Destination Wedding in Iceland

Destination Wedding in Iceland

We think the scenery in this inspirational wedding photo shoot is the most incredible we’ve seen yet. Ice-capped mountains and ice-floe-filled bodies of water provide an exceptional backdrop for this gorgeous bride.

Color Palettes for a Destination Wedding in Iceland

Beige and wood. That's all there is to this glorious destination wedding in Iceland. The color palette of this wedding, although limited, speaks for itself. These earthy tones of wood are the pinnacle of beauty in this Icelandic scenery. From the venue details to all the other wedding arrangements, including the wedding decor, everything is painted in rustic shades of wood.

This is such a unique color palette and gives off a medieval times vibe. For a destination wedding, minimal and unique is the key. Your color palettes must not overshadow the beauty of the scenery.

Details for a Destination Wedding in Iceland

If you ever plan to have a destination wedding, then you must keep in mind that other than the venue and location, your guests also pay close attention to other intricate details of your wedding. It is not only limited to your decor but all other aspects too.

For the destination wedding, you must carry out properly formulated and preplanned arrangements. Iceland is one of the most beautiful countries with stunning scenery and quite a few magnificent locations to choose from. Book your venue, get in touch with a local catering company (they know better), visit the location prior to your wedding, link up your wedding planner with your caterers, and make sure that all necessities are available.

Destination weddings can be more complex than regular in-city weddings. It's not just about wowing your guests but also making sure that they are well taken care of.

Outdoor Wedding Ideas for a Destination Wedding in Iceland

Because this is a destination wedding in an incredible setting, it is bound to be a lovely outdoor event. This is because you do not want to let your guests stay inside and miss out on all the beauty of Iceland. This couple arranged an outdoor wedding ceremony that inspired the cutest and most elegant outdoor wedding ideas.

For example, their venue was located beside a huge lake so they included water boats, wooden signboards, bridges, and a sweetheart table by the lake in their venue.

There were traditional hut-style houses in the background, as well as some melted glaciers, sea rocks, and sea caves. This wedding setting is a dream come true indeed!

Table Setting Style for a Destination Wedding in Iceland

Imagine having your wedding lunch or dinner by the lake in a pretty country like Iceland. You would need an equally pretty table setting to go with it, no?

In this destination wedding inspiration, a rustic wooden table was set on one side of the wooden walking bridge with a plain white linen table spread laid out. The table was decorated with the bridal bouquet, two handcrafted Nordic hearts, a wooden 'love' frame and a small menu board.

Wool woven table mats were placed on one side with white dinner plates and silver utensils placed on them. The dessert forks had a pretty jute bow tied around them. The overall finishing was super romantic!

Bouquets & Boutonnieres for a Destination Wedding in Iceland

Every element of this destination wedding was so unique yet minimal that it left us awestruck. When you look at this particular wedding board, you will realize that no element is ordinary. Every little thing has meaningful details. Just like the bridal bouquet created for our very gorgeous bride.

When you take a look at it closely, you will know that it is not made of flowers but rather paper. YES! This is a bouquet made out of the country's map. This is such a genius idea for all the brides who are planning to have a destination wedding. You can simply grab a few maps of the country in which your wedding is going to take place and make a bridal bouquet out of it. And whatever that's left of that map, you can use it for the groom's boutonniere. So original!

Wedding Dresses & Accessories for a Destination Wedding in Iceland

If you haven't already figured it out from the pictures in this wedding inspiration board, let us tell you that the vibe of this wedding is vintage and country-style.

Keeping this in mind, the bride chose a beige, classic, sleeveless wedding dress made of lace fabric that came to her ankles. It has a v-neckline, false sleeves, a lace flower bow around the waist, and an umbrella cut making her look like a beautiful damsel. She has paired it with elegant white heels for some of the poses, a lace headband, and matching dangling earrings and necklace. This completes her sophisticated bridal look.

Wedding Photography for a Destination Wedding in Iceland

Iceland is a place filled with beauty to the brim. No matter where you go, there will always be something that catches your eye, and you will instantly fall in love with the beauty of it. There is no other place that contains an entire package of icebergs, caves, glaciers, black sand beaches, and gigantic waterfalls all year, like Iceland.

