Top 8 Landscape Photographers in Philadelphia, PA

Alongside its notable role in the history of the United States, Philadelphia is also a culturally diverse place brimming with museums, public art, theaters, good food, and a great night life. It is home to one of the top five orchestras in the country. You can find a great number of incredible murals in this city, and there are guided tours for those who wish to see them. If you find yourself in Philly around the New Year, behold the Mummers Parade. The Liberty Bell can be found here alongside a number of historically significant sites.

With all of the incredible sights in and around Philadelphia, it is no wonder that so many talented landscape photographers call this city home. Ready to start your search for landscape photographers in Philadelphia? Check out this list of some of the city's top talent to find the best match for your next project.

Dave Rose Photo

From impressive cityscapes and the magnificence of nature to the incredible mixes of the two, Dave Rose has captured it all. He will take you from the urban allure of cities such as New York and Los Angeles to the lush greenery of forests outside their borders.

Dave is also a certified drone pilot, which gives him the opportunity to capture landscapes from a unique perspective. Besides landscape photography, he photographs people and different types of events, including weddings and music events.

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Ed Heaton Photography

Ed Heaton is a photographer with over two decades of experience and a number of awards attained. Mixing his love of photography with his love for teaching has led him to hold many seminars, workshops and classes as well. He believes that the way light is captured in an image can set it apart within a gallery.

Ed's work has been published many times and even displayed in galleries. His dedication to photography can be seen in the way he gives back. He enthusiastically leads a mentor program for photography enthusiasts.

Dave Tavani

Dave Tavani is a videographer and a photographer who loves taking photos of places, nature, and people. What holds a special place in his heart, as both a subject for his art and somewhere beautiful to visit, are national parks.

Dave is also fully insured for aerial videography and photography. Constantly working on projects and honing his skills has led him to collaborate with organizations such as Mural Arts Philadelphia and The Pew Center for Arts and Heritage.


Sometimes to get photos of high quality you have to be prepared to give it your all. That’s why Bill Vitiello, the photographer behind VTPhotography, goes out to shoot well before sunrise, and often stays out long after the sun has set.

If you like the images by VTPhotography, you can order high-quality prints of them. You can choose the size to fit your needs, and also have the option of getting them matted and framed so they are ready to hang on your wall right away.

Andy Smith Photography

We tend to forget that we are surrounded by breathtaking nature at every step. The photographs that Andy Smith captures serve as a window into this beauty. He sees his photography as a way of reconnecting us with nature, making us observe the beauty that surrounds us in still imagery.

Andy is an award-winning photographer and his work has been displayed in numerous galleries. If you want to add Andy’s images to your space, his original photography prints on fine art paper or canvas are available in a variety of sizes.

Michael Sandy Photography

Michael Sandy’s passion for photography has been developing for over two decades. During this time he traveled the world and took interest in pursuing landscape photography. He loves spending time in the great outdoors and has a keen eye for capturing the best parts of nature.

Michael has worked with a variety of clients, including names such as the American Red Cross, Special Report Magazine and The Marriott Corporation. You can order pieces in different sizes and mediums, such as canvas, aluminum or paper print.  

Chris Dantonio Drone Photography

Chris Dantonio's story is of love for a hobby grown into a full-fledged career and business. However, it wasn’t just the love of one person, but rather a whole family – Chris, his wife, his brothers and their clients all work together to form Chris Dantonio Drone Photography.

Landscape photos taken with a drone have a touch of something special to them, as they allow us to see things from an elevated perspective. If this is something you’d like to have as a piece of art, there are prints for you to buy, both on photo paper and on metal.

Jann Denlinger Photography

Jann loves photography in all its forms; she manages to find suitable subjects all around her. When looking at her work you can find portraits of people, celebrations of weddings, engagements and important milestones in life. There are also pictures of cars, nature, and breathtaking landscapes from all around the world.

Jann has many years of experience in photography behind her. You can order high-quality prints if you would like for one of Jann Denlinger’s immaculate photos to adorn the walls of your home.

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