Industrial Nostalgia Wedding

Red chairs, a red bouquet and centrepiece are all stunning accents to an industrial venue, agreed? This space is a spectacular venue in which to get married. We’ve got the details about how to take an industrial room from plain to party ready!

What to Look for in a Venue for an Industrial Nostalgia Wedding

When you’re looking for a wedding venue that sings industrial nostalgia, you’ve got to focus more on the industrial element of your theme. The nostalgia side mostly comes into focus when you’re sorting out the decor. So, when we’re looking at industrial we’re thinking no longer used warehouses, exposed brick, metal struts, converted NY style lofts – that kind of vibe and space.

It’s all about texture with this setting. Anything too polished doesn’t have the hard work feel that makes industrial such a popular style. You want to be on the lookout for these textural features. Don’t worry if they seem too cold and harsh, you can always soften them later with decor and lighting.

Table Setting Style for an Industrial Nostalgia Wedding

Depending on the era of your nostalgia, your industrial nostalgia wedding could have a very different table setting style. Some more 1950s style nostalgia might lead you to have kitschy formica tables with yellow legs and white plastic tops to them. If you’re going more Bauhaus with your theme, you might go for a statement concrete table. Perhaps you’re going back to your youth with repurposed school chairs and tables.

There are a lot of options here, but on your table is where you can soften the edges of your industrial theme, if you want to, using linens and fabrics that bring another layer to your overall scheme.

Budget for an Industrial Nostalgia Wedding

Although having a mostly industrial, minimalist wedding theme might seem like it’s a budget option, there are some things that can drive the overall cost up. Vintage and antique pieces are not easy to come by and can often rack up a pretty hefty bill. Make sure to shop around and get second hand places from their sources, not from resellers.

Of course, with such a minimalist wedding and the wedding venue itself doing a lot of the heavy lifting thematically, you can save money on the sheer amount of decoration, as well as more traditional elements like wedding favours.

Wedding Dresses & Accessories for an Industrial Nostalgia Wedding

With your dream wedding dress, you can start to integrate the nostalgia side of your wedding theme. Pick a dress that looks back to the era that you’re reminiscing about. Maybe it’s a fitted 1940s number, maybe it’s the supermodel chic of the 1990s, maybe it’s a show stopping 1970s style jumpsuit.

The key is here to keep it cool and sleek. This theme overall is quite a cool and low-key theme. Industrial warehouse parties and bringing back vintage themes are marks of someone with their finger on the pulse, looking to do something a bit different. Take inspiration from the past, but update it to make it relevant.

Bridesmaid Dresses for an Industrial Nostalgia Wedding

As with your bridal outfit, the key to your industrial nostalgia wedding is to keep it cool and sleek and tie in those era-specific references. It might be with such a small wedding that you don’t have bridesmaids at all. If you do, maybe you have them in coloured suits that tie into the nostalgia of the period.

Perhaps you have them all in outfits that are slightly different and a little bit edgy to give your bridal party that extra wow factor. There are a lot of avenues that you can go down. With this theme, your regular chiffon, floor-length, pastel gown probably isn’t going to cut it.

Wedding Cake Ideas for an Industrial Nostalgia Wedding

When it comes to picking your perfect wedding cake for your industrial nostalgia wedding, it again stems from the era which you are drawing your nostalgic inspirations from. If you’re going for a specific era or pop culture reference, then there are going to be styles of cake or pastries from that time.

For instance, if you’re doing a 1970s era wedding, go with a classic bundt cake. Going for a 60s affair, maybe something fun and camp like a Battenburg. The key with this is not to go for the expected three tier, white fondant cake. It probably won’t match up with the rest of the vision.

Reception Decor for an Industrial Nostalgia Wedding

With this theme, it’s all about the decor, especially when it comes to the wedding reception. You’re going to want to have plenty of natural light streaming through into your industrial wedding venue, shining on all your nostalgic features. Whether that’s framed photos of icons from back in the day to vintage crockery and pieces to adorn the table and more, there are a lot of ways you can pull this off.

It’s here that you can also soften the metal struts and exposed bricks with drapery in the designated colour for your scheme, flowers and floral arrangements, and just an array of textures that make your wedding ceremony and reception venue feel more full.

Wedding Photo Shoot Ideas for an Industrial Nostalgia Wedding

When you’re trying to think up potential shots and pose for your industrial nostalgia wedding photo shoot, remember to have a look at reference photos from your era of nostalgia. If it’s the supermodel era of the 1990s, check out Kate Moss’ favourite shots, if it’s the 1920’s have that demure, eyes down vibe that was so popular back then.

