Top 8 Landscape Photographers in Phoenix, AZ

Our vast world can often be hard to fully capture on camera, but that’s where a professional landscape photographer comes in handy. With so much beautiful scenery to photograph in Phoenix, Arizona, you’ll love capturing stunning images for your personal or professional use. Due to the incredible scenery and locations in this area, there are plenty of great landscape photographers to choose from.

Ready to start your search for landscape photographers in Phoenix? Check out this list of some of the city's top talent to find the best match for your project.

Ryan Wilson Photography

Ryan is a Phoenix, Arizona-based photographer who is passionate about landscape and architectural photography. He studied at Arizona State University and has been excited about photography since his teenage years.

As Ryan is also passionate about traveling, he enjoys exploring the state and capturing stunning images of Arizona. Check out his extensive portfolio, which showcases some of the most exciting landscapes in the area.

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Quinn Images

Martin and Cindy are the husband and wife team behind Quinn Images. They are based in Arizona, and both love photography, travel, and sharing their art with the world.

They are both passionate about continuing their photography education and working with the ever-changing technology that’s available to photographers. Their main aim is to share the natural beauty of the world with a wider audience, and this comes across well in every image that they take.

Strieby Photography

Ken splits his time between Phoenix and San Diego and hopes his photography work will inspire your imagination or help you to relax. His work focuses on the use of color, and each image that he takes brings the landscape to life in a whole new way.

He always feels honored to be selected to work with his clients on projects and loves seeing his work in offices and homes across the state. In 2019, he was named one of the top landscape photographers in the city, so you can be sure you’ll be in good hands when working with Ken.

EJ Photo

E.J. Peiker has over 50 years of experience with photography but didn’t start his business until 2001. He was born in Germany and moved to the US as a child, where his interest in photography and nature began to take root.

E.J. is knowledgeable about technology, which allows him to create and edit stunning images that really focus on the beauty of the world around us. He is passionate about continuing to learn and improve his craft in order to offer you the best results possible.

Explorizona - Landscape Photography

Arizona-based photography Travis has been photographing the American West for more than five years at this point. He moved over to the west coast after working as a commercial photographer on the east coast for over ten years.

During his career, Travis has created ad campaigns for Ford and Columbia Sportswear, and more top companies. He is also available for private photography workshops and loves sharing his passion for the craft with budding photographers.

K'fofo Photography

Ronda started her career in front of the camera before transitioning to working behind the lens two decades ago. She loves learning more about the world around her and loves working with clients across the state to share our earth’s beauty.

Ronda is known for her quirky personality, and clients always say how easy she is to work with. As well as landscape photography, her portfolio shares nature and animal shots, which she will be happy to set up for you too.

Jared Murray Photography

Growing up in Indiana, Jared Murray found his passion for travel at a young age. He now splits his time between Phoenix and San Diego and still loves exploring further afield when possible.

During his time exploring the world, he knows that beauty can be found in the most unexpected places. He loves to share his perspective of the world with his clients and showcase new destinations you may have overlooked in the past.

Kevin Kaminski Photography

When you are searching for a landscape or adventure photographer in Phoenix, you’ll be in safe hands with Kevin. He started trying out photography as a teenager and then went on to study traditional film photography.

He was an early adopter of digital film processing and is very clearly a gifted and passionate photographer. Kevin will enjoy experimenting with new locations and techniques when working with you, creating images that will wow anyone who sees them.

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