In today’s era, the average office setup is a far cry from what it used to be. With offices ranging from traditional to extremely modern where new people are in and out every day, there are plenty of office spaces to choose from. Whether you want the office space for a photo shoot, a film shoot, or a client meeting, finding the perfect office to rent is easy with Giggster, as you are sure to find the most productive workspace according to your requirements and budget.

Why rent an office for a day?

Whether you’re running a business or working as an individual, renting an office for a day offers more options and flexibility than you might be aware of.

If the purpose of renting an office is for a client meeting, you might find the appeal of a larger and more professional-looking workplace attractive. Suppose you are hosting a class/workshop, a different office may have more room and equipment for you to give a presentation or demonstration than where you are working currently. You might even want to rent the office for a photo shoot or video shoot, where plenty of natural light pours in through large office windows.

Renting an office for a day also provides you the desk space and the professional atmosphere that you need. It offers you and your team an opportunity to work in different spaces and even be more productive given the location of the office. From large space offices with front desks to offices with studio space and equipment, renting an office for a day can serve multiple purposes, including:

  • Hosting a class or workshop
  • Photoshoot
  • Video shoot
  • Client meeting
  • Off-site retreat

These professional office spaces are designed for the best business outcome as they have consistent internet connections, desks/cubicles, and other amenities.

How to rent an office for a day?

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While co-working spaces are revolutionizing the way people work, renting an office for a day allows for more flexibility, as it is a more personal experience. If you are hosting a client meeting and want to make some special arrangements, it is always preferable to have a private space rather than a communal one. Whether it’s an individual requirement or a business need, Giggster is one of the easiest ways to find and rent an office.

With Giggster, you can search by location, budget, event type, and even the number of guests/workers to find the perfect office space. Each space also offers high-quality pictures, a detailed description of the venue, and real reviews from previous renters. If you are too busy to search for an office on your own contact Giggster Concierge and they will do the searching for you.

Types of offices on Giggster

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What type of offices can you rent on Giggster? While you know the purpose of renting an office for a day, you may not be aware of the available options. Varying in terms of location, size, and differing between creative and customary offices, below are some of the available offices for rent on Giggster.

All these offices vary in some form or another, therefore, before finalizing the office that you want to rent, you should always contact the host directly to clear any questions you may have about the location.

Additionally, you will want to consider some other factors you might not have thought of. Some of these may include:

  • Location rules
  • Locations features
  • Parking
  • WiFi availability

How much does it cost to rent an office for a day?

Lastly, renting an office for a day will cost more than a day pass to a co-working space, which is around $30. You can expect to pay around $100 per hour for an average size office. The more lavish or spacious offices can cost you about $300 per hour, while something even more extensive, like an office campus, can be upwards of $500 per hour not including additional expenses you may run into.

Thankfully, you don’t have to worry about any of that with Giggster, who are always upfront about any additional or hidden expenses and fees. They have offices for rent for as low as $20 per hour, however, for an average-sized office, you can expect to pay around $80 per hour. If you’re looking for something a bit more spacious and lavish than an ordinary office, expect to pay anywhere between $250 - $400 an hour.

The question “How and where to rent an office for a day” has more questions and layers to it than expected. Moreover, we hope this article gave you some direction on “How and where to rent an office for a day” and what types of options are out there for you.

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