Top Landscape Photographers in Toronto, ON, Canada

Top Landscape Photographers in Toronto, ON, Canada

Landscape photography is quite challenging. Plus, you will need to invest in high-end equipment such as cameras and ultra-wide lenses to take the perfect landscape shot. If you are in need of landscape images for your work, for your brand’s internet and social media content, or for a piece of land you are selling – it is best to just hire a professional landscape photographer to do the job.

Landscape photography shows vast and unending spaces. And it can take a professional with all the right tools to capture an image that embodies the spirit of the outdoor space. If you want to capture the fully poetry of your landscape, it's always best to work with a pro you can trust.

If you are on the hunt for a fantastic Toronto-based landscape photographer, you are in the right place. Just browse through the list and see if one of them matches your requirements and if they can make a good fit to fulfill your needs. Ready to start your search for landscape photographers in Toronto? Check out this list of some of the city's top talent to find the best match for your project.

Pictonat Creative Photography

Nathalie founded Pictonat Creative to help people increase brand engagement and sales, and one of the services they offer is landscape photography. Whether you own a real estate firm or just need a professional photographer to take stunning landscape images of your home, land, or your family with a stunning landscape backdrop, Nathalie is definitely a great choice for the job.

Her style of taking photos is quite unique and has a storytelling approach, making her an excellent landscape photographer. Her images bring strong emotions. Prior to discovering her photography talents, Nathalie was working as a project manager for a little under two decades, which is probably why she connects so well with her clients.

Boakview Photography

Kat from Boakview Photography is the person behind the lens. Together with her talented team of photographers and assistants, they can provide you with your landscape photography needs. Kat sees herself as a dreamer and documentarian who loves to tell stories. Since landscape photography takes a lot of storytelling elements through wide shots of the outdoors, Kat proves herself as a valuable option for your professional photography needs.

With a belief that photography is intimate and personal, Kat shares such personal moments with the world through her talented camera eye. To her, clients are almost like friends and family, making every photo session an eventful experience.

George V Photography

George is a highly-talented photographer and leads George V Photography. Their goal is to take memorable photos, whether you need them for selling properties and houses, or just need digital content for your brand. His style of photography blends between documentary and storytelling styles, which is perfect for landscapes.

He picked up his first camera at 14 and has not stop honing his craft ever since. Now that George has countless experiences working with tons of different clients, it's safe to say that once you set your mind on something - he will be able to get it done.

Bellwoods Gate Photography

Bellwoods Gate Photography specializes in family and wedding photography. A unique ability to find gorgeous landscapes as backdrops for these projects means they are multi-talented and can be commissioned for the backdrops alone.

Bellwoods Gate is led by Rudy and he's after making memories with his camera. His style is pronounced and distinctive, with black and white portraits and long-range images of urban and natural settings as part of his repertoire.

3 Photography

3 Photography is led by sisters, Michelle and Jaclyn. These siblings have dedicated their lives to providing people with most of their photography needs – including landscape photography.

Fun to work with, thanks to good vibes and awesome personalities – these two sisters work in harmony. Their portfolio is full of candid and dramatic landscapes, along with portraits and events.

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