The Great Gatsby Themed Wedding

You’re about to see a wedding theme that has everything going for it. From the beautiful bouquets to the flapper hairstyles, originality and all that’s special are what this photo shoot brings.

The headpieces, jewellry, and dress styles will make any bride feel like glamour and glitz are part of the wedding day. Take a look!

Budget for The Great Gatsby Themed Wedding

As with any wedding of any theme, there are ways to blow the budget and ways to keep your big day affordable and low key. However, with a theme like The Great Gatsby, there are a lot of very distinct references and details that you need to get right and this can really start to add up over time.

This being said, it’s quite a common party theme with the Roaring ’20s being increasingly popular a century on. It’s because of this that you might be able to get quite a lot of secondhand decorations and vintage items that can help to keep costs low.

Wedding Dresses & Accessories for The Great Gatsby Themed Wedding

With your Great Gatsby Themed Wedding dress, the key thing to remember here is pure, unadulterated opulence. We’re talking highly embellished gowns and looks that glimmer and shimmer with every bit of movement that you make. What you’ve got to think about is the fact that this wedding theme is all about having a good time.

Whether you’re opting for a short or long dress that’s up to you, but add some texture with some ‘20s style tulle draping and a glitzy, stoned headband that’s really going to bring the party vibe to your gorgeous and glamorous Great Gatsby Themed Wedding.

Bridesmaid Dresses for The Great Gatsby Themed Wedding

Depending on your own bridal Great Gatsby Themed Wedding look, your bridesmaids might be in longer or shorter gowns - whichever is the opposite of your own look. If you’re going more of a pearl, iridescent beaded look then opt for a gold or dark blue look for your bridesmaids' looks to offer contrast.

In terms of accessories, it’s important not to go super overboard, especially if the dresses have intricate beading or embellishment, otherwise, it can be a bit of a sensory overload. Separate from this, it might look a bit overdone or even messy in any wedding photos, which is obviously not ideal.

Menswear for The Great Gatsby Themed Wedding

This is quite a fun wedding theme when it comes to the menswear aspect of planning. After all, the majority of the time weddings tend to have a standard black and white tux that takes all the creativity and imagination out of things. Why shouldn’t men get to have a fun outfit that’s a bit different too?

If you’re still attached to a tuxedo look, why not go for a white or cream tuxedo with a black tie? You can add some super shiny black shoes and drape a black scarf over the lapels of your suit jacket to really inject some 1920s spirit into your menswear look.

Bouquets & Boutonnieres for The Great Gatsby Themed Wedding

With so much glitz and glamour with your art deco decoration and your highly embellished outfits, it’s actually a good idea to pare things back when it comes to your bouquets and floral arrangements. After all, you don’t want to go overboard and make your big day seem like a costume party.

Primarily you want to go fairly traditional and stick with large faced, white flowers in a rounded bouquet style. This will offer some softness and contrast against the sharp, bright beading that will make your overall Great Gatsby Themed Wedding scheme look more balanced and appealing to the eye.

Wedding Invitations for The Great Gatsby Themed Wedding

Although your wedding invitations are one of the first things to go out to your guests, they’re often overlooked in terms of the scheme - especially if you haven’t worked out your thematic details yet, so it can be tricky to get right.

However, with such a strong and recognisable theme as a Great Gatsby Themed Wedding, there are plenty of templates and guides online to bring that art deco party vibe into your wedding invites. Think about gold edgings, art deco line work as a sort of frame for your wedding details, and even gold peacock shaping to add more glitz and glamour.

Wedding Cake Ideas for The Great Gatsby Themed Wedding

Much like the floral elements of your Great Gatsby Themed Wedding, you might want to be a little bit more restrained when it comes to your wedding cake. This isn’t to say it isn’t going to look and taste amazing - it definitely will do - it’s just that with so much going on in this particular wedding theme, you need to offer an element of balance.

For your cake, opt for a neatly decorated cake with elements of colour blended into the icing or buttercream to give texture and tie it into the rest of your scheme. You can add natural elements to soften the look by using your floral elements as decoration.

Reception Decor for The Great Gatsby Themed Wedding

With such a fun theme, you know that the reception decor for your Great Gatsby Themed Wedding is going to be something else. Whether you’re having it outdoors or in an opulent ballroom venue, there are plenty of things you can do to really bring this theme to life and ensure that the 1920s party spirit is going strong throughout the evening.

