Take a walk through one of the hilliest cities in the world! An amalgamation of beautiful sights, interesting history, incredible architecture and great food, San Francisco is definitely a sight to behold. No matter which part you decide to visit or where you are coming from, The Golden City offers some of the most inspiring landscapes. Such landscapes even push talented people to express their creativity by picking up a camera.

Looking for the best landscape photographers in San Francisco? Check out our list below to see some of top talent in the area.

Mark Lilly Photography

Sun rays on mountainside [Mark Lilly]

A scientist with over two decades of experience in the meteorological field, Mark uses his expertise to estimate the perfect conditions for producing extraordinary photographs. He specializes in high-resolution, large format photographic wall murals as well as fine art photography.

Through his photographs, Mark shows the incredible nature that surrounds us, which we often tend to forget in our everyday lives. His cityscapes are just as vibrant and eye-catching.

Dave Gordon: Travelling Photographs

Sun over the clouds [Dave Gordon]

Dave Gordon was looking for a way to express himself and found landscape photography to be the perfect medium. His photographs are alive, meant to showcase the unique beauty of the many places he travels to.

Dave’s photography has been published in media outlets such as National Geographic, The London Times, The Daily Telegraph and many others. With wall art, metal or canvas all provided, you are sure to find something that will suit all your photography needs.

Justin Katz Photography

Mountain and forest reflected in a lake [Justin Katz]

Justin fell in love with photography when he was young and now has well over a decade of experience and some stunning work behind him. He has photographed the incredible nature of Northern California, the breathtaking landscapes of Norway, and more from around the globe.

Justin is an award-winning photographer whose photos you can purchase and display in your home or office. They come in different sizes and forms, such as metal float mounts, canvas or traditional paper prints.

Michael Shainblum

Fog rolling in over the city [Michael Shainblum]

Michael has been working professionally as a photographer for over ten years. Both his landscape and cityscape photographs will make you notice and appreciate the beauty all around you in a new way. He also has a collection of films shot using time lapse photography as well as aerial films. Michael has worked with prominent clients such as Nike, Samsung, Apple, and Google.

Besides the prints available for purchase, Michael also offers tutorials and workshops if you are interested in starting photography yourself.

Vincent James Photography

Sun rays peek around Redwood trees [Vincent James]

Mixing his love for music with his love for photography, Vincent James approaches taking photos as if he is composing a song – with something to convey and communicate to the viewer. His work has been published in New York Times, Outdoor Photographer Magazine, Digital Photographer Magazine and a number of others, and has also been featured in numerous books.

You can purchase Vincent's photographs in different forms, be it prints, canvas, wood art, and framed canvas, in all sizes and shapes.

John Harrison Photography

Horsetail Falls and El Capitan on Fire at Sunset in Yosemite National Park [John Harrison]

An award-winning landscape photographer, John loves capturing the vibrant colors of the land and the sky. Through his photography, he transfers his audience all over the world: Yosemite National Park, Amsterdam, Germany, Hawaii, the stunning Golden Gate Bridge.

There is a great variety of choice when it comes to prints that you can get from John Harrison Photography. Through his website he presents the HD Acrylic Crystal Face Mounted Fine Art Images, Metal Dye Infused Prints, and Fine Art Wood Framed Prints.

Niall David Photography

The Sun Voyager sculpture shot at dusk [Niall David Photography]

Niall’s philosophy when it comes to photography is to showcase his subjects through their stories. Whether it’s a landscape, portrait, or any type of commercial or industrial photography, his style is all-encompassing. He specializes in taking photographs on locations across the San Francisco Bay area and beyond.

The equipment used in capturing his subjects is top quality, as is the one used in processing and editing the images later on. He also does aerial drone photography, which gives a whole new dimension to the landscapes he captures.

Dianne Mao Photography

Fog enveloping San Francisco [Dianne Mao Photography]

As Dianne comes from a family with a long line of geographers, it is no wonder she has grown to love taking shots of the wilderness. Since she enjoys hiking and travelling, she always has opportunities to take great landscape photos.

She has captured the breathtaking landscapes from many diverse regions. These include New Mexico, Africa, Alaska, China and a whole plethora of others. Besides nature and landscape photography she also enjoys astrophotography – shooting the stars above.

Susan Taylor Fine Art Photography

Many Glacier Morning Splendor [Susan Taylor]

Susan has loved discovering nature since she was a child, previously spending decades of her life traveling and photographing gorgeous scenes all across North America. Her work is bright and colorful. Through photos, she reflects the bond she feels with the world that we live in.

Her work has been published in National Geographic, Outdoor Photographer Magazine, Landscape Photography Magazine, and Yosemite Journal. Her photographs can be purchased as fine art prints, canvas gallery wraps, metal and acrylic, and can be either framed or unframed.

Patrick Civello Photography

Yosemite Valley View Sunset [Patrick Civello Photography]

Receiving a Polaroid camera at the age of seven proved to be an incredible gift, as it led Patrick on a road to creating an array of wonderful landscape, cityscape, headshot and portrait photographs. His love for travel photography grew overtime as he went on to capture sights from all over the world.

As a self-taught artist, Patrick has gone from a Polaroid camera to film and then to digital cameras. He specializes in fine art and stock photography and videography each.

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