In collaboration with the rapper, Kid Cudi, the French ready-to-wear brand, A.P.C., launched a collection of ten pieces called INTERACTION #1 which were inspired by Cudi and A.P.C.’s founder, Jean Touitou. In November of 2018, A.P.C. filmed their campaign for the collection at The Colony Warehouse in DTLA.

A.P.C Interaction#1 campaign film

Directed by Campbell Addy with creative direction from Claire Thomson-Jonville, the short film stars Kid Cudi sporting pieces from the collection including the $2,495 jacket that is for sale. For this collection, the pieces maintain the minimalist style of A.P.C.’s brand but Cudi’s influence brings a more exciting take on minimalism with bright pops of red throughout.

The fashion collection featured in the campaign video

Jean Touitou knew they would work well together from simply picking up on his demeanor as well as a tattoo which reads PINK on Cudi’s hand. While this collaboration is only the first part in their new collection, Touitou sees this creative process as being similar to his mother’s method of someone tasting a dish after cooking as Cudi will be the first to experience designing with A.P.C. for this collection.

In the campaign, Cudi’s minimal collection is mirrored in the minimalistic setting of the warehouse. This backdrop which sticks to a variation of white and cream allows the camera to focus on the simple pieces that Cudi is wearing in the film. One particularly appealing shot features Cudi’s paint splattered overalls as he climbs up a sunlight ladder, revealing the tiny particles of dust which are floating around him.

His personal brand shines through in his pieces such as his white sneakers which display ‘Cudder’ on the side as well as the embroidered ‘DREAM ON’ phrase on some clothing items which is featured in a close-up shot in the film. ‘Dream On’ is a reference to the record label Cudi started which has since been dissolved.

The open floor space, minimal color tones, and gritty, industrial elements really make The Colony Warehouse in DTLA an ideal fashion shoot location, especially for a brand like A.P.C. If you would like to book it for your fashion project, please follow the link provided. However, in case you would like to see more locations, please click this link to view our catalog of fashion photoshoot location rentals available on Giggster

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