Whether you are looking for landscape photography for your personal artwork collection or for your business, you’ll find lots of landscape photographers in Chicago.

Landscape photography aims to show off an area or location, creating images that look unending. A large city like Chicago is ideal for landscape photography, but its surrounding countryside also offers some excellent settings. This photography focus can be used for a wide range of purposes, and many companies will incorporate stunning cityscapes into advertising campaigns.

Here's a list of some of the best landscape photographers in Chicago, IL, all familiar with shooting the city and the surrounding area.

Barry Butler Photography

An Autumn Afternoon in Chicago by Barry [Barry Butler Photography]

Barry Butler is a Chicago photographer who specializes in landscape photography. He is a self-taught photographer who has been working in the industry for over 20 years and has been published in a wide variety of publications around the world.

Barry’s work has been featured on television shows, advertising campaigns, and in books. He is used to shooting stunning city landscape photos of Chicago at any time of the day and will work with you to capture your vision.

Kristen Ryan Photography

A City Sunset Captured in Chicago by Kristen [Kristen Ryan Photography]

Kristen is a landscape photographer who adores being surrounded by nature and experiencing the magic of the world around her. She is a fine art landscape photographer and also educates other budding photographers and coaches them on their work.

For Kristen, photography offers a feeling of calm and peace, and she loves witnessing others see the magic of the world in her images. She can also offer you her teaching services and landscape photography tips when you work together.

Laura Gampfer Photography

Snow-capped Mountains Captured by Laura [Laura Gampfer Photography]

Laura is a professional photographer based in Illinois who works in Chicago and the surrounding area. She is passionate about capturing unique and incredible locations with her landscape photography services.

As well as landscape photography, Laura can capture flowers, gardens, nature, and travel for you. She is happy to work throughout the year and enjoys capturing the changing seasons in her images.

Paul Aparicio Photography

Chicago City Landscape Captured in Chicago by Paul [Paul Aparicio Photography]

Paul is a landscape and lifestyle photographer in Chicago. He is passionate about exploring, which is where he gets his inspiration for his photography.

Paul is a curious photographer and will work with you to create your desired style with his services. He can offer both abstract and minimalist photography and works to capture the beauty of any location with his images.

Jean Renee

The Bean Captured in Chicago by Jean [Jean Renee]

Jean is an award-winning photographer based in the city of Chicago who specializes in landscape and cityscape photos. She also offers astrophotography and portraits, so she has a wide variety of services on offer to local residents and businesses.

Jean is praised for her attention to detail and is extremely creative. She is known for being easy to collaborate with and works to understand exactly what you hope to achieve from your work together.

David Kogan

A Desert Landscape Captured by David [David Kogan]

David is a professional landscape photographer who specializes in capturing the urban Chicago landscape. He’s happy to work outside of the city, and he is able to capture the magic of the world around him through his work.

David is known for his professionalism and his ability to bring your vision to life with his camera. Regardless of whether you are looking for landscape photos for personal or professional use, you’ll enjoy working with David for your next project.

Marian Kraus Photography

Chicago Skyline at Sunset Captured in Chicago by Marian [Marian Kraus Photography]

Marian lives in Chicago and loves capturing the architecture of the city through his landscape photography. He offers a wide range of photography services, including architecture, lifestyle, interiors, and nature.

He enjoys capturing stunning locations for both his clients and his personal collection and always works to tell a story through each image. Marian understands how images can influence your customers and their view of your brand through your advertising.

Tyler Mallory

A Chicago Home Captured in Chicago by Tyler [Tyler Mallory]

Tyler Mallory is based in Chicago and offers a huge range of photography services. Whether you are looking for traditional landscape photography or real estate photography, you’ll find everything you need with Tyler’s services.

Tyler offers a classic style of photography and will work alongside you to create the images you need for your personal or professional use this year.

Benjamin Foote

A Quiet Lake Captured in Chicago by Benjamin [Benjamin Foote]

Benjamin Foote offers both videography and cinematography services in Chicago. He will work with your company or family to create the scenic photos you desire for your home or advertising campaign.

He has been working within the digital arts industry since 2005 and also offers event and portrait photography. Benjamin is also trained in post-production editing and can offer a wide variety of effects to add to your images if desired.

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