Sunny Hawaii Beach Wedding

Vivid colors and soft sand – these are two elements of a beach wedding. This inspiration is all about the sunny Hawaii beach wedding, but in fact, the photos were taken on a North Sea beach in Germany.

This means you can totally pull off a seashore themed wedding ceremony anywhere you choose! And as for the after party, wedding reception venues in Southampton come to mind. After all, you’ll find gorgeous white sand beaches there, ideal for your version of a Hawaii beach wedding!

Food for a Sunny Hawaii Beach Wedding

Who doesn’t like food that makes them feel like they’re on a tropical island getaway in the gorgeous sunshine without a care in the world? That’s exactly the kind of beautiful, relaxed and fresh vibe you’ll be wanting to bring to your Hawaii beach wedding menu, regardless of what time of day you’re having your ceremony.

From delicious, vibrant, colorful fresh fruit platters to amazingly flavorful fish and meat that you can grill to perfection to tasty and nutritious veggies that are grown all year round, Hawaii has a bounty of ingredients that you can use to influence your menu.

Table Setting Style for a Sunny Hawaii Beach Wedding

The main things to keep in mind for the table setting style for your sunny Hawaii beach wedding are vibrant color and texture. Hawaii is a colorful paradise that is full of natural elements that bring in different textures, aromas and feelings. By layering these together as part of your table decor you’ll help to bring the essence of a Hawaiian wedding wherever you’re having your big day.

Specifically think about big leafy foliage together with gorgeous and bright coral colored floral elements to bring contrast and light to your table setting decor. As there’s so much going on, it’s best to stick with classic, plain white crockery that allows the color to pop.

Budget for a Sunny Hawaii Beach Wedding

Hawaii is a notoriously expensive location to get married in – after all there is such a high demand for getting wed in these beautiful islands and it costs quite a lot of money to fly out there and stay out there, especially in popular locations like Waikiki Beach.

However, the whole point of this Hawaii beach wedding theme is to take the essence of getting married on the islands and bring it to wherever you’re wanting to get married. This way you can have a Hawaii beach wedding at any coastal or lakeside location without the Hawaii beach wedding price tag.

Wedding Dresses & Accessories for a Sunny Hawaii Beach Wedding

Beach wedding dresses have a tendency to be fairly chilled and floaty. After all, you don’t want a huge, long train that gets ruined by the sand or a big puffy ball gown that’s hard to walk in on the beach, especially when you consider that you’re going to be barefoot or in flats.

Keep it classic and romantic with lace accents and a more casual silhouette. You can bring color into your Hawaii beach wedding look by wearing a floral garland on your head as you’ll see in the images, instead of a veil to bring some of that island spirit with you and tie your wedding outfit into your overall wedding scheme.

Groom Style for a Sunny Hawaii Beach Wedding

As with the bridal look for this sunny Hawaii beach wedding, you’re going to want your groom to dress a little less formal than a traditional black and white tuxedo look. With it being a more relaxed, beachy wedding you’re going to want to go with some more natural colors like blues, browns and neutrals to keep the softer look that you can build upon with the bright floral details.

Of course, if you’re having a Hawaii beach wedding style theme, it’s normally pretty warm and humid, meaning you might want a lighter material for your suit or you might want to ditch the waistcoat. To keep the casual theme going, opt for an undone top button and no tie or bowtie.

Bouquets & Boutonnieres for a Sunny Hawaii Beach Wedding

It’s pretty well known that Hawaii is lush, green and just covered with beautiful, brightly colored flowers, so much so that one of the iconic things associated with the islands and celebrations are leis, the flower garlands that are presented to visitors and guests.

Fundamentally you’re wanting to go with flowers that mimic the Hawaiian sunset, so those oranges, yellows, reds, pinks and corals that really bring to mind the vision of gorgeous holidays and sunnier, warmer days are what you’ll choose. Juxtapose these beautiful, colorful flowers of different shapes and sizes with some vibrant green palms and foliage and you’ll have some stunning tropical bouquets.

