Top Landscape Photographers in Halifax, NS, Canada

Top Landscape Photographers in Halifax, NS, Canada

Landscape photography requires a honed set of skills: patience, instinct, and strategy to name a few. Capturing the boundless natural beauty of the world around you in a single frame is no simple feat. It often takes years of hard work and discipline to develop one's skills.

A breathtaking landscape photo in large format print can set the mood of an office space or a living room. Halifax, Nova Scotia has several fantastic landscape photography professionals. Ready to start your search for landscape photographers in Halifax? Check out this list of some of the city's top talent to find the best match for your next project.

Brinton Photography

Bright, vibrant colors, fantastic composition, and a surreal treatment of the overall photo are the hallmarks of the landscape photos created by Gary Brinton. Gary is the founder and the lead photographer at Brinton Photography.

Although he's a fantastic landscape photographer, he does not wish to limit himself to only one avenue. He is also an accomplished commercial photographer with a lot of work done in interior and exterior design.

A profoundly religious man, Gary's inspiration comes from Nature and everything that bears God's work. Over the years, this artist has worked with several leading brands, including Bell Canada, Jazz Air, and Scottburn.

Purple Lens Photography

Purple Lens is a professional photography studio interested in various genres, including but not limited to landscape photography. A closely-knit group, this photography studio works to produce high-quality imagery on demand for any client.

They're based in Halifax, and you would often find them scouting locations in and around unique places around Halifax and the rest of Canada. With its beautiful natural wonders, Canada has no shortage of individual photographic sites. At Purple Lens, the group works to capture these beautiful locations on demand and sometimes on their impetus.

Fraser Photography

Fraser Photographer was founded by Ezabriell Fraser, a professional photographer with years of experience. Ezabriell works across several genres, including landscape, street, and other genres. His work in the night landscape photos featuring downtown Halifax is stunning.

A man of many talents, this photo pro works as a full-time carpenter as well. Ezabriell's eye for detail and his fantastic sense of perfection draw inspiration from both the jobs that he does with equal fervor. He also loves to travel, and will be happy to undertake assignments in Canada and beyond.

Landscape Photography

Seamus Sullivan started Lenscape Photography with a clear objective to capture high-quality photography in various genres. Seamus prefers not to be bound within a single genre. He shoots landscapes, urban photos, portraits, performances, gardens, etc.

Seamus' compositions are breathtaking, even surreal, and reflect his creative bent of mind. He uses some of the latest photography gear, including the latest camera systems and lenses, mainly wide angles, to capture the stunning work that's showcased on his website.

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