Don’t forget to make a feature out of your surroundings. You chose to have an industrial wedding venue for a reason, so ensure it has a solid place in your gorgeous wedding photos. Use the walls, the struts, the stripped back floors – all of it has a place here.

Wedding Reception Music and Entertainment for an Industrial Nostalgia Wedding

The thing about wedding reception music is that it’s completely dependent on the taste of the couple in question. If you love brass band music, then have a New Orleans style second line playing at your wedding reception to really bring the party. More into lo-fi beats? Then get a DJ to come and mellow out into the evening.

There are so many different options when it comes to wedding reception musicians, so have a think about the atmosphere that you want to create for you and your guests and go from there. Do you want to chill out or have a huge dance party?

Outdoor Wedding Ideas for an Industrial Nostalgia Wedding

Even though industrial-based wedding themes do lend themselves really well to being indoors, there are plenty of outdoor venues that would work just as well. From railway yards to rooftop spaces to old industrial estates, there are a lot of options.

The benefit of having your industrial nostalgia wedding outside is that you tend to have much more space to play with, and tons of natural light to help balance the more harsh elements of your scheme. Of course, you may have to clean up the surrounding area a little bit to make it guest-ready, but the end result will be well worth the effort.

Industrial Glam Wedding Inspiration

Edgy glamour gets spun on its head today with an amazing creative shoot from Adonye Jaja Photography and Bluebird Productions. With an arts district warehouse setting, an altar made out of metal ladders, and a bride who looks straight out of the pages of The Great Gatsby – today’s shoot is truly an inspiration!

Red bridal bouquet | Adonye JaJa Photography | see more on: #red #bouquet
Industrial wedding reception | Adonye JaJa Photography | see more on: #industrialwedding #reception
Industrial glam wedding ceremony | Adonye JaJa Photography | see more on: #creative #wedding #ceremony
Glamorous bride | Adonye JaJa Photography | see more on:
Red floral centerpiece | Adonye JaJa Photography | see more on:
Lady of Guadalupe | Adonye JaJa Photography | see more on:
Hollywood glam bride | Adonye JaJa Photography | see more on:
Industrial dessert table | Adonye JaJa Photography | see more on:
Vintage glam bride | Adonye JaJa Photography | see more on:
Calligraphy labels | Adonye JaJa Photography | see more on: #calligraphy
Glamorous bride | Adonye JaJa Photography | see more on: #redhead
1920s glamorous bridal look | Adonye JaJa Photography | see more on:
Purple menu with gold calligraphy | Adonye JaJa Photography | see more on:

From Bluebird Prodcutions – “Denver is a town brimming with a myriad of creative individuals collaborating on projects that inspire and elevate the style of weddings and events – even in this age of ‘above-and-beyond’ innovation. We were driven to create this edgy and unique shoot to showcase the artistic style and talents of local vendors.

Inspired by the Reno arts district of Denver, an emerging urban neighbourhood rife with all things hip and artisanal, we entered our shoot on an art collective called Converge, housed in a restored industrial garage. Set against the sparse and rough aesthetic of the venue, we lavished our telescopes with lush velvety florals, intertwining them with modern touches and hints of nostalgia.”

Red bridal bouquet | Adonye JaJa Photography | see more on:
Bundt cakes | Adonye JaJa Photography | see more on: #bundtcake
Glamorous and sleek wedding dress | Adonye JaJa Photography | see more on: #weddingdress
Pop Fizz Chink | Adonye JaJa Photography | see more on: #champagne
Industrial Glam wedding inspiration | Adonye JaJa Photography | see more on:
Industrial glam wedding inspiration | Adonye JaJa Photography | see more on:
Industrial and glamorous | Adonye JaJa Photography | see more on:

“The centrepiece of our shoot was an altar constructed out of vintage crates, boxes, and metal ladders and then draped with velvet curtains, sheer chiffon, and Edison light bulb strands. Candles, bell jars and flowers bedecked the altar space with a serene Lady of Guadalupe presiding over – a nod to the colourful Hispanic culture present in Denver.

Our model was styled in a custom gown made by a local designer. The graceful lines of satin evoke an air of Old Hollywood and yet the look is sleekly modern, enhanced by the simplicity and elegance of a bobbed haircut styled feminine curls, a natural face, and dark berry stained lips.”

Credits: Photography: Adonye Jaja // Coordination: Bluebird Productions // Styling: Prema // Floral Design: Lale Floral Design // Props: Eclectic Hive and Vintage Rentals Denver // Wedding Dress: Emma and Grace Bridal Studio // Jewelry: Doozie Jewelry // Manicure: Ashley at Base Coat // Hair & Makeup: Curly Elizabeth at Blow! Salon // Bundt Cakes: The Bundt Shoppe // Calligraphy: Kathryn Murray // Venue: Converge Denver.