Top 7 Landscape Photographers in Melbourne, VIC, Australia

Top 7 Landscape Photographers in Melbourne, VIC, Australia

When it comes to capturing the incredible landscapes of Victoria in all its stunning glory there are no better photographers than the ones who live amongst it. These natives have the opportunity to capture the breathtaking places they call home year-round - and it shows in their work.

No matter if you need an incredible shot of the Yarra Valley for the cover of your brochure or a full wall image of the Mornington Peninsula at dawn, we have found incredible landscape photographers who have the eye to do it. Feast your senses on these images by local photographers and know that each of these masters of both lens and light will be able to capture just the shot you need for your idea to come to life.

Ready to start your search for landscape photographers in Melbourne? Check out this list of some of the city's top talent to find the best match for your chosen landscape.

Mitch Green Photos

Mitch is an avid fan of nature and natural wonders and the main core of his photographic philosophy is to make the scenes he captures known, valued, and ultimately conserved for years to come.

Mother Nature, her beauty, and the early morning light are what stirs him out of his nice warm bed at 4.30am in the middle of winter to capture the perfect shot. He loves the drama of nature's finest moments and knows that when he's 80, he'll be able reflect on all the beautiful images of the life he's led and the things he's seen.

Vaughan Laws Photography

Vaughan Laws picked up a camera in 2013 as a portrait-maker but soon became fascinated by weather and storms and landscapes.  

In more recent years, Vaughan's fascination with capturing unique images from the sky had led him to improve his drone photography and create new perspectives in all his photography genres. He's had images published in the Herald Sun, Channel 9 and 10 - as well as various online publications, such as BoM, Discover Frankston, and The Mornington Peninsula.

Mark Gray Photography

With a list of 260 international awards under his belt, you can rest assured that you are getting a photographer who knows his stuff with Mark Gray. His background in painting and web design has given him a head start in color and composition and he uses this to showcase his one true passion - landscape photography.

Mark's work is collected in thirty-two countries and can be seen in his three galleries and in numerous exhibitions. He's been publishing calendars since 2012 and runs photography classes in all the major cities in Australia.

Andrew Bartuleit Photography

Andrew Bartuleit is an old-school photographer that shoots, prints, and sells all his own landscapes himself. He sold his first images from the Victoria markets for over a decade and can tell you the story behind every image that he sells.

Now professional landscape photographer based in Dimboola, Andrew spent a decade driving, flying, and motorbiking around Australia making gorgeous galleries of natural landscapes. He loves everything about Australia from its big cities to its smallest towns and can't wait to tell you all about it.

Darren J Bennett

Darren is a highly motivated individual driven by instinct and the desire to capture and produce images that evoke the spirit of land and place. He most appreciates deeply rich and vibrant colors within the environment; you can almost feel the landscape reach out and touch you in some of Darren's images.

Born on the coastline of the Great Ocean Road, with a real connection to this famous stretch of Australia's coastline, Darren feels like he's destined for endless photographic opportunities well beyond what you see in the tourist brochures.

Overall, Master Photographer with the Australian Institute of Photography Darren has forged a reputation as one of Australia's premier landscape photographers with many awards and exhibitions to his name.

Scott Haskins Photography

Specializing in fine art photography, Scott's wilderness and landscapes are both colorful and evocative. His black and white prints are stunning in their simplicity and offer different perspectives to each shot.

Centering the landscapes around him in Melbourne, he shoots everything from the coasts with their majestic wave and rock formations to the mountains with their trees, rivers, and snow-capped mountains.

Bushwalking in both Australia and New Zealand gives Scott plenty of material, while photographers like Ansel Adams and Peter Dombroski influenced his natural style of photography.

Tony Middleton Photography

Tony loves to share his passion for the environment and his 15-year love of photography with all who cross his path. He's been shooting around Gippsland and throughout Australia during his career and uses landscapes to bring the natural world into our everyday lives.

As an artist, Tony favors authentic imagery, often in natural light and without much post-editing. He delights in capturing natural phenomena like storms, wild coastlines, tranquil lakes, bush fires, and whatever he comes across in his treks across the length and breadth of Australia.

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