Think about vintage lace elements, especially throughout your table setting style, beautifully decorated and glazed ceramics that can serve as decor all around your reception, to vintage stemware that will keep all your wedding toasts truly on theme and ready for a Gatsby party.

Wedding Photo Shoot Ideas for The Great Gatsby Themed Wedding

If you’re going to have a Gatsby-worthy wedding day, you better have plenty of gorgeous photographic mementos of the day to look back on and share for years to come. When you’re looking at poses for your wedding photo shoot, particularly when you’re getting ready in the morning, think of the demure, eyes-down kind of looks that were popular during the 1920s.

Also, be sure to get plenty of photos that highlight the details of your Great Gatsby Themed Wedding scheme - after all, it is these kinds of details that really make this wedding theme spectacular and memorable. Think about lots of close-ups of the embellishments, headbands, and table setting.

Wedding Reception Music and Entertainment for The Great Gatsby Themed Wedding

With a wedding theme like The Great Gatsby set in a very specific era, you’re going to need your wedding reception music and entertainment to match the atmosphere and time that you’re portraying. This means some really fun jazz bands and there are plenty that do modern covers so you can dance the night away.

For entertainment, consider getting some professional Charleston dancers to come to your reception, teach your guests some basic moves and then do a super fun and massively impressive number afterward. It’s an entertaining and interactive way to get your guests invested in your wedding theme!

The Great Gatsby Wedding Inspiration

The lavish details on this Great Gatsby themed wedding inspiration shoot from Flora + Fauna Photography are simply outstanding. Every single image conjures up the opulence of this time period perfectly!
There is a lot of sparkle and bling in this shoot so let me break it down for you so you don’t miss anything: the bride and groom are decked out in the full Gatsby glamour and both the bride and bridesmaid have amazing 1920s flapper hairstyles. There are three (yes three!) cakes set near a posh and romantic table for two and this shoot ends with a series of engagement shots – the perfect inspiration for a Great Gatsby styled wedding!

Gatsby styled bride / Flora + Fauna Photography
Great Gatsby styled wedding / Flora + Fauna Photography
Anna Sui for BHLDN wedding dress / Flora + Fauna Photography
Gatsby styled wedding / Flora + Fauna Photography
Great Gatsby Wedding Inspiration / Flora + Fauna Photography
Gatsby wedding invitations / Flora + Fauna Photography
Wedding Cakes / Flora + Fauna Photography
Great Gatsby wedding ideas / Flora + Fauna Photography
Gatsby bridal accessories / Flora + Fauna Photography
Great Gatsby wedding / Flora + Fauna Photography
Succulent wedding cake / Flora + Fauna Photography
Powder blue and gold place setting / Flora + Fauna Photography
Great Gatsby styled wedding / Flora + Fauna Photography
Gorgeous bridal bouquet / Flora + Fauna Photography
Great Gatsby Style / Flora + Fauna Photography
Great Gatsby inspired wedding / Flora + Fauna Photography
Gold sequins / Flora + Fauna Photography

Wasn’t that shoot magnificent!? It impeccably captures the high-flying, pleasure-seeking vibe of this fabulous novel and wonderful movie. Mahalo to Flora + Fauna for sending these images!

Credits: Photography & Videography: Flora + Fauna & Fauna Films // Event Coordination: Forever Sacred Events // Wardrobe Stylist: Argie Mitra // Venue: The Ribault Club, Florida // Floral Design: Anything With Plants & Flowers and Floral Emporium II // Vintage Rentals: Heavenly Vintage & Graybeard Antiques // Cakes & Cake Stands: Sweet ‘N’ Flour // Linens: Kirby Rentals, LLC // Hair (Erin) & Makeup (Nicole): Makeup by Paulina Perez // Wedding Gown: BHLDN // Bridal Headpieces: Mata Hari’s Daughter // Bridal Accessories: Sei Bella Private Collection, Pink Underground, Beatrice Couture Designs, & BHLDN // Bridesmaid Dress: K.Hendrix & Pink Underground // Wooden Bowties: Two Guys’ Bow Ties // Groom’s Attire: Calvin Klein // Models: Julia & Brandon Morrison, Stone Estok, & Heather Lynn Shaw // Invitations: Hello Tenfold // Vintage Stamps: Verde Studio.

Engagement Dress: Renzo + Kai // Fur Shawl: K. Hendrix // Engagement Bracelets & Pearls: Sei Bella Private Collection // Engagement Halo: BHLDN // Engagement Men’s Attire: Theory & Two Guys’ Bow Ties.