Landscape photographers in Newark have created incredible imagery worthy of awards and international recognition. Several talented local photographers specialize in landscape photography that clients use for everything from fine art decoration to property inspection.

Newark is right across the NYC bridge, but many photographers offer local service to Newark to save you the trip. So, let’s check out the top Newark landscape photographers.

Heights Aerial Media

Drone coastal landscape shot by Heights Aerial Media.

Take your landscape photos to new heights with Heights Aerial Media. This company transformed the local landscape photography market by introducing drone technology.

Heights Aerial Media primarily works with the real estate and construction industries. It provides several drone services for inspection, review, or marketing of a property. The aerial perspective is ideal for these industries for a cost-efficient way to get a bird’s eye view.

The drones used by Heights Aerial Media are the latest models that use updated cameras. The wide angle lens makes landscape photography perfect for achieving panoramic shots.

Most landscape photographers still limit themselves to the ground, but Heights Aerial Media provides more flexibility. Drones aren’t only for videos and can take impressive pictures from the sky. He has an excellent portfolio that shows his experience with drone photography.

Rich Point of View

City skyline captured by Rich Point of View.

Your online presence will get a major boost every time you work with Rich Point of View. He specializes in content creation, including professional photography services.

Rich is a professional photographer who started his Rich Point of View company to provide a range of creative services to clients. He has a knack for landscape photography that he developed while shooting around the world. He’s photographed in some of the best cityscapes and natural scenery globally.

There’s no surprise that Rich has plenty of images in his portfolio with local locations in New Jersey and New York. Many of the photos were shot using his canon camera and different lenses.

Many of the images by Rich are available as fine art landscape prints. He’s also available for commissioned projects in the area.

Chad Mooney Photography

Hilltop silhouette at sunset captured by Chad Mooney.

Landscape photography is the perfect match for Chad Mooney. Even when he’s not working on a project, he still enjoys spending time in nature. His love for nature gives him a unique viewpoint to take amazing pictures.

Chad Mooney is based in New Jersey and is easily accessible for local projects. He’s the lead photographer in his photo studio, so you’ll have personalized service every time. Quality pictures combined with a pleasant interaction with the photographer shows why clients rank him as one of the favorites.

Mooney shoots in a fine art photography style that makes each landscape look like a work of art. His time outdoors leads to unique shot locations that other photographers overlook. Working with natural light is what brings a skillful touch to his pictures.

SDC Photography

Historic architecture shot by SDC Photography.

Looking at the picture gallery from Susan Candelario is always inspiring. With her company, SDC Photography, she’s one of the top Newark landscape photographers.

Susan works on several personal photography projects. Being based near the major cities like Newark and New York City give plenty of opportunities to capture new perspectives of old landscapes.

Whether she’s photographing in the city or nature, Susan always creates compelling images that make you want to look longer. She’s shot landscape pictures everywhere, from graffiti-filled alleys to rural fields. Working in different settings has given her a lot of practice and experience building her portfolio.

Many of the projects that Susan is involved in tell stories to the viewer. Any given photo gallery shows the progress of time that she captured moment by moment with her photography.

Joe Ligammari Photography

Waterfront landscape image shot by Joe Ligammari.

For more than 25 years, Joe Ligammari has honed his photography skills to be one of the best in Newark. He specializes in landscape photography, whose images make the perfect wall decorations.

Ligammari is passionate about landscapes, amongst other subjects. He’s photographed extensively around NYC to capture the cityscapes up close and far away. He wants to evoke emotion when you look at his photos. The artistic approach to taking pictures makes his work memorable for the viewer.

High-quality prints are available, and Ligammari has works featured in many private collections in office buildings and private homes.

When it comes to working with customers, Ligammari puts the customer’s needs first. He welcomes suggestions about shoot and location ideas. He’ll do his best to accommodate all client requests.

Richard Lewis Photography

Rural landscape scenery photographed by Richard Lewis.

Richard Lewis does an excellent job spotlighting the beauty of New Jersey. He’s a fine art landscape photographer locally based who enjoys his home state landscapes.

Lewis has published multiple books about NJ landscapes. The photobooks tell the story of the local heritage.

Throughout his long career, Lewis has been fortunate enough to photograph in different regions of the US—New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Alaska, Smoky Mountains, and more. As a result, he’s built an in-depth portfolio that showcases the best of each of these locations.

Lewis is part of the Nature First organization. It’s an organization dedicated to conscious photography in nature. It means that no landscapes were harmed for the purpose of taking a picture.

Clients can own fine art prints from the Richard Lewis collection. His artistic landscapes go great for wall decoration.

Karen Haberberg

Nature landscape shot by Karen Haberberg.

Karen Haberberg is a familiar name in the local photography community. With features in the New York Times, Time Out NY, and Wall Street Journal, she’s one of the top landscape photographers in the Newark area.

Haberberg is an award-winning photographer who shoots scenic landscapes. Her landscapes are always full of color and dynamic light, regardless of if she’s shooting in the daytime or at night.

The outstanding image quality by Haberberg has landed her pictures in multiple exhibitions. She also contributes to the community through photo lectures and hosting photo workshops.

Working with Haberberg is a professional experience. She’s humbled and approaches each project with a fresh start to consistently deliver the best to her ability. Her photos are available through prints and photobooks.

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