Top 10 Landscape Photographers in Houston

Good landscape photography draws the viewer into the scene, making you feel as though you’re immersed in nature and the great outdoors. It reflects the photographer’s personal connection to the scene they are documenting, whether it’s a wild canyon, an urban landscape, or an industrial setting.

In Houston, you’ll find a diverse array of landscape photographers who are passionate about showcasing the beauty and vastness of Texas in all its myriad forms. In this guide, we’ll introduce 10 photographers who illustrate the broadness of what landscape photography can be.

Linda Nickell

Linda Nickell is on a mission to showcase the rich and varied landscapes of Texas with the outside world. She particularly loves shooting in spring when the wildflowers are in bloom and regularly heads out exploring the state’s many backroads in search of adventure. Linda believes that photography is not only a creative outlet but a conversation. It’s also a means of satisfying her curiosity, whether that’s a shot of ruggedly beautiful mountains or the perfection of dew on a spider’s web.

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Chris Spicks Photography

With a background in advertising and marketing, Chris Spicks now dedicates his time to shooting weddings, events, architecture, and landscapes. He’s skilled at composing aesthetically pleasing images and is a whizz at complex editing, saying that “technical versatility is a virtue”. He is assisted by production manager, Red, and photographers Cody and Raj. With their combined skills, they’ve garnered a reputation as one of the top photography businesses in Houston, specializing in a variety of genres.

Theresa DiMenno

Theresa DiMenno is a self-taught photographer and artist who’s passionate about documenting the beauty, drama, and details of our natural world. She specializes in abstract images of plants and flowers, many of which adorn the walls of The Methodist Hospital System in Houston and the homes of private collectors. Theresa’s work has appeared in “Texas Highways Magazine” and she’s collaborated with both The Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center and Texas Parks and Wildlife.

Double Horn Photography

Jordan Anderson is the photographer behind Double Horn Photography and has established a reputation as one of the top aerial landscape photographers in Houston. His images have been published in “Texas Monthly”, the “Washington Post”, and “Stern Magazine”, as well as being exhibited at the Bob Bullock Texas State History Museum. In addition to his aerial images, he captures striking industrial landscape photographs and stunning shots of Houston’s rural surroundings.

G. Lyon Photography

G. Lyon Photography is led by the fully licensed FAA Drone pilot, Geoffrey, and is dedicated to capturing architecture and landscape images for corporate clients. With various angles documented, his photos capture the context, scale, and artistry of projects and are regularly used as marketing material, for press releases, and award submissions. G. Lyon Photography works with a variety of professional clients, including architects, engineers, and real estate companies, and is equipped with the latest in photographic and editing technology.

Bee Creek Photography

Tod Grubbs and Cynthia Hestand are the artists behind Bee Creek Photography, an award-winning photography studio based in Texas. They specialize in capturing high-quality images for editorial, hospitality, and architectural firms, with a focus on urban landscapes and aerial shots. Bee Creek Photography has been featured in “Texas Monthly” and offers fine art prints that are exhibited in offices and homes throughout the United States. In addition to photographing the scenic landscapes and nature of Texas, they boast an outstanding body of work from Arizona, Utah, New Mexico, and Louisiana.

Robert Seale

Robert Seale began his career as a photojournalist for several major newspapers before establishing his own business in 2006. He’s since established a reputation as a leader in industrial landscape photography, particularly for oil and gas clients. From hard-to-photograph refineries to remote drilling rigs, he has an innate ability to transform these scenes into beautiful works of art. Drawing on his technical ability, graphic eye, and lighting skills, he’s become a leading figure in Houston’s corporate photography community and plays an important role in mentoring emerging artists.

Brian Vogel

Aside from being one of the top landscape photographers in Houston, Brian Vogel is also a U.S. Army veteran, an avid traveler, and a motorcycle enthusiast. His dynamic portfolio not only includes impressive landscape images but corporate headshots, architectural images, and fashion shoots. He says that he knew while stationed in Afghanistan that photography was going to become his career, with his current work drawing inspiration from the “small and extraordinary things that surround us”.

Julie Chapa Photography

Based in Rosharon, Julie Chapa originally hails from Northern Michigan where she says her love of nature blossomed. She’s passionate about documenting the beauty of Eastern Texas in the early morning hours when the light is soft and the world is only just starting to wake up. While self-taught, she’s constantly honing her skills through online tutorials and workshops while encouraging viewers to get outside and explore new territory. Julie belongs to the Texas Photographic Society and the Galveston Art League where her images are regularly exhibited.

Tim Herschbach Photography

Tim’s first introduction to photography was through the lens of a 110 film camera that he was given while living in a small town in Oklahoma. But he says that it wasn’t until 2009 that he “discovered how the balance between art, technique, and technology drives modern photography” and how this mirrored his own interests. In 2013, he left his IT career to pursue photography full time and now boasts an impressive portfolio that includes minimalist portraits of natural elements, such as trees and clouds.

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