Inked Bridal Style

Brides who are inked should embrace their tattoos and showcase them on the big day. After all, your body art is a reflection of your style and by all means, they should share the spotlight during your wedding. When you think about it, tattoos are simply artistic expressions that permanently adorn the body. With that in mind, they deserve to be showcased.

Naturally, you want to figure out which bridal look will best accentuate your best assets while also highlighting your inks. It doesn't necessarily have to be anything edgy or daring because tattoos can equally be chic. Slip into the right wedding dress and the tough exterior inks provide instantly soften up and are presented in a romantic, feminine light.

Back Tattoos

If your body art is etched on your back, then a wedding dress with a low-slung back is the best choice. It depends on the exact position of your tattoo, and in some cases, a strapless gown or a one-shoulder ensemble would still allow your ink to shine. A plunging or V-back dress is also a strikingly beautiful choice if your ink runs down your spine.

Shoulders and Arms

Cut-out shoulders and off-shoulder gowns are ideal if your ink is located around the neckline or shoulder area. You can either choose a strapless gown or short sleeves in this case to highlight your arm tattoos. A dress with spaghetti straps is yet another alternative but bustier-style gowns would be perfect in this case.


Body art that falls around the chest area is best highlighted by plunging and sweetheart necklines. A square neckline can also call attention to a chest piece, and it's an even better choice if you opt for an alternative bridal look. A Bardot-style gown is also worth considering to showcase your chest tattoos.

Legs and Feet

A shorter wedding dress is a befitting choice if you want to showcase your leg tattoos. A high-low gown would be an elegant choice and it's even better if it's a cascading-style outfit. If your tattoo is positioned on your thighs, get a little daring and choose a dress with a deep slit.

If your foot is inked then slip into a pair of strappy sandals for the occasion.

Colour Matching Your Ink & Wedding Dress

A white gown accentuates the colours of most tattoos because it more or less works like a blank canvas. If plain white doesn't reflect your aesthetic then you can choose another wedding colour that will complement your ink.

If your tattoo includes mostly black and green pigments then go for a contrasting look by choosing a red gown. In the colour spectrum, red and green are opposites hence the reason they create a stunning contrast in outfits. If you are spotting body art with mostly red pigment then consider wearing a green or black gown.

Go the full yard and match your accessories as well as a bridal bouquet with the colours of your ink. The shoes, bag, and necklaces would best compliment the colours of your tattoo. It's an equally great idea to have the groom's colour match your ink. For instance, your better half could don an emerald green suit jacket for the occasion.

More Ways to Highlight Your Tattoos

There are other charming ways that you can play up your tattoos and compliment your bridal style.

Go for updos

As for the styling, settle for an updo if you have shoulder tattoos or ink on your back.

Ditch the veil

Consider ditching the veil altogether particularly if you have back tattoos.

Lace trim

Choose a gown with lace trimming framing the areas where your tattoos are located.

Applique details

If you are up to it, have a similar applique motif sewn into your gown. It's a great option if you have chosen a bespoke dress but it's also possible to stumble onto gowns with intricate patterning that match your tattoos.

If You Prefer To Semi-cover or Entirely Conceal Your Tattoos

Select brides might prefer to mask their tattoos either because they don’t feel it compliments their bridal ensembles. Maybe the tattoos might be a bit offensive and the best option is to cover them up entirely.

Also given that most places of worship have strict dress codes, you might also want to semi-cover or entirely conceal your tattoos for that portion of the day. This mostly applies if you are having a religious ceremony and your body art is located at risque parts of the body.

Semi-cover options

If you prefer to keep your tattoos semi-covered, then consider sheer sleeves or getting a dress with lace trimmings positioned at the points where your inks are located. Wedding dresses with slit billowing sleeves are also lovely options if you want to partly conceal and showcase your arm tattoos. Consider a wedding dress with a high neck to cover up body art inked in that area.


You could also tone it down for the ceremony by wearing a shawl-style wrap or bolero. These cover-ups not only complement most bridal looks but then you can also take them off during the reception. You can choose cover-ups fashioned out of lace or mesh fabrics for a semi-covered look.

Hide tattoos located on your wrist and hands, in general, by wearing gloves. Likewise, choose sheer or lace-made gloves to semi-cover your ink. To fully conceal them, settle for cotton, silk, or satin gloves.

Fashion accessories

Cover up tattoos with rhinestones or crystals that align with your wedding colours for a fashionable outlook. Veils are yet other great options to cover up tattoos located at the back and shoulders.

Entirely Cover Your Tattoos

To entirely conceal your tattoos, you'll need to enlist the services of a skilled makeup artist. It's the best option if your tattoos are somewhere where the dress doesn't cover them. For instance, the nape of your neck, chest, and certain parts of the back. Flesh-coloured bandages are other alternatives if you want to completely hide your body art.


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A report from the Food and Drug Administration claims that 45 million Americans have tattoos and that 36% of people between the ages of 25 and 29 have a tattoo. That’s a lot of ink! I thought it was about time we had a post dedicated to inked brides everywhere; the ones who wear their tattoos with pride and choose their wedding dresses based on how well it shows off their body art.I’ve rounded up some of the sweetest, softest, most romantic and subtle tattoos out there just for you and for those of you who can’t quite bring yourself to commit to something permanent (like myself), check out the temporary tattoos at Tattly sometime. I’m addicted to them!

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Coco Chanel tattoo on back
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