Gothic Wedding

Natalie and Matthew really know how to bring romance and sizzle to an inspirational shoot. Dramatic hair and exquisite makeup, along with classic style wedding attire set this wedding theme apart.

The setting is gothic and glamorous all wrapped into one wedding day. Take a look if this is the exceptionally unique and alluring theme you have in mind!

Details for a Gothic Wedding

Not every bride wants a bright white wedding dress, a pastel colour palette, or many of the “traditional” wedding ideas. A Gothic wedding is one in which the bride and groom can celebrate their quirky personalities in an elegant way. Some wedding experts recommend choosing a sub-theme, such as Day of the Dead sugar skulls or even a New Orleans vampire motif (think Interview with the Vampire). One can then plan with that mini-theme in mind.

The goal of the Gothic wedding is dark romance, but no gloomy details. Brides should consider vintage candelabras as well as colours such as a deep purple or a blood red for the palette. Velvet runners are also a nice touch. Just remember – you’ll want the decor to be more moody and romantic than that of a Halloween decor store.

Colour Palette for a Gothic Wedding

Black need not be the anchor colour for the Gothic wedding. In addition to deep purple and blood red, brides can choose midnight blue or even forest green. Golden candle holders bring out a vintage romantic feel to the decor, so many brides choose gold as an accent colour.

Of course, black is a colour that many brides hosting a Gothic wedding will choose, and there are many elegant ways to utilise this colour without overkill. Mixing black with blood red and gold is a recipe for elegant romance, and adding bright white to this colour combination fully exemplifies the New Orleans vampire sub-theme.

What to Look for in a Venue for a Gothic Wedding

When planning a Gothic wedding it’s important to consider the venue itself. Cathedrals, castles, and even manor-type homes (or even one antebellum home) are all perfect venues. These venues often possess large, open fireplaces and chandeliers as well as stained wood and high ceilings. Any and all of these decorations lend to the Gothic theme of your wedding.

Brides may want a Gothic wedding in an outdoor setting, but one should look for lush, thick greenery, shrubs, and even trees for a natural backdrop. You can add lots of candles and even hang twig stars from a ceremonial arch or even the limbs of towering trees for a beautiful, elegant backdrop.

Food for a Gothic Wedding

There is a wide variety of foods one can offer when hosting a Gothic wedding. Red wine should be served in goblets rather than in champagne glasses, and fruit should be piled in beautiful displays – think of the food display from Interview with the Vampire. Use red grapes and slice pomegranates.

It’s also appropriate to serve steak topped with red wine sauce. Add pasta as a side as well as sesame seed bread. Some brides will opt for dumplings as a food offering. Rich, decadent food, and lots of it is key for the Gothic wedding menu.

Wedding Dresses & Accessories for a Gothic Wedding

While most see Gothic wedding and think black dresses, this isn’t a necessity. However, dresses that resemble Queen Victoria’s mourning gowns would be an appropriate choice for the Gothic wedding dress. A black tulle veil would top the outfit perfectly.

Brides who really enjoy bucking tradition may want a blood red dress. There are also some very elegant white dresses with black or burgundy lace. One could also draw inspiration from Dita Von Teese’s wedding gown which was purple silk. Then, there’s the Beetlejuice wedding dress in layered tulle with a red veil.

However, there’s always an old-fashioned white wedding dress with a corset and long, dangling sleeves.

Menswear for a Gothic Wedding

The groom and his party can also have fun with their wedding wear. A velvet tux with tails would be very appropriate, and a white button down shirt with ruffles (think Brad Pitt or Tom Cruise in Interview with the Vampire) is fitting for this Gothic wedding theme.

Suits that fit the steampunk theme are also appropriate for a Gothic wedding. A double breasted vest, white button down shirt and long, black tie are fitting, but some may opt for a brocade suit. Don’t forget the handkerchief in the breast pocket of the jacket.

