Game of Thrones Themed Wedding

Anyone looking for a medieval theme will love a Game of Thrones wedding! With stunning crowns, gorgeous clothing and rustic yet warm settings, planning this type of wedding ceremony will be nothing short of fun. Let your creativity flow!

A majestic castle, pewter or silver place settings and flowers beyond beautiful are ideas to start with when planning a Game of Thrones wedding. We know we’ll love your results!

Details for a Game of Thrones Themed Wedding

Game of Thrones was the hit show aired on HBO that spanned nearly a decade, and most engaged couples are still in love with it. Selecting the wedding colours, foods, table settings, and cake inspiration should be done according to the theme. However, as with any theme based on fiction, a little restraint is needed.

Selecting a theme from the get-go is the best idea for a wedding since the choices and selection patterns are fewer, limiting the confusion about the minor details. Planning the main things like wedding budget, venue, flowers, décor, lighting, music, and food actually becomes more manageable with a Game of Thrones themed wedding since you would already have a vision in your mind.

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Colour Palettes for a Game of Thrones Themed Wedding

The Game of Thrones world is massive, with a lot to inspire you and let the creative juices flow. Selecting from the House of Starks or Tyrell is ideal since they have bold colours in their coat of arms. Couples hoping for a wintry theme should select House of Stark with the grays and blues, while a summer or spring wedding could be based around the colours of House Tyrell or Lannister with their intense, warm hues.

If you don't want to play around with only the colours of a particular House, you can opt for an Iron Hand colour palette – sterling silver/gray, deep aubergine, copper-gold, and pepper. In contrast, a Lion colour palette has shades of moss, mustard yellow, regal deep red, and an off-white beige.

What to Look for in a Venue for a Game of Thrones Themed Wedding

Game of Thrones has a rich landscape in the series and the books. Some excellent choices are mountain terraces overlooking a vast expanse like the famed gardens of House Tyrell or a castle venue like Kings Landing or the High Gardens. While many castles won't come with an Iron Throne, the setting would be perfect for hosting a Game of Thrones-themed wedding.

Some other great wedding venues would be the filming locations in Northern Ireland, Croatia, Spain, and Iceland. If these destinations fit your wedding budget, then you should consider the hills, cliffs, rocky mountains, and snow-capped peaks in the distance (think Night's Watch) as a part of the wedding venue.

Table Setting Style for a Game of Thrones Themed Wedding

A 'Winter Is Coming' table setting style will be an absolute hit with all wedding guests. The decorations should be centred around fall or winter – icy blue soft candles floating in the water, pastel blooms as centrepieces, and place cards on twigs (to mimic the forest). Other medieval touches like pewter wine goblets, a vintage cake stand, black velvet ribbon for the cutlery, wrought iron vases, and more can also be added.

The chair covers and table runners should have matching linen in the wedding colours (think slate gray or black). If the chairs are without covers, decorations with 'Winter is Coming' or 'Moon of My Life' will also look fantastic. Table name cards should also be according to the House with guests of the same House (family) seated together in solidarity. Adding the House colours to each table like Baratheon yellow or Lannister red will also prove unique.

Wedding Dresses & Accessories for a Game of Thrones Themed Wedding

Wearing a white wedding dress for the Game of Thrones-themed wedding needs to be the highlight of the day! For the wedding dress inspiration, think of the flowing gowns that Lady Margaery Tyrell wore in King's Landing, but in white with lace. Choose dramatic cuts, cape sleeves, flowy, delicate patterns with layers of lace, and a medieval-style flow without looking extremely costume-y.

For accessories, instead of flowers in your hair, opt for a quartz or rhinestones tiara to add a touch of glam with modernity. If you want to go all the way, you could also add a faux-fur wrap like Lady Sansa of Winterfell sported throughout her time in the North.

Groom Style for a Game of Thrones Themed Wedding

Grooms should opt for a black tuxedo with a black faux fur cover-up a la Jon Snow in the Night's Watch. If the fur pushes it too far, grooms should opt for a smashing full black outfit like Jon (who knows nothing, of course!) and have their groomsmen dressed like the Stark brothers from House Stark.

