Best Landscape Photographers in Honolulu, HI

One of the first things that probably comes to mind when you think of the Hawaiian Islands is magnificent landscapes and beaches. It's no surprise that many photographers choose to call the archipelago home, with Honolulu as the prime center of creativity.

In this article, we’ll introduce some of the best landscape photographers in Honolulu, who shoot throughout Oahu and beyond to bring beautiful Hawaiian imagery to the world at large.

Yi Chen Chiang

While Oahu-based photographer Yi Chen Chiang is primarily an advertising, e-commerce, and food photographer, she also captures impressive landscape shots. She specializes in creating customized content for local brands and businesses using careful manipulation of lighting to create different moods.

In Yi Chen’s opinion, a capable photographer is not only technically skilled but has an “instinct about aesthetics” that helps to shape the image into a piece of art. Post-processing plays an important role in her work, helping to create interesting landscape compositions. Using professional-level Canon equipment and state-of-the-art accessories, she is one of the most in-demand freelance photographers in Honolulu.

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Lexi Rose

Based in Honolulu, Lexi Rose specializes in creative portraits and still life photography, as well as capturing thought-provoking travel and nature shots. This includes photographing the gorgeous landscapes of the Hawaiian Islands using a mixture of 35mm film and digital cameras.

Originally from Maryland, Lexi completed a Bachelor of Arts in Photojournalism from Pennsylvania State University, before making the move to Oahu “with a camera and a dream.” She aims to generate a sense of "nostalgia and imperfection" with every landscape, via richly textured images.

Richard Drake

After a career spanning four decades in the film industry, Richard Drake picked up his camera and began documenting scenes near his hometown of Kailua. What started out as a hobby to share the landscapes of Oahu with friends online has evolved into a profession, with people from across the world purchasing his prints.

Today, Richard’s stunning landscape images can be seen in hotels and businesses across Hawaii, as well as in the private collections of individuals worldwide. Whether you’re looking at a breathtaking oceanscape or a scene of Oahu’s rugged interior, you can feel the passion that Richard has for the islands in all his photos.

Michael B. Hardie Photography

Specializing in underwater, animal, and landscape photography, Michael B. Hardie is a talented shooter who is lucky enough to call Oahu home. Despite being completely self-taught, his images are spellbinding and have been featured by The Smithsonian Institute, National Geographic, Keiko Conservation, and Animal Rights Hawaii.

After moving to the islands in 2010, Michael discovered his deep passion for underwater photography and his images of cetaceans and sea turtles are particularly outstanding. Through landscapes, Michael shares his perspective of the world. He does so in order to show people how we are all a part of something much bigger than ourselves.

Shane Myers Photo

Born and raised in small-town Ohio, Shane Myers attended the University of Toledo before making the move to Oahu’s gorgeous North Shore. It was here that he began working with the Department of Education while also discovering his love of photography.

Over the years, Shane has spent much time experimenting to define his artistic niche, drawing on different photographic techniques to give his images a surreal aesthetic. Shane says that he feels “extremely blessed to be able to capture and share the extraordinary beauty of our world." And we’re thankful that he does.

Andrew Shoemaker Fine Art Photography

The final photographer on our list might not be based in Honolulu but he’s not far away on the beautiful island of Maui. Andrew Shoemaker has garnered a global reputation for his landscape and nature images, with many of his prints shot right outside his front door in the Hawaiian Islands.

His photography journey began with capturing images while hiking, skiing, and off-roading and has since evolved into a world-class collection of fine art. As a self-taught artist, Andrew strives to draw the viewer into the scene he is shooting and take them “away from the ordinary" and along a glorious journey. His magnificent images are showcased at his gallery in Lahaina and he is happy to take on customized commissions.

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