Greenhouse Wedding

A wedding dress without too many embellishments – yet, still a stunning gown – is the ideal look for this wonderfully natural greenhouse wedding. We love everything about it! The greenery, from the loose and wild foliage to the trimmed and perfectly in place palm leaves, asparagus ferns and more, makes this wedding shoot vibrant and one you won’t soon forget.

If you’re looking for a theme for your wedding, we highly recommend this greenhouse wedding photo shoot as inspiration and a push in the right direction!

Details for a Greenhouse Wedding

There's no question about it; you can plan a green wedding, well, at least one with lots of lush greenery. Much like the team from The Little Lending Company was taken by the gorgeous shoot location; we can draw out plenty of greenhouse wedding ideas from the editorial. Saying "I do" against the backdrop of a greenhouse wedding venue means embracing the concept of bringing the outdoors inside.

We’re sold by the fact that a greenhouse wedding can be an elegant, sophisticated, and grand occasion. Amy Lewin, from The Little Lending Company, was kind enough to break down the photography process. Her narration makes it easier to pick out different elements that contribute fresh greenhouse wedding ideas.

Colour Palettes for a Greenhouse Wedding

Greenhouse weddings hosted at industrial-style locations are full of character because they essentially merge the old and the new. The contrasting styles create a fun and lively atmosphere while the outgrowth of plants provides wedding colour ideas. Guided by the editorial, a combination of terracotta/orange, berry, and blush creates a stunning wedding palette.

Green is the predominant hue in this case with silver and clear bottle accents adding more oomph. There's also plenty of texture brought about from the different types of plants as well as the wooden elements. The black-painted metallic details provide yet another pigment and texture to explore.

What to Look for in Venue for a Greenhouse Wedding

Botanical wedding venues are perfect locations for greenhouse nuptials because they offer guests a unique experience without coming off gimmicky. They are usually pre-styled to exude urban beauty and antique romance, as evidenced by the editorial, which means that you are essentially locking down a location that is ready to go.

Greenhouse venues also typically feature multiple floor-to-length windows that allow natural light to flood into the space. It ups the intensity of bringing the outdoors inside, and in most cases provides plenty of sights to behold. Conservatories, orchid farms, and botanical gardens are great wedding venues for a greenhouse wedding.

Bridesmaid Dresses for a Greenhouse Wedding

Two bridal looks offer plenty of references for the bridesmaids' outfits. There are endless lists of options, starting with choosing floral printed dresses for members of the bridal party. If you prefer a neutral style, berry, green or terracotta-coloured gowns are perfect options for the occasion.

Flowy silk, lace, or chiffon bridesmaids' dresses would best compliment the theme as well as the bride's ensemble. As for the styling, a similar look to the bride's would tie it all together because not much is needed to dress up the ensemble. A classic black tuxedo is a suitable choice for the groom while navy suits would work for the groomsmen.

Ceremony Decor for a Greenhouse Wedding

Most greenhouse wedding venues offer event spaces that come decked out with selections of potted plants and beautiful blooms. Except for adding more foliage and flowers, there's not much else that's needed to deck out the ceremony space for greenhouse nuptials. An organic arch or wooden arbour would be a perfect addition to the venue.

To stay true to the theme, the wedding arch should ideally feature an overgrowth of foliage, selections of eye-catching plants, and lots of colourful flowers. Wooden signages would work for the theme as well as copper or glass flower vases set up along the aisle. Other metallic accents are welcome additions to the ceremony area.

Reception Decor for a Greenhouse Wedding

Right from the venue itself, yours won't be an occasion anyone describes as a cookie-cutter affair. Greenhouse wedding venues are rich in details that exude both past-era charms and touches of modern glamour. The editorial paints a clearer image, and perhaps some of these other reception decor ideas can help.

