Parisian Inspired Wedding

This photo shoot featuring the 2015 Jannie Baltzer collection makes choosing a Parisian inspired wedding an easy decision. These gorgeous dresses will easily influence your thoughts!

What to Look for in a Venue for a Parisian Inspired Wedding

A Parisian inspired wedding could be held in Paris with gorgeous views of the Eiffel Tower. However, if a destination wedding isn't part of the plan, don't fret. You can easily recreate a Parisian theme based on your venue choices. When choosing a wedding venue, you should think about how you picture the entire ceremony and reception.

When considering Parisian wedding venues, you have a wide variety of options, from large warehouses in Brooklyn to New York rooftops and California vineyards. You can also choose a terrace garden with gorgeous lighting, Parisian props, a historic castle or chateau, and hotels with gilded architecture as part of your inspiration.

Colour Palettes for a Parisian Inspired Wedding

There are several wedding colour palettes that couples can choose from, with a Parisian theme. The gorgeous pastel and cream palettes are at the forefront and add grace and beauty to the décor and props. Think of pastel tones like powder blue, pale green, mint, blush, and glittering gold.

You could also opt for white with lace, neutral shades of grey, pale pink, or pale yellow. Many couples also select pale blue with blush as the wedding colour palette for a Parisian wedding theme. Couples who like bold colours with a French vibe could opt for blush and black as their primary shades with a healthy amount of beige, pale grey, and tan.

Details for a Parisian Inspired Wedding

Most people wonder why Paris inspires such romance. Many feel it's the city's history with its royal weddings, the Eiffel Tower, Sacre-Coeur, and Arc De Triomphe. Whatever the reason, Parisian weddings carry a world of romance, breathtaking beauty, and love in the air. The Parisian feel for your wedding need not be with the backdrop of the Eiffel Tower, but from macarons, champagne, croquembouche, and exquisite calligraphy on the wedding invites.

Couples can opt for utterly French fashions for the wedding dresses and suits or a simple 'Je ne sais quoi' type of celebration. You can choose selective optics that inspire French theme weddings with Renaissance influences, opulence through table settings, or gourmet food, drinks, and cocktails.

Table Setting Style for a Parisian Inspired Wedding

Parisian inspired wedding tables are made out of dreams, love, and sheer elegance! The table setting should reflect the beauty of your wedding theme, with a fairytale-like setting, sans the Parisian Chateau. You can think about decorating the backs of the chairs with sashes, bows, faux jewels, and even flowers that fit your wedding colours.

The table covers can match the chairs, or you can also opt for see-through chairs (the new craze) with a light shimmery golden table cover, dishes in white with a golden rim, golden-coloured cutlery, and crystal glasses for water and wine. You can also add flowers with vines creeping on miniature Eiffel Tower replicas as the centrepiece.

Food for a Parisian Inspired Wedding

The French are known for their love of food and wine. When it comes to your Parisian themed wedding, the food should be a reflection of the French eating habits and delicacies. The French love a variety of cheese and wines at the table to nibble on while they mingle.

For starters, couples can choose scallops, lobsters, and foie gras. For the mains, you could consider duck breast, beef filets, lamb served pink or medium-rare, veal medallions, quail, or fish like John Dory, Salmon, Red Mullet, and Monkfish. Each of these can be in exquisitely simmered French sauces and jus. Desserts should have macarons, crème brulee, sabayon, and eclairs. With the food should be a wide range of red and white wines, with champagne for the wedding toasts.

Budget for a Parisian Inspired Wedding

Parisian inspired weddings have to be thought about quite critically. Apart from the romance and oomph aspect, it is also helpful to remain practical about the monetary parts. Having a wedding theme tends to restrict the overall spending. This reasoning stems from the inability to go haywire when considering the menu, lighting, table setting styles, and décor.

The Parisian theme and wedding colours require décor, props, and shopping to be done only in specific patterns, which will help curtail unnecessary overheads. Paris-themed weddings need not be extravagant. They need to have the feel of being luxurious. This feel is achievable within a budget and a carefully thought out spending pattern.

Wedding Dresses and Accessories for a Parisian Inspired Wedding

The wedding dress for a Parisian inspired wedding should be art deco meets vintage glam. French wedding dresses are effortlessly classy, with traditional white floor-length gowns, elegant cuts, and graceful shimmery fabrics like satin, silk, and thin, soft lace.

