Girls Just Want to Have Fun Bridal Party

This inspirational bridal shoot is all about the joy of wedding prep from planning to practicing to the big day! Color and laughter set the stage for this fun occasion – a bridal party!

Girls just want to have fun is the theme and with nail painting sessions and a colorful spread of snacks and treats as part of the celebrations, experiencing joy while getting ready for an upcoming wedding is what it’s all about.

Letting Loose at a Fun Bridal Party

Bridal parties are fun events by nature and occasions that are all about pampering the soon-to-be-wed woman and her best friends. It's also among the first pre-wedding occasions that can bring both sides of the family and friends together. Hence the reason why it's a great excuse to get fancy, girly, and simply let loose.

The Olivia Marocco editorial presents a "girls just want to have fun bridal party" idea. The all-female celebration unfolds as a combination of events with a nail pampering session, drinks, food, and photos lined up for the occasion. Perhaps the only element that's not captured in the spread is the part where the bride-to-be is presented with gifts. Often, these are items are taken care of at another event, the wedding shower.

Most bridal parties are often themed events, and this one is all about embracing everything feminine, colorful, and girlishly fun. A once over at the collective photos and they also serve as wedding inspiration ideas for a colorful fete.

Make it a Colorful and Fun Bridal Party

The bursts of gorgeous colors reveal that this is meant to be a fun and perhaps whimsical affair. It could easily inspire the bride looking for wedding color ideas for a richly-pigmented and floral-filled occasion.

Bright shades of orange, yellow, and pink juxtaposed with white and lots of greenery serve as the color palette for the event. Some texture is introduced in the form of the wooden table and chair as well as the selections of blooms. Hints of silver sparkle bring in a metallic tone to complete the stunning palette. What we also love about the Olivia Marocco photos is how each snap gives us a detail-rich idea of how to blend the colors in interesting ways.

From the women's outfits to the colorful spread of tasty treats; there's so much to work with when planning a similar bridal party. Again, these are all elements that would serve as colorfully fun aspects when putting together your big day.

The Perfect Venue for a Fun Bridal Party

We get several bridal party location ideas as well as wedding venue inspiration from the Olivia Marocco editorial. An outdoor garden location is a perfect spot to create a modern "Alice in Wonderland" girl-centric event.

A farmhouse, barnyard, or hillside location would also provide a beautiful backdrop for both a fun bridal party and colorful nuptials. You'll equally want to go for a venue with a farm-style fence because the path can double up as an aisle. Aged oak trees serve as the "something old" and offer plenty of shaded spaces to set up lounge areas. A poolside venue is also a wonderful alternative for a colorful wedding reception.

The editorial also shows us how to make the most out of sprawling grounds, particularly when it comes to the camper which we'll revisit later.

Decor for a Fun Bridal Party

Decorating the bridal party location is perhaps an even more fun part of organizing a fun bridal party. The colorful blooms highlight the spirit of the day and they blend right in when sprinkled all around the venue. It's a lovely touch how the editorial combined different-sized flowers in varying colors.

Let the flowers overrun every inch of the space because they are the best decor choices that naturally highlight the vibrant palette. The centerpieces and dessert table display how to seamlessly include the colorful flowers around the venue. A colorful balloon wall combined with greenery and fresh blooms is a classic wedding reception decor, so keep it in mind! It creates a focal point while also doubling up as a photo backdrop.

The hanging table is yet another attention-grabbing piece that functions as a conventional sitting area as well as a party photo prop. Bronze lanterns, floor cushions in a rainbow of colors, and wooden furniture pieces are other decor pieces that enhance the overall theme.

Enjoy the Food at a Fun Bridal Party

It's a colorfully fruity affair on the bridal party dessert table and the venue in general. The spread is fit for a richly pigmented occasion with combinations of blooms, fruits, and cakes highlighting the color palette in a tantalizing way. From the pink glazed donut to the melons; everything looks refreshingly appealing and guests will also enjoy the colorful treat.

Macarons are a wedding menu favorite as well as a party favorite and in this case, a selection of the small round cakes in pink and orange reflect the day's palette. Fruit-flavored cakes are also delicious options for the dessert table. Yet another eye-catching piece is the main cake adorned with white fondant and embellished with vibrant-colored blooms.

The bottles of bubbly are hard to miss and they are the perfect choices to wash down a fun occasion, and fruit cocktails are delicious alternatives. As for the entrees, anything grilled or served on skewers is befitting for the occasion.

Portraits and Props for a Fun Bridal Party

Once again, we can steal plenty of party photo ideas from the Olivia Marocco editorial. The bouquets and floral crowns create simple yet striking props for snaps of the brides and her bridesmaids.

The hanging table deserves another mention simply because it's a truly unique setup that you don't often see at parties, weddings, or celebratory events for that matter. Guests will enjoy taking photos against the backdrop, as displayed in the spread. The balloon wall is worth mentioning again because it looks like putting it together was a labor of love. and the result is a colorfully stunning photo backdrop.

The camper is the grand photo backdrop and it presents endless possibilities when it comes to the creative use of sprawling party venues. Besides functioning as a photo hotspot, it works as a lounge area or makeup area.