Repurpose old wooden boards by using them as signages placed around the venue. Include pampas grass, and we mean lots of it, in the floral arrangements and also use them to fashion hanging centrepieces. Again, there's nothing wrong with bringing in more potted greens and flowers if you feel like you need to enhance the greenhouse elegance.

Table Setting Style for a Greenhouse Wedding

A banquet-style table setting style is a wonderful choice for the occasion. Borrowing from the editorial, wooden stumps used as food display stands help to add more texture to the tablescape. Figs, berries, and sprigs of different herbs are lovely additions to the dessert table. The glass bottles containing various plant species are equally lovely touches.

Copper accents, similar to what is seen on the candle holders, and introduced through other pieces like place card holders blend harmoniously with the theme. If the greenhouse wedding venue doesn't have a kitchen, bring a food truck along to offer guests a nostalgic food experience.

Portrait Props for a Greenhouse Wedding

There are already plenty of ideas provided by the editorial but other wedding portrait prop ideas can take your photograph sessions to the next level. If you have access to an outdoor space, colorful smoke bombs serve as aesthetically pleasing props. The antique pieces like the wooden chests serve as textured photo props.

As displayed by the shoot props used by The Little Lending Company, crafting a backdrop using old wooden planks is another great idea. Science-inclined items like the weighing scales and glass bottles also double up as great portrait props. The botanical aspect should equally shine through the photographs and potted plants are equally lovely props.

Wedding Invitations for a Greenhouse Wedding

When it comes to the much-awaited treat of the day, a bare cake, like the one from Buns of Fun, is an ideal choice for the occasion. Coral sugar flowers, grapes, sprigs, and selections of herbs are the perfect garnish in this case. Again, a wooden cake stand carries the theme and it's a lovely alternative to present the grand dessert.

Fruit pies topped with berries and accompanied by sprigs of herbs on the side are pretty lovely additions to the dessert table. Colorful macarons in clear acrylic displays are also a much-welcomed delight. The dessert table should also be loaded with more greenery and eye-catching blooms.

Favours & Gifts for a Greenhouse Wedding

It's a kind gesture to thank guests for gracing your event by offering them small and meaningful gifts that reflect the theme of the day. You are spoiled for choice when it comes to the selections of botanical wedding favours and gifts available for greenery-themed nuptials. Mini succulents, potted herbs, and wildflower seed packets are classic wedding favours, and there's no better occasion to present these gifts to guests than at a greenhouse wedding.

Handmade organic soaps, botanical-inspired mini perfume bottles, and lavender sachets are equally befitting gifts. Other options include wooden coasters, wooden candle holders, and mini glass terrariums.

Botanical Beauty – a Greenhouse Hedding Editorial

From The Little Lending Company – “After finding out you can get married in a beautiful over-grown orangery at the Stradsett Hall in Norfolk I just had to set up a shoot there with some of my props from hire company – The Little Lending Co. I was completely moved by its ethereal quality and all that natural light with tall walls of glass, pale metal framing and greenery giving it all the allure of untouched treasure.

I’d been lusting after all the lush green pins on Pinterest lately too and seems green is the only way to go with naturally enhanced venues packed with seasonal blooms and foliage!”

Botanical wedding invitations | Amy Lewin Photography | see more on:
Botanical bouquet for a greenhouse wedding | Amy Lewin Photography | see more on:
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From The Little Lending Company – “With the high drama of green lavish plants scaling the walls against the terracotta orange tiled floor I was in heaven. A perfect backdrop for our shoot.

I just loved the aesthetic of mixing overgrown and sized foliage with more delicate little details of soft feathery ferns and fluffy cotton heads on the long flowing Tablescape put together by Flower 30. Created from a base of Snowberry, Moss, Birch bark pieces, Steel grass, leather leaves and asparagus fern. The Little Lending Co’s mini glass medicine bottles, used light bulbs, log blocks and brass candlesticks we’re then dotted through among cotton stems, Allium, Hellebores, Amaranthus and Rosemary.”

