Autumn Wedding

This autumn wedding is so pretty from beginning to end. The fall colors give the perfect backdrop for both the wedding ceremony and the reception to follow. Find your inspiration for a fall wedding right here!

Details for an Autumn Wedding

Fall is a beautiful time of the year – the leaves are changing colors, yet the grass is still green. Temperatures have begun to drop, but most days are still somewhat warm. Humidity is down, which is very important on one’s wedding day! An autumn wedding is one in which the weather is almost perfect, bright colors are a perfect natural backdrop for your nuptials, and outdoor weddings can be held without much worry.

While you may choose an outdoor or indoor wedding venue for your autumn wedding, you can still utilize the bright, vibrant colors of fall.

Color Palettes for an Autumn Wedding

If you wish to go more traditional with your color palette, then you may want to choose colors associated with fall. That means deep reds, including burgundy and wine colors. You can also choose some bright yellows and oranges that are symbols of the harvest.

However, teal is a great color for an autumn wedding, and one that is unexpected. Also, you may consider an autumn peach palette, which includes shades of blue, pink, and olive. Gold is always a great accent color for an autumn wedding color palette, but don’t forget about bronze and rose gold as metallic accent colors.

What to Look for in a Venue for an Autumn Wedding

You may be among brides who choose a rustic wedding theme for your autumn wedding, and the outdoors – particularly old buildings – are perfect for this wedding inspiration.

Old barns make the perfect rustic autumn wedding venue. The wood is distressed; the top is usually a rusted tin roof. These venues typically don’t require much in the way of decorations, either! To do so would detract from the rustic look of the place. However, there are other neat autumn wedding venues that are just as beautiful – cabins on a lake, a botanical garden, or the backyard of a historic home. Many of these venues have plants that bloom in the fall or display those gorgeous fall colors. You can benefit by allowing Mother Nature to do the decorating for you!

Food for an Autumn Wedding

Think about foods that come to mind for fall festivities – perhaps they include pumpkin, apples, and vegetables such as squash. Fall is harvest time, so it’s totally appropriate to include foods that have been harvested during the late summer and early fall in your reception menu.

If you’re serving appetizers or sides, consider stuffed bell peppers. These can be made in a myriad of ways, even as a dish that works for vegan guests. Those planning to serve assorted desserts may want to consider apple fritters or pumpkin bread.

Sweet potatoes in any form or fashion are also closely associated with fall food. A potato bar is a hot trend at wedding receptions, and this menu option also fits those who follow a vegan diet.

Wedding Dresses and Accessories for an Autumn Wedding

Choosing a wedding dress for your autumn wedding requires a bit of preparation and planning. Early fall weddings may require a cap sleeve or even a sleeveless bridal gown, while late fall weddings may demand dresses with a sleeve.

You may have more leeway in your choice of dress color during the fall. Ivory, antique white, and even light beige tones are totally appropriate for the autumn wedding dress. You may even go with a shorter, lightweight dress for the occasion. You can also opt for a dress with a burgundy (or another preferred color) sash and accents. These dresses are perfect if you want a unique design for your wedding day.

Menswear for an Autumn Wedding

Guys also have many options for the wedding day! An outdoor wedding may dictate the exact wardrobe for your nuptials, but the men in your wedding party have many choices.

If the weather will still be relatively warm, you may want to look into khakis or a linen suit for the big day. Your groom and his attendants may pair these dressy pants with a white button down shirt and a vest for the ceremony. You can utilize the boutonnieres for pops of color, with beautiful florals in red, orange, and yellow that depict the colors associated with fall.

Wedding Cake Ideas for an Autumn Wedding

You might choose a traditional cake with at least three tiers for the autumn wedding cake. However, you can still personalize this cake with touches of autumn. You can add sunflowers in a myriad of colors, such as burgundy or red for the fall colors. Sunflowers may also be the topper for the cake.

You can also choose a simpler cake with one or two tiers draped with burlap or antique white lace. A naked cake also works well for an autumn wedding; this cake almost guarantees that the icing won’t melt if the weather is unseasonably warm on the big day.

Ceremony Decor for an Autumn Wedding

The ceremony decor for your autumn wedding will largely be determined by your venue. Remember, you don’t really need to add a lot of decoration for locales such as an old barn or other rustic building. Simply adding some twinkling lights and gossamer in the colors of the wedding is often more than enough to invoke a romantic feeling in these venues.

Utilize fall flowers for decor if you choose. Aside from sunflowers, dahlias, chrysanthemums, and calla lilies are all fitting for an autumn wedding. Pots of mums are easily accessible, cheap, and plentiful in fall, and they make great decor for an autumn wedding.

Reception Decor for an Autumn Wedding

Continue to use the same florals from the ceremony at the reception venue. Mums are easy to find, and ferns are still green and gorgeous during the fall. Sunflowers may also be utilized as centerpieces at the reception hall tables. Be sure to add pieces of dried pampas grass in these arrangements.

Use items such as lanterns as reception decor for an autumn wedding. These can be hanging from various places in the hall, or vintage lanterns may be filled with tea light candles and placed on the tables. Hanging Edison lights are also appropriate for an outdoor or indoor reception venue.

Outdoor Wedding Ideas for an Autumn Wedding

Outdoor events are perfect for autumn! You typically don’t have to worry that the event will be rained out (however, it’s always smart to make sure that your venue has a backup spot just in case). The humidity has begun to drop, and the overall temperature is usually pleasant. Plus, as an added bonus, the leaves in bright colors of red, yellow, and orange provide a natural decor that simply can’t be replicated.

Hosting the wedding in a backyard filled with multi-colored trees or a garden blooming with fall flowers is a beautiful backdrop for your autumn wedding. You might also consider a historical home for your nuptials.

Insanely gorgeous autumn inspiration shoot

I don’t think I went overboard with the title of this post at all – this autumn inspiration shoot from Anastasiya Belik Photography is insanely gorgeous!

The floral design by Marina Shentyapina captures the warm feelings of the season and works so well with the fall leaves in this St. Petersburg park. The entire effect is absolutely breathtaking.

Autumn wedding inspiration shoot / Anastasiya Belik Photography
Autumn wedding inspiration shoot / Anastasiya Belik Photography
fall wedding place setting with lanterns / Anastasiya Belik Photography
Fall wedding inspiration / Anastasiya Belik Photography
Fall wedding floral centerpiece with autumn colors / Anastasiya Belik Photography
Autumn wedding inspiration shoot / Anastasiya Belik Photography
autumn bride and groom / Anastasiya Belik Photography
Autumn wedding inspiration shoot / Anastasiya Belik Photography
Autumn wedding place setting with a fall color palette / Anastasiya Belik Photography
Fall bridal bouquet / Anastasiya Belik Photography
Autumn wedding inspiration shoot / Anastasiya Belik Photography
Fall and Autumn wedding inspiration and ideas / Anastasiya Belik Photography
Fall wedding floral centerpiece / Anastasiya Belik Photography

Each of these images is styled to perfection and reminiscent of a still-life painting. Another detail to adore is the fur wrap around the bride’s shoulders. It’s a tasteful nod towards the snowy white winter to come!

Credits: Photography: Anastasiya Belik Photography // Styling & Design: Peony Art Decoration Studio // Floral Design: Marina Shentyapina // Location: St. Petersburg, Russia.