For a Parisian inspired bride, wedding accessories can be from renowned designer Jannie Baltzer, who specialises in exquisitely crafted headpieces and veils. She makes each accessory with luxurious materials like silk tulle, silver, cream, rose, gold, ivory Preciosa crystals, and French lace. Earrings, hairpins, silk headbands, birdcage-style veils, and hair combs can add a vintage look with a modern twist. Most French brides opt for strappy sandals or ballet flats. You can opt for a pair of Christian Louboutin flats with rhinestones for glamor.

Wedding Invitations for a Parisian Inspired Wedding

Wedding invitations are usually the first things that wedding guests see. You must ensure that they understand your theme. Paris-themed wedding invites must be reminiscent of southern French charm, grace, and delicately hand painted calligraphy, such that guests feel they are holding a piece of history in their hands.

Depending on the wedding colours, the background of the wedding invite should be in marbled shades, with the lettering in gold or black calligraphy. You can have sets of cards for guests and separate them according to the functions. To add a touch of elegance, you can seal the invitations with a wax seal in gold.

Wedding Cake Ideas for a Parisian Inspired Wedding

If you want to be highly Parisian, the wedding cake should definitely be a traditional croquembouche. French artisanal chefs are sought after the world over for their skill in creating towering croquembouche masterpieces, and nothing screams French more than a traditional cake.

Stylish brides and grooms can also choose the trendy macaron towers instead of the croquembouche. Macaron cakes also serve as desserts and are loved by almost all guests. If you want to be highly unique, you could also opt for a crepes cake with whipped cream, Nutella, chocolate, or jam as the filling. You could ask your baker to pile the crepes one on top of each other to create a tall cylindrical-looking modern Parisian cake.

Favours and Gifts for a Parisian Inspired Wedding

Welcome gifts for wedding guests can include a box of macarons, bowties in black for the gentlemen, blush hair ribbons for the ladies, and a small bottle of champagne. These welcome gifts help set the tone for the rest of the celebrations and help wedding guests get into the Parisian mood.

For wedding favours to thank your attendees, you could think of a thank-you hamper with candle votives, aromatherapy candles in lavender and jojoba, a bottle of red wine, and some custom gift boxes with Eiffel Tower lapels, paperweights, and bottle openers. Gifting your guests with wedding favours that remind them of the wedding will be a beautiful gesture.

jannie baltzer’s parisian-inspired collection

Channeling vintage glam and Art Deco Parisian-inspired elegance; Jannie Baltzer’s 2015 Collection is a thing of beauty. Her pieces are crafted from the finest materials like Lucas French lace & silk tulle and each is handmade in her Copenhagen studio. Shot beautifully by Sandra Aberg Photography, this editorial fashion shoot exudes French bohemians in the most delightful way!

Jannie Baltzer bridal veil from her 2015 collection | see more on:
Jannie Baltzer 2015 Collection | see more on:
Crystal and bead headpiece from Jannie Baltzer | see more on:
Jannie Baltzer bridal veil from her 2015 collection| see more on:
Jannie Baltzer bridal veil from her 2015 collection | see more on:
Antique rose | see more on:
Veil with lace applique from Jannie Baltzer | see more on:
Jannie Baltzer 2015 Collection | see more on:
Gorgeous bridal accessories from Jannie Baltzer | see more on:
Romantic wedding veil from Jannie Baltzer | see more on:
Beaded headpiece from Jannie Baltzer 2015 Collection | see more on:
Parisian studio | see more on:
Jannie Baltzer 2015 Collection | see more on:
Veil with lace detailing from Jannie Baltzer | see more on:
Unique bridal veil from Jannie Baltzer | see more on:
Headpiece from Jannie Baltzer 2015 Collection | see more on:

From Jannie Baltzer – “My 2015 collection is inspired by old world charm, 1920’s Paris and takes place in a beautiful chic trashed Parisian apartment – where you can feel the mood from days gone by. This beautiful bride is getting married, and she is dancing barefoot and happy on the old floor in delicate dresses trying on various couture headpieces. To emphasize this mood, I have used rose gold, honey-gold, antique gold, silver, cream and ivory Preciosa crystals. In this collection I have also used gorgeous opulent oversized Preciosa crystals in silver to add a touch of glamour to the collection.”

Credits:  Photography: Sandra Aberg Photography // Bridal Accessories: Jannie Baltzer // Hair & Makeup: Mia Jeppson // Dresses: Vintage Bride & BHLDN // Model: Faye at Le Management.