Top 8 Landscape Photographers in Tampa, FL

Tampa is a haven for landscape photographers, thanks to the diverse landscape readily available for beautiful photography. In and around the bay – there is always something new. Each of the following area professionals has created a unique portfolio full of images you won’t see anywhere else.

Browse the collections of some of the photographers in Tampa, and see how you can work with them on a commissioned project. Ready to start your search for landscape photographers in Tampa? Check out this list of some of the city's top talent to find the best match for your next project.

Ronald Kotinsky

Florida’s captivating beauty is what drove Ronald Kotinsky to pursue landscape photography. As one of the best in the field, he brings a unique flavor to the industry. Kotinsky shows that there continue to be new perspectives of how to experience Florida’s beautiful landscapes. Based in Tampa, he also travels throughout the state and beyond to photograph picturesque scenery.

Kotinsky often shoots at sunrise and sunset, his favorite times of day. Tampa gives some of the best golden hours in Florida, so it’s perfect for a talented landscape photographer.

Kotinsky built his reputation through excellent work—work published in media and magazine covers. In addition, he sells prints available on different materials for a personalized way for fans to own his photography.

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Dmitry Bubis Photography

When Dmitry Bubis first picked up a camera, little did he know that he had a natural talent for it. His fun hobby turned into a business, and now he is fortunate enough to show the world nature’s beauty from his point of view.

Bubis is a self-taught photographer who has an eye for great landscape photography. Many of his images are photographed around Tampa, where he is currently based, but he also shoots during his occasional travels.

You’ll be amazed by Bubis’s portfolio. His images of nature are full of color that perfectly balance the natural light from the sun—even during sunset. His work has landed him features in national ads and local media.

Robert Goosney Photography

Nature becomes art whenever it’s captured through Robert Goosney’s camera lens. He has a creative eye to make ordinary scenes in our lives look like beautiful landscapes. For him, the trick is taking a moment to appreciate your surroundings.

Goosney is a passionate photographer, but his favorite part about the job is discovering new, overlooked places to photograph. When it comes to photographing in Tampa, he gives his unique perspective.

Clients interested in any of Goosney’s photos can purchase them through his site. He can also work with clients in the Tampa area on commissioned landscape photography shoots.

Jennifer Kielich

Traveling has led Jen, a Tampa-based landscape photographer, to develop a vast portfolio full of stunning images. Each photo brings the viewer into the setting and lets you experience it, as did the photographer.

Jen works with different photography niches, but she always does her best work outdoors with landscapes. Each setting is full of natural light creating rich colors throughout the image. She has numerous photos from Tampa, Iceland, and plenty of places in between.

The fine art shooting style of Jen is a unique approach to landscape photography. It’s what makes her images so appealing to her clients who use her pictures for decorations. She's had photos featured in magazines, and also sells prints of her work.

Emily Keen Photography

Landscape photography is the perfect skill for an environmental scientist who enjoys photography. This combination accurately describes Emily Keen and what makes her such an outstanding landscape photographer.

Emily is no stranger to nature as she’s highly involved in conservation projects and policy in Tampa. While out in the field, she brings along her capture to shoot landscapes and wildlife. Her experience in different types of landscapes have created a diverse portfolio.

Each of Keen’s images shows her intimate connection with nature. Spending so much time outdoors gives her a remarkable eye for details and excellent shots, regardless of the time of day or season.

In fact, Emily donates all of her photography proceeds to Florida conservation groups.

Ashlee Rose

Ashlee Rose is a talented photographer based in Tampa who is always ready to work with new clients on photoshoot projects. Her portfolio easily shows why she’s one of the best locally.

Inventive content creation is the main driver for Ashlee, who works on various creative projects for herself and for clients. Photography is one of the many ways she expresses her creativity and uses nature to stand as her subject. Her philosophy is to use photography to explore the beauty in reality.

Ashlee balances her artistic side of landscape photography with great business sense. She makes sure to understand what kind of shots the client needs through strategic planning before setting out into the field with her camera.

Joy Elan

Whenever Joy Elan travels, her camera never leaves her side. Over the years, she’s been able to shoot incredible pictures along the journeys she takes. Based in Tampa, Joy has one of the best landscape photography portfolios.

She fields plenty of landscape photography experience acquired around the world in places like Guatemala and India. Joy uses her worldly perspective to create compelling landscape pictures in her own backyard of Tampa Bay.

Joy spends much of her time in national park and at the beach, so Tampa is the perfect hub for her business. She is always ready to travel for new projects.

A Tisch Photo

Madi founded her photography company A Tisch Photo 15 years ago and continues to evolve her skill as one of the top landscape photographers in Tampa. She delivers a professional photography experience to her clients in the local area and is available for travel.

After studying photography and working in a production studio, Madi set out to build her own name in the field. She still collaborates with other local photographers by assisting with edits.

The lush natural landscapes around Tampa are ideal for Madi, who loves the outdoors. Landscape photography is a way to document her adventures as she explores nature—and never forgets her camera.

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