Capturing your wedding photos amidst this glory will be a precious memory. These bridal portraits will forever live in our hearts not only for their beauty but also because they are an inspiration for so many wedding photographers and brides. Each and every picture is the epitome of perfection!

Portrait Props for a Destination Wedding in Iceland

Portrait props are perfect for adding more depth and meaning to your photos. Just make sure that the props you choose align with the season and the theme of your wedding.

For this destination wedding, other than the natural background, the lovely bride, adorned in white, is using an umbrella that matches the color and design of her bridal gown, to make her solo photo shoot look prettier. Aside from an umbrella, wooden name tags with the name of the bride and groom carved on them can also make for a great portrait prop.

Wedding Cake Ideas for a Destination Wedding in Iceland

Now that the bridal bouquet has stolen the show with its uniqueness, it's time for the wedding cake to shine and be in the limelight. For a destination wedding, your cake should be minimal yet reflective of your theme.

For the base of the cake, you can go for plain white, ivory, or beige, depending upon your color palette, and then decorate it with whatever you like. It can either be some famous fruits and flowers of your chosen destination or just like the bridal bouquet, you can create a map-like cake. For this purpose, you will have to get a customized fondant. It depends on you, whether you want to create a country map or the map of the location you have chosen for your wedding.

Wedding Invitations for a Destination Wedding in Iceland

Destination wedding invitations are quite special, not because you are traveling, but because you can personalize them as much as you like. There are a thousand options that you can choose from or can even create a template of your own. Though a lot of time and energy needs to be invested into it, the results are beyond lovely.

For this neutral-toned wedding, go for a beige-colored envelope and an ivory invite. For a unique element, use recycled paper for the RSVP note and regular paper for the wedding card. To let your guests know that it's a destination wedding, you can print the most popular monument or any other thing associated with that country, and to finish off, paste an airplane stamp on the back of the envelope.

To Iceland with love – a wedding editorial

There’s nowhere else in the world where you can have a wedding day adventure that includes glaciers, icebergs, caves, sod covered houses, black sand beaches, lava fields, sea arches, waterfalls, and abandoned airplanes all year-round than in Iceland!

With today’s fabulous editorial titled To Iceland With Love, you’ll experience it all through the lens of Photos by Miss Ann.

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Rustic table setting | Photos by Miss Ann | see more on:
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Icelandic - English dictionary page centerpiece | Photos by Miss Ann | see more on:
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Custom napkin rings | Photos by Miss Ann | see more on:

From Photos by Miss Ann – “I’m so thrilled to share this To Iceland With Love editorial. My business partner (and model!) Beth Golden and I traveled around the entire country working with our favorite hotels and locations to bring you all these fabulous backdrops and details.

Not only is Iceland considered for larger destination weddings, but it is also a popular place for romantic elopements – a place where couples can come and declare their love for each other in front of one of many gorgeous natural wonders.”

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From Photos by Miss Ann –”We mocked up a super romantic dinner for two on the dock of Hotel Brimnes in Northern Iceland which overlooks a mountain and lake. Wool woven placements were used to set the base of the design. We framed a page out of an Icelandic-English dictionary that featured the word love – Elska in Icelandic – and used it as a centerpiece. Next to the frame we placed Nordic hearts and a rustic menu that features local cuisines.

The bride’s bouquet was made from vintage natural toned maps and the napkins were canvas linen with Elska Bride and Elska Groom napkin rings. Dessert forks were in the center of the plates which also stated Bride/ Groom and had cute burlap ribbon ties.

The couples’ place cards were rustically framed and had a travel map element to them that stated To Iceland With Love.”

Credits: Locations: Hvitserkur Sea Arch // Hotel Brimnes // Hotel Glymur // Hotel Borg // Iceland Abandoned Airplane // Vik Iceland // Skogafoss Sod Farm // Hruthalsafoss (waterfall) // Myrdalssandur Icelandic Cave.