Whenever you need to update the images for your business, a landscape photographer can help to capture your office or the surrounding area. They’ll work with you to bring any location to life with their camera and create images that show off the scale and size of a building.

To get the best landscape images for your portfolio, consider working with a professional who is experienced in the area. They’ll know how to create images that are composed in a way that shows off even the largest of scenes on the screen.

Keep reading as we showcase some of the top landscape photographers in Manchester, all of whom do great work and will collaborate with you.

Paul Grogan Photography

Scenic Mountains Captured in Manchester by Paul [Paul Grogan Photography]

Paul offers landscape and fine art photography throughout Manchester and the surrounding area. He has an incredible portfolio of images, many of which are sold via his online art shop.

If you are a local to Manchester, you'll love viewing his collection of some of the most iconic locations in the surrounding area. We particularly appreciate his use of black and white photography, which brings a new dynamic to the images.

Colin Jarvis Photography

Water Captured in Manchester by Colin [Colin Jarvis Photography]

Colin Jarvis is a Manchester-based landscape photographer. He also offers workshops and instruction to budding photographers both in the UK and overseas.

He is known for his excellent composition and post-processing, which creates modern and vibrant images for your home or office collection. Colin has also been featured as Landscape Photographer of the Year, and his work is showcased in exhibitions across the country.

Ben Harrison Photography

A Local Venue Captured in Manchester by Ben [Ben Harrison Photography]

Ben is a professional landscape photographer who captures architecture, cityscapes, and natural scenery in Manchester and the local area. He has over 11 years of experience in the industry and is known for using his passion and expertise when working with clients.

His work features sweeping lines and dramatic lighting. Ben is exceptional at using colours and contrast to showcase a venue or landscape in a new light.

John Millman

Morocco Street Art Captured in Morocco by John [John Millman]

John works in London and Manchester to offer his photography services to businesses and individuals. He’ll also travel further afield to capture landscapes and will be excited to visit new locations to capture images for your brand.

John is known for this use of bold colours and his attention to detail when visiting new locations. He uses state of the art equipment to create captivating images and always tries to push his photography skills to the limit by continuing his education as a photographer.

Jan Fyfe

Meanwhile Captured in Manchester by Jan [Jan Fyfe]

Jan is a well-known landscape photographer who creates artistic images for individuals and companies. She will be happy to discuss your needs and create images that showcase a landscape or building that’s important to your business.

Jan is known for her eye for detail and her artsy style, which you can see by reviewing her portfolio. She often creates abstract pieces of art which would look fantastic on your wall to talk to your friends about.

Dave Phillips Photography

Home Exterior Captured in Manchester by Dave [Dave Phillips Photography]

Dave has been working as a photographer for over 15 years. Even before this time, he loved creating images for his own personal interest. Today, Dave is still as passionate as ever about this art form.

He is always looking for creative ways to capture landscapes and buildings but also wants to offer a professional and friendly service to his clients. Dave’s service strives to be reliable and competitively priced. You’ll be able to trust him for any of your future projects.

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