evoking true emotion, and drawing in people to stare in awe at what’s before them.

That’s why getting the right person for the job is a hard, crucial task. You don’t want to hire any person off the street, because then you won’t fall in love with the end result like you should.

Instead of picking a landscape out of Vancouver, Canada figuratively out of a hat, choose one of our suggestions. These experts will meet with you, take into consideration your wants and needs, and produce something you won’t be able to look away from. Ready to start your search for landscape photographers in Vancouver? Check out this list of some of the city's top talent to find the best match for you.

Michael Bjorge Photography

Michael Bjorge has been totally inspired by nature since he was a little boy. Living on Vancouver Island made it easy to indulge in natural landscapes, eventually captivating his spirit and drawing him into fine art landscape photography.

Michael’s expansion of authenticity, personality, and excellence has grown over the years. His passions have extended far beyond what he ever thought was possible. Like Frank Lloyd Wright believed, Michael believes, “study nature, love nature, stay close to nature, it will never fail you.”

Dyptre Photogarphy

Geoff Dyptre was always involved in outdoor activities as a young child, which led him to explore nature and urban environments independently. As he grew to love natural surroundings, he also began to love photography. Blending the two passions together became his way of capturing and cataloging places that had special significance.

Geoff’s goal with his photography business is to create art that captures the essence of a scene. He wants to maintain integrity while invoking emotion and spirit into each captured shot. He seriously hopes to provide you with the same joy, excitement and awe that he experiences everyday.

Chaisson Creative

Darran Chaisson is inspired by Ansel Adams, Bev Davis, Sherman Hines, and Mike Tittle for their diverse work and depth of feeling. He aspires to capture and develop the same quality of content for his clients.

Darren is a self-taught artist who has worked in the industry for over 40 years. He’s great at producing a scene with emotion that’s unparalleled and filled with raw beauty. His personal standard for quality, integrity, and customer service is of the utmost priority, and he’ll show that to you in every booked session.

Mark Benson Photography

As a child, Mark Benson found himself exploring unknown neighborhoods, forests, and rivers often. As he grew into a young adult, drawing and painting became a passion of his. It wasn’t until he was 18 that he realized he had had a deep desire to learn more about his inner self. Mark then went off to be a yogic monk, later moving to Sunshine Coast.

This journey led Mark to one day discover his deep appreciation of photographic art. He discovered photography as his own personal spiritual discipline that urged him to live in the here and now. Unveiling Earth’s mysteries became joyous and wondrous, and now Mark can’t imagine himself in any other career to this day.

Kelly Funk Photography

Kelly Funk believes that every client should receive successful, high-end photographs once the job is done, no matter the request. With his talent and strong ability to please people, he’s able to diversify and utilize creative energy and visions.

With Kelly, you won’t only get great care and attention to detail, you’ll also get the best possible results. Why? Because he listens intently and brings your desires to light through his personalized photography.

Jess Findlay Photography

Jess Findlay was born and raised right outside of Vancouver, sparking his interest in the natural world early on in life. Hiking and birdwatching were two of his favorite things growing up, and it definitely helped that his father was an avid hobbyist nature photographer. Through his love of the outdoors and his father's guidance, Jess was able to develop a passion for documenting creatures and landscapes.

Now, Jess’ unique style combines elements from both landscape and wildlife photography, urging clients to view his work in awe. He aspires to speak to the animal and environment’s story at the same time, eagerly exploring territories for years to come.

Dave Hutchison

Dave Hutchison is an award-winning photographer, grasping beautiful photographs of nature everywhere he goes. He’s also a  talented educator, conducting workshops, webinars, and lessons for others to learn.

Dave has 17 years of photography experience producing over 100 images in published books, magazines, calendars, and merchandise. His work can be seen around the world and his popularity has earned him a credible profile. Stick with him and be rest assured that your nature photographs will come out just as you wish.

Connor Stephanison Photography

Connor Stefanison learned about wilderness firsthand through his personal experiences engaging in outdoor activities. He started photographing back in 2008, when he was 17 years young. Growing up in Vancouver only helped him through frequent practice and continuous exploration of the outside.

Connor has featured a lot of his work in popular publications like Canadian Geographic, Nature's Best Photography, Wild Planet Photography Magazine, and more. He’s worked on projects for National Geographic and BBC. Having this guy on your team will ensure your timeless photographs are captured correctly to look at in decades to come.

Ben Girardi Photography

Ben Girardi was intrigued in a high school class when he was urged to pick up a camera, but his love for the hobby was instant as he sat in the darkroom, waiting for the images to appear on the photo paper. It was then that he found his newfound love, and the rest was history.

Ben graduated high school and moved on to Rochester Institute of Technology after obtaining his BFA in Professional Photo Illustration Advertising. Now, he can often be found deep in the mountains, exploring and photographing nature at its core.

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