Outdoor Wedding Ideas for a Sunny Hawaii Beach Wedding

Obviously, if you’re having a beach themed wedding you should be having it either at the coast or by a lake, somewhere where there's, you know, a beach! This is doubly important for a Hawaii beach wedding as being outdoors in beautiful nature and in the glorious sunshine is a big part of the Hawaiian lifestyle.

There are a few little tricky things to remember with beach weddings of any kind. Things like tide times – you don’t want to be interrupted by your feet getting wet mid-ceremony or have the beach access route cut off because the tides have changed.

Reception Decor for a Sunny Hawaii Beach Wedding

When you’re looking to decorate your sunny Hawaii beach wedding reception venue, think about the vibe and reaction you’re wanting to get from your guests as they enter the space. Are you wanting a chilled out and relaxed campfire kind of atmosphere where everyone is communal and mellow?

Perhaps you want more of a show stopping party vibe with fire lamps and a designated dance floor? You can go wherever you like on this atmospheric spectrum, but whichever vibe you’re going with, use a lot of bright, natural colors and plenty of floral elements to bring the Hawaii beach wedding theme to life.

Wedding Photo Shoot Ideas for a Sunny Hawaii Beach Wedding

With such a beautiful wedding theme as your inspiration, there are lots of avenues that you can go down when it comes to your wedding photo shoot. As you’ve chosen a sunny Hawaii beach wedding, you’re going to want to get some shots on the shoreline, possibly at the golden hour to get that dreamy, holiday-style light shining down on the happy couple.

You will probably also want to make use of the gorgeous floral arrangements that you’ve created in your wedding photos. You can use them as the centerpiece of the photo with your newly given wedding ring sparkling away as you hold the gorgeous bouquet.

Wedding Reception Music and Entertainment for a Sunny Hawaii Beach Wedding

Realistically the wedding reception music and entertainment are by and large down to the couple’s personal preference rather than dictated by your overarching theme. This being said, the entertainment and music choice can be decided by the level of formality and atmosphere that you’re trying to create with your reception.

Again, if you’re having a more casual, mellow wedding, then maybe a small acoustic band playing covers might be a nice match, however, if you want something with more of a party feel, maybe go with an uptempo band or a DJ to get everyone up on their feet and dancing.

Hawaii-Inspired Beach Wedding

Today’s jaw-dropping wedding editorial embodies the very thing that this publication aims to showcase – that inspiration can come from anywhere around the world!

Sandra Hützen Fotografie brought Hawaii and the warmth of those tropical islands and the Aloha spirit to a North Sea beach in Germany. Take a peek for yourself – this incredible team of wedding pros really pulled the Hawaiian-style look off flawlessly!

Hibiscus wedding invitations | Sandra Hützen Fotografie
Tropical wedding desserts | Sandra Hützen Fotografie
Tropical bridal bouquet | Sandra Hützen Fotografie
Tropical place settings | Sandra Hützen Fotografie
Tropical bridal bouquet | Sandra Hützen Fotografie
Tropical cake display | Sandra Hützen Fotografie
Tropical floral crown | Sandra Hützen Fotografie
Tropical place cards | Sandra Hützen Fotografie
Hawaii themed beach wedding | Sandra Hützen Fotografie
Hawaiian bridal bouquet | Sandra Hützen Fotografie
Tropical wedding cake | Sandra Hützen Fotografie
Tropical bridal bouquet | Sandra Hützen Fotografie
Tropical wedding program | Sandra Hützen Fotografie
Beach bridal style | Sandra Hützen Fotografie
Hawaii-inspired wedding | Sandra Hützen Fotografie

The mermaid style wedding dress, bamboo detailing on the utensils, and of course all the tropical blooms in a sophisticated yet tropical color palette bring this beach to life. I particularly love the cake topper as it calls to mind the brain corals you can see throughout Hawaii’s waters!

Credits: Photography: Sandra Hützen Fotografie // Florist & Decorations: Melanie Noormann // Invitations: Studio JaJa // Cake & Cakepops: Greta Marlene // Wedding Dress: Seeweiss // Location: North Sea, Germany