Best Landscape Photographers in Los Angeles

Los Angeles has one of the largest city sprawls in the United States. Being over 500 square miles, there’s more than enough land to venture through. And with more land, there are definitely more activities to discover and opportunities to unfold.

Although the city only has a handful of iconic skyscrapers, there is still plenty of possibilities to catch a bird’s eye view through modern photography and videography. You’ll find a number of talented photographers in Los Angeles who dedicate their careers to capturing the best parts of the terrain with artistic eyes and top quality equipment.

Mike Bishop

Mike Bishop is a talented filmmaker and photographer who captures every action-packed shot through amazing aerial shots by his state-of-the-art drone technology. His visually pleasing photos and videos reflect his studious career as a visual effects and motion graphic artist.

Whether it be a game-winning touchdown or a never-before-seen wilderness event, Bishop’s skilled eye for exquisite landscape and nature photos are memorable and spectacular. He’s been awarded numerous times for Best Landscape Film, Best Direction, Video of the Year in several film festivals.

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Tanya Antalikova

With over 10 years of photography encompassing landscape, fashion, and portraiture, Tanya Antalikova dives into her creative mind to capture astonishing photos of many environments. Her fine art landscape photos are captured at each perfect moment effortlessly timing each wave break, shining sunset, and windy palm tree with ease.

Tanya Antalikova is an astute photographer with an eye for extravagance and detail. Building on and learning from each project allows her to continuously produce quality images to be shared throughout the world.

Joel Mark

Joel Mark is a refined photographer capturing images throughout the Southern California area. Since 1975, he’s captured stunning editorial, architecture, and corporate photos. In addition to his expert services in commercial photograph, his lush landscape photos are nothing short of amazing.

Mark’s previous projects include established L.A. venues and businesses such as Perch Restaurant, LA Weekly, and the Ahmanson Estate Holiday Lighting. Within every shot is a display of cutting-edge photos articulated by defined camera angles.

Jeffrey Nelson

Jeffrey Nelson is primarily a commercial photographer who has experience in portraiture, architecture, product, and event photography. Capturing stunning landscapes of iconic real estate such as the Walt Disney Concert Hall and the Griffith Observatory, Nelson’s artistic and bold approach to photography is easily recognizable.

As a travel photographer for the last ten years, Nelson’s nature and landscape photography encompass bright colors of all of the seasons, as well as each rugged detail. Jeffery Nelson is easily one of the most talented photographers in Los Angeles.

Luke Gibson Photography

Working in architecture, residential, commercial, and practically everything landscape and scenery-related, Luke Gibson Photography photographs a slew of amazing spaces. Since 2007, his work has primarily focused on high-quality and professional edits that leave audiences in awe.

Gibson’s eye for contemporary design has been proficient in capturing stunning photos of brick-and-mortar shops, interiors, luxury apartments, and relaxing resort hotels. Los Angeles allows his work to flourish with new and innovative ideas.

Richard Wong Photography

Ranging from simple iPhone food photography to vast landscape imaging, Richard Wong Photography delivers excellent quality photos that are original, timeless, and aesthetically pleasing. Wong has been awarded numerous times for his talent in fine art, nature, and landscape photography.

Within each decedent photo, you can merely feel the light wind brushing through the tall grass and around your neck. His realistic yet simplistic take on nature and landscape tells a calming story that transports you smack dab in the middle of the frame.

Panas Photography

Beginning his photography career in 2012, Panas’s passion for photography has been continuously inspired through life’s twists and turns. By gaining insight into his client’s lives, Panas Photography delivers high-caliber photos of landscapes, people, and fashion.

As a landscape artist, he’s traveled to destinations around the globe to share the stories of people and witness each lush leaf that nature turns over. His recent is published in Bokeh Magazine, Enrevista Xclusivo, and DWNLA.

Ted Gore

Ted Gore has spent plenty of time in the wilderness; breathing in the cool Sierra Mountain air and trekking through the Appalachian Mountains. His creative take on photography brings images to life with proper lighting and professional post-production.

Gore’s photos often replicate what some of us might lucidly dream or what looks like a scene straight from a fable. Nonetheless, Ted Gore’s photos tastefully objectifies the beauty of nature and the outdoors, which is likely why Gore prefers his photos to be referred to as imagery.

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