Again, the bottles of bubbly prove that they are a refreshing addition to the overall bridal party scheme. They are easy to grab and use as photo props, and guests will love taking them home as bridal party favors.

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun: Bridal Party Inspiration

From planner Rock My Love “As we are fortunate enough to work with a diverse range of nationalities and brides who are not just as beautiful as each other but also quite different from each other, we wanted to be able to showcase an array of make-up and hairstyles to match and enhance their different skin tones, the shape of their eyes and their hair type and textures in this ‘girls just want to have fun’ bridal party inspiration shoot!”

Citrus colored nail polish
Pincushion protea and pink peony bouquet
Citrus colored cake
Nail painting party
Yellow poppy flower
Bridal party champagne
Nail painting party
Nail painting party
Chic updo with flowers
Blush, orange, and yellow bridal bouquet
Bridal party

“Since the bridal preparations are such an important part of the wedding day, we created a warm, inviting atmosphere where friends are having fun and sharing some special moments as they get ready for the exciting day ahead.

We needed to pull together a killer team for this shoot and to find a gorgeous location where everyone could relax and the girls could feel at home and enjoy their day – and that’s exactly what we found at the Domaine de Pijaubert in Montauroux! Up we climbed, leaving the world behind to discover a haven of beauty and the most breath-taking views along with plenty of outdoor space and a welcoming house, this is a perfect setting for a Provençal wedding.”

Bridesmaids with mismatched bridesmaids dresses
Mobile makeup truck
Citrus colored blooms
Mobile makeup van
Mobile makeup van
Bridesmaids photo ideas

“To get the all-important perfect images of this joyous occasion we reached out to the very talented Olivia Marocco who has such an original eye.  No detail is missed and she knows just how to capture the emotions of the moment.

Of course a video was a must to really bring this girls-only photo session alive and the team from Airsnap were the only men with us on site that day.  A young and creative group who were very excited by this project and were the ones behind the idea of this very dynamic video which perfectly reflects the atmosphere of the day.

Because decoration is such an important element in showcasing the venue, we asked Maud Création Florale to make the floral arrangements. Maud created some very original compositions with a delicate mix of colours and flowers; her bouquets are so unique!”

An eye-catching piece was the wall of balloons where Estelle from Déco et Ballons managed to perfectly mix the right colours to create an amazing visual experience which, coupled with Maud’s flowers, produced a perfect photobooth backdrop.”

Balloon wall backdrop
Mini desserts
Bridal party custom champagne labels
Balloon wall backdrop
pink desserts
Balloon wall backdrop
Pink peony flower crown
Dessert with edible flowers

“The hanging table is the creation of Céline from By Mademoiselle Déco. Decorated by her team, this pretty table added the perfect touch of elegance to a day among girlfriends.

There’s no way you can miss the mouth-watering pyramid of macarons and nougatine at the centre of the table.  It’s Lila from Vivre d’Amour et de Gâteaux who produced these marvelous cakes! We asked her for lots of colour and pretty shapes and just look at the visual and tasty treat she gave us! This incredibly colourful table of sweet delights with flowers by Maud will surely make all your guests want to skip straight to dessert.”

Dessert table for bridal shower
Pink dessert
Bridal party
Fruits and flowers centerpiece
Edible flowers dessert
Mini desserts with edible flowers
Fruits and flowers centerpiece
Fruits and flowers centerpiece
Live flower ring
Matching shoes

“A big thanks needs to go to our five beautiful models who laughed and played the part perfectly all-day long. Without them none of this would have been possible.  Anita of Studio Ohlala skillfully worked the girls’ hair to produce elegant, natural styles reflecting their individual traits and personalities. Esther came with her great beauty truck Belle comme un Camion and used natural makeup to enhance their pretty faces, as brides today are asking for a more natural look that doesn’t change their features.

Given the modern style of decor, we needed outfits to go with it.  During the getting ready for the wedding phase, the girls were dressed by Mai 68, a bohemian chic brand specializing in soft textures such as cotton and silk.”

Summery bridal bouquet
Hanging outdoor table
Bridal party in France
Hanging outdoor table
Macaron tower
Bridal party ideas

“The bridesmaids’ dresses were specially created for this photoshoot by Atelier Charlotte Auzou in a selection of colourful tones to blend with the inspirational décor and styles to flatter each models’ specific size and shape.  Kim, our bride, wore a creation by Mademoiselle de Guise whose gowns mix materials and dare the clean cuts and graphic lines of a modern, dazzling bride.

Our Cinderellas found the perfect shoes to fit among the made to measure creations of Alix de la Forest where you can choose shape, colour and material for unequalled comfort and personalization!”

Credits: Photography: Olivia Marocco // Organization & Coordination: Rock My Love //  Videography: Airsnap // Wedding Dress: Madmemoiselle de Guise // Shoes: Alix de la Forest // Getting Ready Outfits: Mai 68 // Bridesmaids Dresses: Atelier Charlotte Auzou // Makeup: Belle Comme Un Camion // Hair: Studio Ohlala // Flowers: Maud Création Florale // Hanging Table and Decoration Items: By Mademoiselle Déco // Cakes: Vivre d’Amour et de Gâteaux // Balloons: Déco et Ballons // Models: The Frenchies // Venue: Domaine de Pijaubert – Montauroux in Provance, France.