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Greenhouse wedding | Amy Lewin Photography | see more on:

“The juxtaposition of industrial and scientific pieces against the raw botanical space gave the shoot a modern twist with our period pieces. From cylinders of glass and science room stands and equipment bearing stems and foliage to old dark wooden library card drawers filled with curious bottles. Metal scales held Melissa Morgan Designs green and rose delicate hand-made headband in one of the shots.

We later used the equipment to feature foods along with old reading books and little metal weighing scales. A nostalgic feel for some of the featured pieces from The Little Lending Co.’s range with a mid- century cool for this styled station.

Mimolo added a little luxe to our stationery with botanical hand illustrated invitations with sketches of a wreath design with berries and cow parsley. A matching envelope crisp calligraphy looked so good together. Simple escort cards were strung across a textural well-worn green door with little snippets of green ivy heads and leaves pegged on.”

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“Kirsty at Zany Boutique worked a truly earthy feel of the hair, Taking Anna’s hair from a sharp, precision cut bob and transform it into something softer and give it more flow and versatility, using clip in real hair extensions. Adding soft flowing curls with a little oil to maintain shine. Fishtail plaits were added to each side of Anna’s hair than tousled them to give them a more worn look, and entwined them all together into the centre of the hair. Adding some foliage on top of the braids to give an update on using foliage in bridal hair.

Ezme Isgate our MUA created a beautiful matte base set with luminous pressed powder and simple rose blush added to the apples of the cheeks. A latte eye shadow was applied all over the lid and angel swept into the socket for a gentle colour. Finished with luxurious lashes and a pale pink lip butter.

That statement floral bouquet by Flower 30 was oversized and show-stoppingly beautiful. Bold and brave florals have our heart and can’t wait to see more of this coming through with bouquets. A mix of palm leaves, hellebore, Allium and colourful deep red tails of Amaranthus. Twigs of plums, asparagus ferns and leather leaves were also worked into this. White fluffy cotton heads made a welcome new texture. A delicious combination for a strong look.”

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Greenhouse wedding | Amy Lewin Photography | see more on:
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Greenhouse wedding | Amy Lewin Photography | see more on:

“For the second look we wanted to add a little more glamour in Katrine Morgensen’s Grace dress with the most delicate lace overlay detail and covered button back. Decorated with gorgeous glass beads and panelling of lace added into the trumpet skirt.

Through the hair Kirsty added style dust from the roots and ends giving more lift and volume. This gave more of a raw, undone look with a little iridescence from the shimmering dust. A loose fishtail braid was worked through Anna’s hair, draping it over her shoulder, and finished off by tousling the hair and adding more foliage and white berries between the sections. Anna wore a bright copper hair band with delicate 3d floral detailing by Melissa Morgan Designs band for a look that added a little shine. Ezme added black gel liner winging it out at the outer eye and a touch of gold glitter liner to in inner eye and above the black liner. 
This look was completed with a deep berry plum on the lips for a brave bridal look.

A second bouquet by Flower 30 was green and glorious. Foliage freshly picked with a loose and textural feel. Fuss free, but still as striking in deep forest green shades.

Soft white festoon lights were strung across the tall steps and into the green back wall for the final part for the shoot with little glass details on the steps along with White wire lamp shades with jars of cotton heads inside for a fresh take on lighting features.

All the striking imagery is by Amy Lewin Photography, so natural and subtle in her approach. These images captured the mood and our vision perfectly.”

Credits: Photography: Amy Lewin // Styling & Props: The Little Lending Company // Model: Anna // Hair: Kristy Jones-Hanford at Zany Boutique // Makeup: Ezme Isgate MUA // Dresses: Katrine Morgensen // Bridal Accessories: Melissa Morgan Designs // Cake: Buns of Fun // Floral Design: Flower 30 // Paper: Mimolo // Venue & Food: Stradsett Hall in West Norfolk, UK.