While grooms can also opt for the classic Joffrey Baratheon look from the Red Wedding, it is advisable only if the wedding colours are also from House Lannister. Since these colours are complementary, having a theme with the correct colours will make an excellent setting with the bride and her bridesmaids.

Wedding Invitations for a Game of Thrones Themed Wedding

The most iconic wedding invitations would, of course, include a House sigil from Game of Thrones. Consider how fantastic the wedding invites would be with the wolf sigil of the House of Stark. However, if that is not something you want, consider the Dothraki declaration of love, 'Moon of My Life,' and incorporate these words in the invitations.

Other excellent ideas would be to handpick the wedding invitations going to different families and invite them to select the colours from the wedding invite. Doing this would genuinely be in line with Game of Thrones since each representative from their House wears only their respective House colours.

Wedding Cake Ideas for a Game of Thrones Themed Wedding

There is a lot of inspiration to take from the Game of Thrones TV series for the wedding cake. A gorgeous 3-tier cake with turquoise frosting in the form of dragon scales or dragon fire will be a perfect match. Icing in the colour of Drogon's scales will be an instant hit, especially when contrasted with white sugar frosting to show the icy wintry look of Daenerys Targaryen.

Imagine a wedding cake that is Dothraki themed with the colours or motifs of horses running in open fields, hand painted flowers, and a cake topper with 'Moon of My Life. My Sun. My Stars' will also go excellently with the theme.

Favours & Gifts for a Game of Thrones Themed Wedding

Bridesmaid and Groomsmen gifts can be customised with the 'Hand to the King' lapel pin signifying their importance in your life. For wedding guests, a welcome bag with a chart of the House that your guest is seated at, a few black candles with golden holders, a copper mug, some fresh berries and fruits, and a bottle of wine will help set the vibe.

Wedding favours can be beautiful keychains with tiny dragons, wolves, or lions. You can also have soap bars with 'My Sun. My Moon' engraved in your wedding colours. Dark chocolates with the script 'He Bent The Knee' and a vintage scroll thanking your guests for attending are excellent favours.

Outdoor Wedding Ideas for a Game of Thrones Themed Wedding

A splendid outdoor wedding idea for a Game of Thrones theme could be centred around the Weirwood Tree in Winterfell. Not only is this an extremely religious and spiritual place, but also set in sheer beauty. Hosting the ceremony under a grand oak surrounded by riotous blooms and (possibly) a waterbody nearby would add magic and grace.

The wedding ceremony in a barn, in a forest glen, or surrounded by greenery lends a definite mystical vibe to the theme. If you would prefer an outdoor wedding with a royal touch, then floral chandeliers, wrought iron backdrops with vines, twigs, colourful blooms, and plenty of candles and fairy lights for the ceremony would also look great.

Game of Thrones Themed Wedding

A Game of Thrones wedding is a fabulous idea if you’re a fan of the HBO series or the books by George R.R. Martin. But here’s the trick: you don’t have to take your source of inspiration literally! That’s just what inspiration is, it ignites a creative spark and you go from there.

For this Game of Thrones wedding inspiration board I decided to keep the House of Stark in mind. After all, they’re the nicest of the bunch! “Winter is coming” makes one think of fall and light snowfall so the warm amber colours on the cake topper, white icing, and wild-looking floral centrepiece do the trick. For escort or place cards you can use spray paint twigs to mimic a winter forest, and both the cake topper and wheat crown represent the title & reason for all the action in Game of Thrones. Medieval touches like the cake stand, pewter plates, and black velvet ribbon will help to tie the whole look together.

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Credits: photo credits: pears via Roost // cake from Sprinkle Bakes // golden twig via Once Wed // place setting from Camille Styles, photographed by Jennifer Rose Smith // centerpiece and pale flower from Saipua // wheat crown photographed by Chelsea Mitchell // Eilean Donan Castle in Scotland.