Some grooms will want a red button down shirt paired with a black vest and black suit pants. A purple tux jacket with tails would also lend to the elegance of the event.

Wedding Cake Ideas for a Gothic Wedding

The wedding cake should be like the other food offerings – elaborate, decadent, and rich. You can opt for a non-traditional cake in the shape of an open book, topped with cameo necklaces. One could request that “Till Death Do Us Part” be written on the “pages.”

Another idea is to have a tiered cake, but one with coloured icing that resembles marble. Red and white roses could add elegance to this tiered cake, and a topper featuring Jack Skellington and Sally. Some will veer far from tradition by offering dark chocolate as well as red velvet cupcakes decorated with devil horns or mini-skeletons.

Ceremony Decor for a Gothic Wedding

Once you choose your venue, there are many things Gothic brides can add to really play up the Gothic ceremony decor. Tall candelabras are completely appropriate, but flowers will really seal the Gothic wedding theme.

Roses are perhaps the most appropriate flower for a Gothic wedding theme. Crimson roses mixed in with white roses may be paired with ferns and other dark greenery. Placed in a gold pot or in a golden vase, these roses will really establish the dark, romantic mood. Another appropriate flower for the Gothic wedding is the red hanging amaranthus, which is nicknamed “love lies bleeding.”

Reception Decor for a Gothic Wedding

Long, rectangular tables should be outfitted with velvet runners in blood red or purple. Place golden candelabras as well as centrepieces made with red and purple roses strategically in the middle of the table. You can also choose to wrap red or purple lace around these centrepieces.

Tall candelabras are also appropriate for the Gothic reception decor. In fact, the more candles, the better. Cut the overhead lights and let the candles provide a romantic feel to the reception venue. Hang tapestries from the windows of the venue for a New Orleans antebellum manor feel. Ferns are also appropriate greenery for the Gothic wedding reception.

Outdoor Wedding Ideas for a Gothic Wedding

A Gothic wedding held outdoors is just as fun and fitting as one held in a castle. The key to an outdoor Gothic themed wedding is the setting itself. Holding a Gothic wedding in a forest with tall, thick trees and brush in the background lends to the theme of the event.

Hang twig stars from low-hanging limbs and host the event at dusk. Or hang twinkling lights for a very romantic touch. Outdoor Gothic weddings held in the fall may call for the use of white pumpkins of all sizes, and these add a bit of an artisan touch to the nuptials.

Gothic Wedding Ideas

With a glamorous, real-life couple as models, this gothic infused wedding inspiration shoot from Ashley Gerrity Photography and Creative Eventology is both alluring and romantic at the same time and absolutely perfect inspiration for Halloween brides!

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From Ashley Gerrity Photography – “We began with the literary inspiration of Lord Byron’s She Walks in Beauty and created an elegant wedding with undertones of Victorian Gothicism and spiritual occultism.

We chose to mix the light and airy Wings gown from BHLDN with dramatic hair and makeup styled by Make Me Glam and Up Your Do give our bride ‘all that’s best of dark and light.’ The Tablescape and designs by Rachel of Creative Eveentology set the scene perfectly with her elegantly eclectic styling.

April of April Lynn Designs brought everything together with her elegant burgundy invitation suite and menus, accented with just the right touches of gold.”

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From Ashley Gerrity Photography – “Our real life couple, Natalie and Matthew brought our vision to life by infusing our set with their sexy, delicate romance. These two are natural models, fusing Natalie’s grace (she’s a former ballerina) and Matthew’s undeniable style.

Although originally envisioned as an elegant option for the Halloween bride, the mix of deep reds and blacks throughout also lends itself to any late autumn or winter wedding.”

Credits: Photography: Ashley Gerrity Photography // Event Design & Décor: Creative Eventology // Wedding Dress: BHLDN // Paper Goods: April Lynn Designs // Makeup: Make Me Glam // Hair: Up Your Do // Models: Natalie and Matthew // Venue: Knowlton Mansion in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.