Landscape photography tests the mettle of a photographer like no other genre of photography. To produce one good landscape, a photographer often must spend hours and hours in the field waiting for everything to fall into place. When looking at a landscape image, we can overlook the amount of hard work and planning that must have gone into making that image.

A beautiful landscape photo can liven up your living room or set the mood in your study or workplace. To pair with its natural beauty, Charleston has some of the best talents in the country when it comes to landscape photography. If you are ready to explore the top landscape photographers in Charleston, check out this list of some of the city's top professionals.

Insta Shoot

A young lady standing near the promenade [Insta Shoot]

Insta Shoot is a top professional photography business in Charleston, SC. They specialize in photographing landscapes, weddings, and other genres. Many of their wedding and engagement shoots use stunning landscapes as the background.

They have excellent command over natural light exposures and the know-how to tastefully post-process their work to make them appear natural and not overcooked.

If you want to buy high-resolution prints of some of their works you can do so by directly contacting them.

Stello Photography

A landscape scene [Brianna Stello, Stello Photography]

Founded by Brianna Stello, Stello Photography is a professional photography business in Charleston, SC. Brianna’s journey into photography started at a very young age when she was often found assisting her mother Jennifer Eldredge Stello, an accomplished photographer herself.

Brianna has traveled extensively around the world, spending time photographing different cultures and places. She often exhibits her best works in galleries across the world. She offers a treasure-trove of landscape images and large prints of the stunning landscape locations she shoots.

Brisson Imagery, LLC

A beautiful sunset scene on the beach [Brisson Imagery, LLC]

Apart from the general photography products and services that Tonya from Brisson Imagery, LLC offers her clients, she also indulges in personal projects from time to time. In all, she invests herself in producing stunning works of visual art in the form of breathtaking landscapes, awe-inspiring cityscapes, and mesmerizing astrophotography.

Tonya sells these pieces of art as photo gifts and large prints. If you are interested in gifting a large landscape photography print to someone you love or just want to have one for yourself, take a look at the My-Art section of Tonya’s portfolio.

Ramona Nicolae Photography

Beautiful beachfront property with a balcony overlooking the sea [Ramona Nicolae Photography]

Ramona is an accomplished Charleston photographer. She specializes in several photography genres including families and real estate. Ramona especially loves the beach and everything there is that associates with it – the sand, the surf, and the sun. Her art showcases that love, as does her beach shots for family portrait sessions.

Whether as a traveler or client-serving pro, she appreciates the opportunity to sneak in a moment or two now and then to capture beautiful beach photos. She uses top-of-the-line equipment that captures stunning dynamic range which is further augmented using professional photo editing tools.

Photo By Chrissy

A maternity photoshoot at a scenic location [Photo By Chrissy]

The best thing about Chrissy’s photography is that she has been able to combine elements of surreal fine art photography along with the basics of stunning landscape photography. In that sense, she has been able to create a style that is her own.

Her images feature a touch of surrealism that almost pushes the photo into the fine art photography domain. Plus Chrissy has even been able to incorporate some classic landscape photography elements into it.

If you want to commission landscape photos to a photographer for your collection, consider working with Chrissy.

Justin Falk Photography

Sand, surf, sun, and Champagne with a bouquet [Justin Falk Photography]

Justin is a Charleston, SC-based portrait and landscape photographer. He has this amazing talent to fuse props with a landscape to create beautiful compositions with subtle undertones.

Justin can use bouquets of flowers and a pair of champagne glasses, for example, to suggest the union of two hearts. His goal with his art is to create a perfect setting for his purpose, including elements that may not be typical for landscape photography.

Justin is available for shooting landscape photographs on commission throughout Charleston and the rest of the USA.

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