Landscape photographers are a blessed lot. They happen to be at the right time at the time place to capture nature's magical light and the beautiful landscape that's in right front of them. Landscape artists use their cameras to allow everyone else to see the beauty they can find.

It is, however, not easy to effectively pursue this genre and have your work stand out. Landscape photography takes a lot of hard work, planning, some hiking and some patience – and a good idea of how to handle natural light.

If you're looking for the best landscape photographers in Brisbane, we recommend starting your search here. Ready to start your search for landscape photographers in Brisbane? Check out this list of some of the city's top talent to find the best match for you.

Tania Wicks Photography

Tania has been hooked on the art and craft of photography from a young age. She has been a family, portraits, pets, and fine art photographer serving the Brisbane area mainly. Willing to travel anywhere in Australia and beyond for any photography assignments, Tania will be there for you and your chosen landscape.

Her love for photography is inspired by nature's warm golden hues, among many things. Tania loves photographing at that specific time of the day when everything magically turns to gold for a few minutes.

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Joanna Kate Photography

Joanna, or as she is fondly called by her clients – Jo – has been a professional family photographer for many years now. She loves to be a part of the memory-making process, for friends and clients alike.

Beyond family photography, landscape and nature photography are her passions. When she isn't working on any other assignments, she'll take the time to shoot the beautiful landscapes surrounding Brisbane and the rest of the rugged beauty of Australia. Tania can be commissioned or licensed for her gorgeous landscape photo work.

Britt Spring Photography

Britt Spring has been a professional photographer for well over a decade. She studied at the Photography Studies College in Melbourne and after getting her certification, she worked for a fashion magazine in London for about four years.

Through extensive experience photographing model portraits, couples, families, babies, and pets, Britt relishes being able to shoot beautiful nature landscapes as well. In and around Brisbane, she finds all the best scenes to frame with her camera. Britt is willing to travel on assignment, taking commissions and selling licensed shots – which are currently featured on her Instagram page.

Claire Estelle Photography

Claire is a creative family and branding photographer based in Brisbane. As far as she can think, she's always been hooked on the concepts of color, shape, and form—a natural tendency that helped shape her style as photographer.

Working as a professional photographer for 15 years, Claire's work has taken her to more than two continents. Seven years in Europe and the UK as a photographer, she settled down in Brisbane to build her portfolio and establish her studio. And over the years, that's just what Claire has done.

Anne Higgs Photography

Anne Higgs has been a professional family, glamor, and children photographer for all her life. She's been in the industry for more than 30 years. Apart from these genres, she has also been a nature photographer, frequently taking time off to shoot nature photos.

Like many landscape pros, Anne can be commissioned to take up assignments anywhere in Australia, in urban or wilderness settings. Primarily a natural light specialist, she loves to experiment with ambient light and incorporate the best features of the natural world into all her galleries.

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